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10 Places to Get Rid of Clutter

The new year is always the perfect time to clear away clutter and create a more organized space. Clearing away clutter often times means eliminating some of the clothing, books, movies, and knick knacks that are currently dwelling in your space. But what exactly do you do with them? Donating your unwanted clutter is always a great option, but you should also know that you have more options than just the local Goodwill store. Take a peek below at 10 places to donate your unwanted clutter so you can enjoy a more organized space while others benefit from belongings you no longer need. Get rid of clutter quick today! 

1. The Local Pet Shelter

Pet shelters often times run on donations and donations only. They are always in need gently used blankets, pillows, towels, and bedding items. They can also use bowls for feeding time, leashes, pet toys, and storage boxes and bins to keep items in. Check with your local shelter for their list of needs.

2. The Local Women’s Shelter

Women’s shelters are for single women often in domestic abuse situations. Because funding for these programs are tight, they can always use your donations. Consider donating gently used clothing and shoes, clothing and accessories that can be worn to interviews, bedding, books, magazines, and beauty items such as hair dryers and irons.

3. A Local School

Schools have limited funding and can always use donation items to keep their programs running strong. Consider donating books, magazines, playground toys, craft items, paper, pencils, televisions, dvd players, and other items that can come in handy in the classroom.

4. A Local Music School/Music Program

Donate any gently used musical instruments to a local music school or program that assists under privileged kids. Many times kids can’t afford the cost of new instruments, so donations help children take classes who may not otherwise be able to afford them.

5. A Local Nursing Home

If you are getting rid of art supplies, craft supplies, cd’s, board games, or card games, consider donating them to a local nursing home. Residents will enjoy using these items to entertain themselves and socialize with each other.

6. A Community Garden/Greenhouse

Do you have a community garden or greenhouse in your area? If so, consider donating items like flower pots, watering cans, packing peanuts to use as pot filler, yard tools, gloves, towels, and other items that could come in handy as they prepare a garden for the city to enjoy.

7. The Local Homeless Center

Help the homeless in your area by donating gently used clothing, bedding, lamps, shoes, towels, backpacks, books, magazines, games, cards, craft items, kid’s toys, and basically anything else a family or person in transit may need. They are sure to use these item and they will be appreciated by the less fortunate they help.

8. A Local Community Center

A senior or community center is ideal to keep in mind when getting rid of appliances, furniture pieces, lamps, carpet remnants, books, games, and trade items. With the amount of programs and activities that happen at these centers, you your donation is sure to keep them running.

9. Habitat Restore

Your local Habitat for Humanity Restore is ideal for donating appliances, furniture pieces, carpet remnants, leftover construction supplies, tools, garden supplies, lamps, lumber, paint and other items that can help others improve their spaces. Plus, the money the store makes from your donation can help fund Habitat homes.

10. Local Family and Children’s Center

These centers are for young expectant mothers or families with young children to find resources. Donate your gently used toys, bottles, Boppy seats, Bumbo seats, car seats, baby bedding, baby monitors, and other baby and children related supplies. Your donations will help a new mom get her family off to a strong start.

As you can see, there are many wonderful places in need of your donations. Consider donating your clutter to one of these causes and see how it can help. I got my clutter OUT of the house! What about you?

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