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How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards in 10 Ways

Are you looking for ways to cushion your budget a little bit?  Amazon is a great place to shop to save money on all kinds of products, but when you can shop there for free, it makes it even better! Some of these sites are survey sites, some are other ways of earning, but all of them are pretty simple! Check out these super simple ways on how to get free Amazon gift cards.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards


Ibotta rebates can be traded in for free Amazon gift cards.  That means that the everyday stuff that you have to buy anyway can earn you some cash back in the form of a free Amazon gift card, where you can buy more everyday stuff that you have to buy anyway!  

Trade-in your stuff  

Chances are you have stuff lying around the house that you no longer use.  Maybe some books that you have already read or a game you are done playing. Did you know that Amazon has a trade-in program that offers the ability to trade these items in for free Amazon gift cards? When we got new phones, I traded in our old ones on Amazon and got $200 in Amazon gift cards! It was so easy-to-do and we got to use that on shopping for toiletries and other things that we buy on Amazon often.


This is an online savings site that PAYS you to post deals that you find around the internet! It couldn’t be more simple than that. Just sign up to get started and then you can post deals as you find them to get free Amazon gift cards. I was able to earn a $45 Amazon Gift Card several weeks ago and used it for shopping on Amazon.


 Swagbucks is such a popular way to earn Amazon gift cards, I’m sure you have heard about it time and time again.  That’s for a good reason.  Swagbucks gives you the opportunity to earn points or “Swagbucks” for doing things such as searching the internet, playing online games, watching videos, taking easy online surveys and more! These Swagbucks can then be redeemed by trading in for free Amazon gift cards or prizes. You only need to create an account on their site using your email and you’re good to go. Currently, when you exchange 500 Swagbucks you get a $5 Amazon gift card.


InstaGC can be used similar to Swagbucks and you will earn points for watching videos and other online activities. Sign up an account on their site with your email to get these points. Then trade in these points for free Amazon gift cards of your choice.

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll allows you to get free Amazon gift cards for online surveys and product testing.

Collect Huggies Rewards Points

 Do you have a baby at home?  If you buy Huggies, you have likely seen the tags to earn Huggies Rewards Points.  This reward program gives you points for buying Huggies Products and for gathering bonus codes. Also, use these rewards to earn free Amazon gift cards and more.


Do you watch TV?  Do you listen to music?  Download the Viggle app and get rewarded with gift cards for doing the things you already do.

MyCoke Rewards  

Do you drink coke?  Collecting MyCoke rewards can pay off in Amazon gift cards.  *This gift card isn’t always offered, but keep an eye out to get the offers!

Receipt Hog 

 This app is similar to Ibotta in that you snap pictures of your store and restaurant receipts to earn rewards. You can cash out these rewards.

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