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10 Creative Ways to use Cupcake Cups

10 Creative Ways to Use Cupcake Cups

10 Creative Uses for Cupcake Cups

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Cupcake cups come in a variety of sizes and colors, and because of this, they are ideal for so much more than just baking cupcakes!  You can find cupcake cups for as little as a dollar a package at your local grocery and dollar store, so not only are they fun to work with, they are frugal too. If you have been wondering how you can use cupcake cups in a variety of creative ways, take a look below. You will find ten creative uses for cupcake cups that you will want to give a try right away! Who knew there were so many fun and frugal uses? Take a peek.

10 Creative Uses for Cupcake Cups:

1. Drip catcher.
Don’t you hate it when your popsicles drip all over your hands? Instead, poke the popsicle stick through the cupcake cup so the drips go into the cup and not all over your hands. Kids will love this nifty trick.

2. Treat cups.
Cupcake cups are the perfect size for little hands. Use these cups for holding popcorn, jelly beans, and other small treats. They make the perfect favor cups as well at parties and get togethers.

3. Use for sorting games.
Kids can learn a great deal from sorting items such as beads by color or shape. It helps them practice small motor skills as well as classification skills. Cupcake cups are perfect to use in your home school lessons or just when teaching your little ones these vital skills.

4. Make your own crayons.
If you have broken bits and pieces of crayons, remove the paper and put them into cupcake cups. Place the cupcake cups in a cupcake pan and allow to bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Once the wax melts, allow it to cool and pop out of the cupcake cup. You will have adorable, chunky, rainbow crayons!

5. Whip up some paper flowers.
A fun and frugal craft for kids is taking colorful cupcake cups and using them for paper flowers. Just poke a hole into the cup with a pipe cleaner or straw. You can layer several in various sizes and colors to really create a beautiful bloom then display in a fun vase.

6. Create a colorful garland.
Find a variety of colorful cupcake liners and string onto ribbon or string. Then, drape across a doorway or mantel as a fun and frugal decoration. These look lovely displayed at parties or outdoor cookouts.

7. Make individual meat loafs.
Next time you make meatloaf, press it into cupcake cups and bake as usual. Your end result is individual sized meat loafs that even your kids will want to eat.

8. Create drink covers.
Turn a colorful cupcake cup upside down over a glass and poke your straw through. This is a great way to keep bugs out and make your beverage look festive at the same time.

9. Make adorable light shades.
Find a string of twinkle lights and poke colorful cupcake cups over each bulb. The end result is a glowing a colorful string of lights accented by tiny custom shades!

10. Cupcake critters.
Kids can turn cupcake cups into a whole zoo of critters. Grab some glue, construction paper, and googly eyes and let them go to town. They can create chicks at Easter, ghosts at Halloween, and all sorts of other animals. Kids are so creative, they won’t let you down!

As you can see there are so many frugal and fabulous ways to use cupcake cup liners. You won’t be able to pick just one. Give these tips and tricks a try and see how fun and easy it is to get a variety of uses out of an inexpensive package of cups. Enjoy!

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  1. Love these ideas! Here is another idea:

    Cupcake Liners On Gift Boxes
    Due their pleat and colorful material, cupcake liners are perfect to be used as decoration on top of gifts boxes. Join lots of them one inside the other and glue them on the top of the box. You can use different colors or cut them to make different effects


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