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10 Ideas for Your Toddlers Entertainment

Toddlers are very demanding. Whether indoors or outdoors, there are several activities that you can engage and keep your toddler entertained. Read on!

10 Ideas to Keep Your Toddlers Entertained
Toddlers are very demanding. Whether indoors or outdoors, there are several activities that you can engage and keep your toddler entertained. Read on!

Toddlers entertainment are generally very demanding. They are not capable of paying attention to anything long enough. They get distracted too quickly, and, more to that, their energy seems like it springs up from a bottomless pit within them. It is no wonder then that it can be a challenge to keep them entertained.

I’m sure you have often found yourself in a situation where you are busy with lots of things to get done, but your toddler will not give you a break; they want your attention. Well, in such situations, you will never get anything done anyway, so you might as well take some time first to entertain your toddler and help them expend all that energy they have.

Whether indoors or outdoors, there are several activities that you can engage your toddler in to keep them entertained.

1. Use toys to keep your toddler entertained

Yes, bring out all the cars, dolls, trucks, building blocks, stuffed animals, trains, and what have you. What makes this an excellent idea to keep your toddler entertained is that although you will have quite a bit of clutter, it is easy to clear up. Let them make as much noise as they want while they play with these toys.

Did you know that boxes and containers of our regular groceries make fabulous toys? Take some big box or packaging and let it stand, preferably against a wall. Arrange these empty cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and containers on the box, and you have a shop. With enough boxes and packaging, you even have garages.

2. Visit a park to keep your toddler entertained

For a more extended period of entertainment, a visit to the park is ideal. Your toddler can run about, play, and climb, and not much input is needed on your part. You get to relax and watch them run around.

Just be sure to steer clear from parks with swings and stuff, unless you do not mind running around swinging with them and worrying about their safety.

3. Take a walk to keep your toddler entertained

Taking a walk with your toddler on their stroller works wonders. Often your toddler is just craving to get out, and when they feel the fresh air, the sunlight, and the wind on their faces, it is enough to keep them occupied. Besides, the birds, the flowers, the trees, people walking by, stores around, basically just everything, are all too exciting to see and hear. Just remember to take with you some snacks and a few toys if you intend to take a longer walk.

You may not be in a position to take a long walk with your toddler in their stroller, but do not worry, most of the time, just getting out briefly will suffice. It may be all your toddler needs. So, take them out to the mailbox. Involve them in picking it and taking it back.

Similarly, a short walk just around your home or to a nearby park and back can make your toddler content. It will allow them a chance to explore a little, run around a little, and enjoy being outdoors for a short while.

You could also run a brief errand with your toddler. For instance, you may need to pick up something from a nearby store or shop.

Be sure to check out “Should You Use a “Baby Leash” For Your Toddler? to see the pros and cons of this fad going around of using a “baby leash”.

4. Make good use of your backyard to keep your toddler entertained

Let your child out in the backyard to play. There are several activities they could do that will keep them entertained. Take a few toys and let them dig around mix stuff, and do whatever they please. Your toddler will get themselves messy, but it is worth it because they get to explore and discover while they play, which is a highly effective way of meeting their learning needs.

You can take a small bag and fill it with grass, sticks, stones, and leaves and give this to them. Your toddler will be fully engrossed with taking these items out and back in, all while discovering them, and then playing with them.

Seclude a small section of your backyard and make a child’s sandpit. Then, give your toddler a bucket with some water and let them play with the sand.

If you have a garden, together, explore and find snails, worms, and what have you and put them in a jar. Your kid will be entertained for a while with the jar, after which you can let the little creatures back in the garden.

Out in the backyard, your toddler can enjoy blowing bubbles and chasing them around. You can buy a bottle of bubbles for this or make your own using some liquid soap.

Sometimes your child can be too much can they not? Take a look at “Learn How to Put an End to Child’s Pestering” for techniques to dealing with your child when they start behaving this way.

5. Some washing up to keep your toddler entertained

Most toddlers love water. Take a bucket and fill it up with warm water, and then throw in some toys and some utensils – those that will not break such as plastic, etc. Give them a brush to scrub too. Your toddler will thoroughly enjoy washing these. They’ll keep filling the cups up with water and pouring, and they could stay at it for several minutes.

You can also let them stand on a chair and do the washing in the sink. As the water runs, they will find this fascinating, and again, they get to fill the cups up with water and pour it out.

You can also give them their dolls’ clothes to wash. Add to the fun by adding to the water some rice or beans. You will be surprised at how busy this will keep them as they scoop them up into a cup and out again and again.

6. Chase your toddler to keep them entertained

All toddlers – all kids, love to be chased. After all, why else would it be that the game of catch always was and remains very common? And if your toddler is like others, it gets them giggling and laughing hysterically.

Arrange your furniture, so there is room for your toddler to run around and even hide. Make the chasing even more interesting for your toddler by crawling and making growling sounds, and make a fuss about how you are going to eat them if you catch them. You may even pretend to eat them when you catch them, or you could tickle them.

With this activity, both you and your toddler are thoroughly engaged and, believe it or not. You may find it fun for you too. You also really get to bond with your toddler this way and be a buddy to them.

Enlisting others is a great idea too. You could plan a playdate or playdates; the more, the merrier. But another advantage of this game is that you can engage other family members as well or whoever is present because it is a game that older kids and adults can partake in. You will find it is an excellent way for family members to bond as they play together, laugh together, and get all silly and childish together.

7. Keep your toddler entertained with a bath

Like we have mentioned earlier, most toddlers love water, so a bath is bound to entertain them. Add some gentle baby soap or shampoo, and they will enjoy it even more because of the foam and the bubbles.

A bath is like taking them for a swim, except in this case, you do not need to get in with them. Besides, the water is warm, no sunscreen is required, no hassle of worrying about their safety. And you do not even need to bathe them; just let them enjoy themselves and do their thing in the water.

If you have an inflatable pool, take this outside, fill it up with warm water, and let them play in it. Throw in some of their favorite toys that can withstand water and let them splash around as you catch up on some reading or some work on your computer. Remember to apply some sunscreen on them.

Check out activities and things you can do with your child as well to keep them entertained in “5 Fun Things to do When You Are a Stay at Home Mom“.

8. Sing, dance, and act to keep your toddler entertained

Sing away with your toddler. Try activity songs such as “Eensy Weensy Spider” or any songs for that matter. Do not hesitate to skip, hop, or dance to the song. You can also put some music and dance with your toddler. It may seem like too much, but look on the bright side; you are getting a workout.

Another way you can entertain your toddler is with a puppet show in your own home. You can use dolls or make sock puppets or finger puppets. To make finger puppets, take some bright-colored labels, like luminous green, orange, etc., and draw faces on them. Place these on each of your fingertips and have a go at acting out their favorite characters. You can make a sock puppet just as easily by drawing faces on old plain-colored socks, preferably white ones. Fold your hands to a fist and then wear the socks with the face you have drawn in front. Alternatively, use sticky labels to make parts of the face, i.e., the eyes, the nose, and the mouth, and stick them onto the socks.

9. Let your toddler play on you to keep them entertained

If your toddler does not like to take naps, lie on the floor and let them play on you. Have some toys there with you and let them climb, walk, and play on you until they are spent.

If, however, your toddler is not opposed to taking naps, put them in their crib with some toys. Usually, they will play for a while and then fall asleep, and for some, they will even fall asleep right away.

Another way for you to get to lie down and have your toddler playing on and around you is to build a “fort.” To do this, arrange some cushions on the floor as if you were making a house. For the roofing, use a big sheet or a light blanket. Bring some toys and stuffed animals in, and lay down while your toddler gets busy in their little house.

10. Prepare snacks to keep your toddler entertained

Because of their endless energy as well as how active they are, toddlers are always hungry. So, give your toddler some healthy snacks to curb their hunger. What makes this an entertaining activity for your toddler is that they get to take part in preparing the snacks. Sit them on the kitchen counter where they can watch you as you make the snacks. Do not hesitate to involve them. Let them help out by handing you the ingredients and helping to mix them up, whatever they can do.

Use diced carrots, shredded cheese, and peanut butter to make delicious and healthy snacks that are good for your toddler. It is never too early to teach them to eat healthily, and this is one activity during which your toddler gets to learn to eat healthy snacks.

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So, depending on your situation, how much time you have or how involved you intend to get, choose any of the above activities to keep your toddler entertained. Whichever of these ideas you want to use, your toddler is sure to be kept busy. They will also use much of their energy on any of these activities, and after that, be ready for a long nap.

Thank you for reading with us today! Looking for more ideas and tips to keeping your child entertained while at home? Be sure to go on over to our Facebook Group where you’ll find other strong mothers around the world sharing their stories, be sure to share yours!

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