10 Ways to Save Money with Natural Cleaners

Cleaning products are so expensive and unfortunately they’re not something that our homes can easily do without. If we don’t keep our homes clean, we run the risk of our family getting sick, losing our homes and even more. This means that we all add them to our budget and most of us never think more than twice about how much we’re paying for them. Luckily, nature can help with both the cleaning part and the budgeting for cleaners part. How?

Natural cleaners!

Natural cleaners work just as well as the chemical laden cleaners you buy at the store with two exceptions. First, they’re much healthier for your family and second, they’re much, much cheaper. These 10 natural cleaners will not only save you money, but they may just help you feel better too.

Lemon juice and lemon oil both have disinfectant properties. This means that they are an awesome disinfectant. Mix up a batch of homemade all-purpose cleaner and add a bit of lemon juice (or oil) to help keep germs away.

The power of vinegar in cleaning can’t be denied. It works as a disinfectant, a solvent, a deodorizer and so much more. You could clean your entire home with white vinegar and it would look, smell and feel so much better than it does when cleaned with any store bought cleaner. The up side? White vinegar is so very cheap!

Vinegar’s not-so long lost cousin, baking soda is fantastic for cleaning. It works well as a deodorizer since it will absorb smells (which is why we all use it in the fridge), it is abrasive enough to use as a scrub and it can even help your laundry get cleaner! At well under $1.00 per pound, there’s simply no reason not to use it in your daily cleaning routine.

Borax is a must have in a natural cleaning kitchen but it is so versatile that you’ll learn to love it!

Castile soap can be used not only in cleaning, but also in diy beauty products too. I fell in LOVE with Castile soap about a year ago. I use it as body wash sometimes because I love it that.much. 🙂 I’ve also made homemade hand soap and kids body wash with it. I’ve had one large bottle that has lasted me about 6 months so far because you only need a little bit at a time! It can be expensive, but at the same time, you’ll save money since a little bit goes a long way. Use it to make your own soaps and cleaners for a more natural home.

Need a natural way to scrub? Salt is perfect. Mix it in with your other homemade cleaners and it will give you the abrasion you need to really get this hard and crusty messes cleaned up.

Yes, peroxide. The same stuff that is in your medicine cabinet is good for cleaning. Keep a bottle of it in your cleaning pantry to help with stains and other gunky laundry messes.

Rubbing alcohol not only disinfects and kills germs, but it can also leave a streak free shine on your windows and more. At around $1.00 per bottle, it doesn’t make financial sense to not use it to clean.

Orange Essential oil is another oil that is fantastic for cleaning. Not only does it have disinfectant properties, but it is also a wood conditioner and treatment. This makes it perfect for things like furniture polish, an addition to hardwood floor cleaner and even for using on your wood cutting boards!

Tea Tree oil is known for its antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. This makes it perfect for cleaning with! It works especially well in the kitchen and the bathroom! Add it to your homemade bathroom cleaner to help not only kill germs and molds, but to conquer smells too! It will kill the germs that create them!

I LOVE these essential oils.

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