10 Tinfoil Uses You Never Knew You Could Do


You might run for tin foil when you need to cover up those leftovers, but did you know that tin foil is good for so much more than just keeping your food fresh? Easy to use and inexpensive to buy, tin foil is perfect for many other household tricks and hacks. Take a peek below at 10 ways you never knew you could use tin foil, and see how helpful tin foil can really be!

10 Ways You Never Knew You Could Use Tinfoil

1. Prevent burnt crusts.

Wrap some tin foil along the edges of your pie and pot pie crusts (once they have browned) to prevent burning. You will get perfect golden crusts every single time. You can also cover turkey and chicken legs and wings with foil once they have browned to prevent burning. It works like a charm.

2. Make stove clean up easy.

Cut tin foil to fit under the burners on your stove. This way when you have spills and drips you don’t have to scrub, you can just remove the tin foil and toss it. This also works great in ovens and even on outdoor grills.

3. Warm up.

Tin foil reflects heat, so place a large sheet of it behind your heating unit. It will kick some toasty heat back your way and heat your room faster without additional expense. If you have plants that need some more sun you can place a sheet of foil near them to reflect both.

4. Help plants drain, for less.

Create balls of tin foil and drop them into your flower pots before adding the soil. They will help fill the pots for less, and will also help create better drainage for the plants.

5. Sharpen your scissors.

If your scissors are becoming dull, just snip a piece of tin foil with them a few times. The snipping action against the foil will help sharpen the blades quickly and easily making it another creative uses of tin foil. 

6. Make heart shaped cupcakes.

Make a small ball of tin foil and place it in the cupcake pan BEHIND the paper cupcake wrapping. The wrap will create an indent in the cupcake cup, giving it the shape of a heart as it bakes.

7. Craft an easy cup.

Whether you need something to hold a condiment, paint, shampoo, or even water, you can craft a cup out of tin foil. Just bend the foil into a cup shape and roll the edges. It is perfect for holding gels, dips, and liquids when in a bind.

8. Simplify paint jobs.

Prevent a mess and wasted paint when you wrap your paint brushes up in foil. The paint won’t dry and stick to the bristles, and you can start painting again when you are ready without any issue. Not only is it good as a wrap for your paintbrushes, but also perfect for lining your paint trays so you can enjoy easy clean up.

9. Make a quick scouring pad.

Ball up the tinfoil and use it as a quick scouring pad. It is perfect for scrubbing pots and pans and cutting through that caked on grime. Just toss away the scrub when done.

10. Make ironing a breeze.

Place a layer of tinfoil onto your iron board prior to ironing. As you iron it will reflect heat, helping you remove wrinkles on both sides of the fabric or garment.

It is time to take a new look at tinfoil. Give some of these uses your consideration and see how helpful of a tool it can be in all areas of your home. 

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  • Sylvia Hadley says:

    Ball up some foil ( about the size of a child’s fist ) then place it in your clothes dryer when drying clothes.
    The clothes will become soft and wrinkle free.
    Replace the foil ball after three uses.

  • mandy cat says:

    I recently made some table toppers and used iron on tape for the hems. Of course I got that sticky stuff on the face of the iron. If you sprinkle salt on a sheet of foil and run the heated iron across it, the goo comes off like magic. I thought that iron was a goner.

  • Bj Moore says:

    Great for grilling outside also;

  • Suz Davison says:

    Even though tin foil has been out of vogue for almost 80 years, some people still cling to that name—maybe because it has three less syllables than aluminum, or maybe because that’s what grandma always called it.

    Aluminium foil began production in 1926

  • Laney says:

    I used to use tip 2 until burners kept burning out. Tge repair man said the foil becomes too hot and reflecting back onto the burner caused the burner to burn unevenly and creates hotspots in the burner causing the burner to burn out.

    I also had lined the oven and the temperature was never right and the repairman said the same thing was happening.

    If you soak the burner drip catchers as soon as they get dirty they clean up easier. The other trick I use now is to have a “good” set I put on the stove when I’m not cooking and really want to have my stove top looking great.

    There are also inexpensive oven liners that work the same as the tin foil. You can wipe them off occasionally or replace it when the liner looks bad.

  • John says:

    tin foil in the bottomof a bowl or pan…..add water, and baking soda…..dip silver jewelry or silver plate to remove tarnish….

  • Carol says:

    Can’t wait to try the tarnish remover idea for silver.

  • Debbie Perkins says:

    Pest control!!! Had a gap around my power source coming to my stove. Well, guess who came to dinner. Yep. Mice. I have never had mice before. (Hope to never again.) We looked for holes, caught mice, and looked for holes. I saw little bits of insulation, think pink. Soooo, I loosely wadded tin foil around the end of a broom handle, and shoved it in the opening around the cord. I have a drop in JennAir, so I coudln’t move the beast, plus it has a downdraft. Tah dah!! Mice won’t chew on foi or steel wool. This plus a few sticky traps, ok, I was ticked off at the mice, we no longer had a problem.

  • Maggie Davon says:

    A great way to keep celery fresh and crisp was to wash it, dry thoroughly (I liked to use a clean terry towelling tea towel or paper towel) and then wrap tightly in foil and pop it in the crisper drawer of frig. that is until just recently when I was out of foil and had a new bunch of celery. Too late to run to the supermarket so my brainy husband said I have the solution in my tool room !!! He came back with a small throw away aluminium dish with a lid still in its original wrap. These dishes he uses to catch the fat/oil from the bbq. I was skeptical as only the inside was foil, the outside being a white paper material. Same wit the lid. Anyway we put in the celery having to cut it to fit in the container, put the lid on foil side down and guess what. One week later the celery was still as fresh as when I bought it. So no more messing with foil wrapping which tends to tear with the wrapping and unwrapping . I suppose these containers are used for hot takeaways but come in a couple of sizes.

  • Barb says:

    Actually wrapping all fresh vegetables and fruit w/ foil keeps them fresh weeks longer

  • Kathy Spoerl says:

    Remove rust and polish chrome by rubbing with aluminum foil dipped in water.

  • Caroline says:

    Tin foil plates are really useful for cooking under the grill or in the oven. wash them after many uses then chuck them away easier than washing grill pan.

  • Dawn says:

    Never knew about the fresh produce trick I will be using that and a couple other!! Thanks!!

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