10 Tips to help produce last longer

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10 Tips to help produce last longer

Trying to make your produce last longer is a skill that is passed down from generation to generation. Some of these tips are true and solid advice, while others have long since been proven false. The fact is, we all seem to end up wasting produce. It is a terrible feeling indeed to waste food.

So how do we go about keeping that produce fresh until we eat it? There are many different tips and tricks out there, but here are ten of my favorite ones:

1. Store different types of produce apart – There are specific fruits and veggies that we know don’t play well together including broccoli and apples, potatoes and onions and countless others. The reason for this is because of gases that the produce gives off and the effects it has on the other foods ripening. Keep different things in different containers in general and you will be fine.

2. Inspect your fridge for the right temps – If your fridge runs above 40 degrees, you are way too warm for your produce. Also make sure your crispers and drawers are set according to the temperature requirements on your fridge. This alone will help extend life.

3. Use those crisper drawers for produce – There are plenty of people that use those drawers for other things like Cokes and then stick their produce on the shelf. Why?

4. Use your freezer for veggies that are freezable – There are plenty of foods that you can easily freeze rather than let them go bad. Check each food for freezing requirements first.

5. Invest in some top notch Rubbermaid products – Many people don’t want to spend the money to get some good produce containers and I can understand that. They are quite expensive. That said, throwing food out that goes bad costs more and keeps on going. Spend the money and get the maximum life out of your produce.

6. Never water your fruit until you are ready to eat – Watering fruit is bad and will cause the fruit to spoil prematurely. Instead, clean the fruit when you are ready to eat.

7. Conversely, always water your greens – Just as water is bad for fruit, it is good for your leafy greens. Wash them well and then pat dry. Many people store them on a damp paper towel in the crisper drawer.

8. Store veggies where they belong right away – Many people will wait to put their groceries away and that can have a drastic effect on your produce. While most foods will be just fine sitting on the counter for a fifteen minute sit down, some produce can be affected quite dramatically.

9. Invest in reusable produce bags that will extend life – These can be found in most grocery stores and they are wonderful tools to extend life. They keep the right exposure for your produce and light as well until they can be stored properly. I use Flip and Tumble–which are highly rated.

10. Cut carrot tops and store tomatoes in the open air – These two tips were shared with me when I was younger and they stuck. By taking the tops off of fresh carrots, they will last nearly twice as long. Tomatoes are often stuck in the fridge and that is the worst thing you can do. Keep them out and let them ripen for maximum life.

  • Lisa M. says:

    I wash/cut up Romaine and Iceberg lettuce into bite size salad pieces then store 2 weeks (easily!!) in a quart of gallon mason jar, as is. No extra steps, no extra water, no sealer machine… nothing. Doesn’t seem to last that long when I purchase from .99 only store but still lasts longer than my crisper drawer. Once you open the jar you’ve got about a day or two before the air starts turning it brown.

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