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Your Go-to Picnic Checklist

Your Go-to Picnic Checklist
Are you looking to have a perfect date under a budget? A picnic would be your ideal solution. It provides an excellent way of spending time with your friends and family without getting into any expensive restaurants. Thus, you will have a fantastic time without spending so much money. Besides, a picnic at the beach or park will inspire fun outdoor activities and exploration.

You have delicious food and great company. The only thing standing between you and your happiness is how well you pack your picnic basket. Your joy will be short-lived once you realize that you didn’t carry an essential item.

Packing is the trickiest part of the trip as you do not have the opportunity to dash into the house to pick the corkscrew to open your wine bottle. Can you imagine a date without a glass of wine? Well, that is why a packing checklist is vital. You can use the below list to ensure you have everything you need.

Picnic Blanket

Unless you have an assurance that your picnic location has tables, then you shouldn’t forget this. Otherwise, you will be sitting on the grass and get bitten by ants. Besides, the grass could soil your clothes. A blanket with a waterproof lining will even be better as you will be able to sit on dump grass comfortably. However, if you don’t have such, don’t stress, any blanket can do.  You can get an old duvet, a bed sheet or even a table cloth.


Do you have a bottle of wine or any beverage which you can’t open with your bare hands? Then, forgetting this would ruin your entire picnic. Imagine not being able to quench your thirst, but a sweet beverage sits right in front of you, yet you can’t do anything. Then, you better pack that bottle opener or corkscrew.

Napkins and Utensils

Can you enjoy your jelly sandwich and peanut butter right from the plastic bag and wipe your hands on your shorts after the meal? That’s how crucial packing your napkins and utensils is. You should pack the items carefully since they are delicate and could easily break. Depending on the location of your picnic, you could carry items such as paper napkin, disposable cups, and utensils. Alternatively, you could pack your best table-linens, silver, and china utensils.

Knife and Cutting Board

Preparing your sandwich on site is an excellent way of ensuring it tastes fresh. Besides, it will ensure your bread does not get soggy. You will have to chill your ingredients to ensure they are as fresh as possible. Thus, you need to carry your knife and cutting board for those fruits, and cheese.

Thermos and Ice Packs

It is crucial to maintain your ingredients as fresh as possible for a great taste. You may also opt to carry ready-made food. It, too, needs to be fresh to avoid food poisoning. Thus, you should have an ice pack and thermos. Foods made with mayonnaise such as potato salad spoils quickly, and vegetables will wither in the hot summer heat. The ice pack will ensure the food items that need chilling remain fresh. On the other hand, your thermos will ensure your cooked foods remain at a temperature of above 140 F. Any food that is between 40F and 140F promotes the growth of bacteria, which can lead to food poisoning.

Trash Bags

There may not be any trash receptacle at your picnic location. Hence, you should carry a trash bag to avoid littering. Besides, if it rains, you can use plastic bags as your rain poncho. You could also improvise to protect your blanket from the dumpiness of the grass. You just cut the trash bag into two and lay it beneath the sheet. Also, you should carry a plastic bag where you will put your dirty dishes and glasses. It will ensure your picnic basket remains as good as new.


Memories made in a picnic are worth remembering for a lifetime. So, charge your phone and carry your camera.  The beautiful scenery and the smiles will make a perfect picture

Bug Repellent

Bugs such as mosquitoes and ants can easily ruin your picnic. Most bug repellents are poisonous when used around food and have an unpleasant smell. Besides, they are also expensive. The good news is, your kitchen can be a source of natural repellent. A freshly juiced lemon and grounded cloves is a great alternative to keeping insects at bay.

Alternatively, you can spray baby powder or corn starch at the corners of your picnic sheet. It will restrain ants from your picnic area. Also, tiny flying pests can be a nuisance, especially since they keep getting into the eyes. You can buy a reusable citronella candle. It has a pleasant smell and will help keep the tiny flying insects at bay.


Apart from having a great company, food is another crucial component of any picnic. However, it is the most energy and time-consuming part of picnic planning. You should know that meat is the most expensive meal. It is also the most challenging to transport. If you desire an affordable but delicious meal, you could go for alternatives such as bread and fish. You could shop for fresh and cheap in-season fruits and vegetables.  You can then serve them with your homemade dips. Besides, a picnic can never be complete without salads, dips, sandwiches, and cheeses.

You should select a spread which everyone will enjoy. When choosing your spread, consider the method you will use to keep it fresh. It is also vital to think of the way you will serve it and how much clean-up it will require.

Salt and Pepper

Seasoning is a vital ingredient for a tasty meal. However, it is easy to forget about them when you have so much packing to do. It will allow you to enjoy your fried chicken better.

Picnic Atmosphere

Nature’s beauty is enough to give you a picnic mood. However, you may want to make it more romantic. Then, you shouldn’t forget to pack your candle, lighter, and flowers. Ensure you look out for fire restriction signs.

There are many incidents where small items such as cigarettes did cause forest fires. Therefore, if the area has no fire restrictions, you still need to be careful. It will ensure you do not destroy the environment or injure yourself.

Alternatively, you may want to extend into the evening during the shorter winter days. Illuminating the picnic spot with candlelight or lantern lamp could make the environment more romantic.

Fun and Games

You cannot afford to have a boring picnic. You should not forget to carry the footy, board games, or Frisbee.

If you are going with your kids, they will enjoy flying kites and bigger kids games such as Giant Jenga. If you are going on a picnic with your friends, you should pack up a guitar. You could also opt to go old school and carry your radio. Some cool tunes could make your picnic more vibrant

Alternatively, you can pack mini-speakers, which you will connect to your phone. That way, you can get to play the songs you prefer. Later in the day, you can find that your picnic is now a party.

You can’t afford to ruin your picnic with something you can avoid. The above picnic checklist should help you pack up all the essential items you need for a fun picnic.

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