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Wonda Bra Review

wonda bra review
The Wonda Bra Review introduces a well-known strapless bra brand, which will help you look gorgeous in all revealing outfits. Read more!

The Bra Dilemma

Women have long faced this dilemma. You find this nice low-cut dress, but there is a question stuck in all minds. Which bra do I wear? Some women are well endowed with large breasts, and others don’t find going braless comfortable.

Searching for the right bra that suits the shape and outline of the low-cut dress is difficult. Finding a good strapless bra that can hold well on its own is sometimes difficult to find. And how the bra holds the breasts can completely redefine or ruin the lady’s look.

Small breasts or a large chest, it doesn’t matter. All women want is a good bra that feels well, is comfortable, makes them look good, stays in place while still being hidden. Everything depends on product design and the confidence that they give to the woman. Not just that the product must meet all basic requirements, but also must be well hidden and must hold on its own.

With the advent of new adhesive technologies, a variety of products have hit the market offering women the necessary freedom. Shoulder strapped and back strapped bras and the opportunity to wear modern dresses, only celebrities had the guts to carry.

Here we introduce the Wonda Bra, a well-known strapless bra brand, which will help you look gorgeous in all revealing outfits. Let’s discuss its features and benefits in this Wonda Bra Review.

Photo by Yogendra Singh on Unsplash

The Look and Feel

The bra itself has a very tiny footprint or size, as you may commonly say. Tinier compared to the usual bra’s, it is almost unrecognizable if worn properly. And people would be left wondering how the dress holds the breasts. As a result, it’s also called the nude bra or funnily termed as the bunny bra. Also, it does not cover the entire breast, but only the nipples, a small part of the front of the breast, and a small area of the chest.

Therefore the rest of the chest is left free from unnecessary fabric and feels comfortable. The cups fit over the nipples and the front of the chest. Once the Wonda bra cups adhere to the breasts, they feel very comfortable and just like a part of your body. Of course, since it’s a new experience, the user may take some time to get used to the feeling. It may take a while for the user to gain enough confidence in how the product holds on her body and how she would have to adapt to make it more comfortable and part of her daily routine. I am sure in a few days. The women will have enough trust in the product to try those nice fancy low-cut dresses.

wonda bra
Photo credit: Wonda Bra

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Breast Enlargement and Lift

This bra design uses a relatively strong adhesive instead of straps to hold the breasts in place. The adhesive is effective enough and does not slip even after prolonged usage. It’s the shoulder straps that carry the weight and transfer then on the shoulders in normal bras. But Wonda Bra does away with straps in a unique fashion and just uses adhesive on a lift-up invisible tape inside the bra to hold it in place. It is made of medically safe material and adhesive. Unlike regular bras, which compresses the breasts, the Wanda Bra keeps them in their natural shape and appears large while being lifted into place by the adhesive.

Safe Product

In this article, the Wonda Bra Review we also want to review the safety of the product. So let’s get to it. The side of the bra that makes contact with the skin is made of biological silicone gel. It has been tested and is safe for prolonged contact with the skin. The product is skin-friendly, medically safe, soft, and also good for women with sensitive skin. On the other side, it’s covered by a nylon material, which easily slides over your outerwear and therefore appears invisible.

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Product Usage

The product is reusable over a long period. And also it can easily last a few hundred washes while still retaining its adhesive strength. The adhesive strength is retained even in the event of sweating and does not slip. Washing instructions are just like normal clothes, and you have to wash them in warm water that’s below 30degrees Celsius. You can dry it like normal clothes, and it needs to be completely dry before attempting to wear it.

Wearing Instructions

Here we give you a few steps to follow before wearing the Wonda bra. Like for any surfaces where you have to use adhesive, the skin must be clean and devoid of dirt or oil. This is essential because any adhesive needs a clean surface to work correctly. Cleaning with mild soap and drying is recommended first to get rid of all body oils on the skin surface. Then hold the cup outwards and choose the desired angle to cup the breast properly, and then stick the upper part on the chest. This may need some practice to get used to the product and also get the desired look.

Wonda Bra Review: The Results

The Wonda bra certainly has more pros than cons. Let’s discuss the pros first.

Wonda Bra Pros

  • The main benefit is that it is invisible under all types of clothes and looks perfectly natural.
  • Being sweat and water repellent, it’s also available in all sizes to suit all women.
  • It provides complete support and adequate coverage.
  • It claims to be easy to wear and painless to remove and can be used hundreds of times.
  • Usually, women think sticky bras are silicone material and thus really uncomfortable. The adhesive can indeed be tricky and sticky at the same time, but once it is worn, it can feel as natural as the skin.
  • It takes away all the weight from the back and shoulders. This is good for the woman’s body and helps in keeping the right posture.

It will be sometime before the women manage not to get some strands of hair, fingers in the way and may even stick it on the wrong side of the chest. But these are minor issues that are easily taken care of.

Wonda Bra Review of the Cons

  • The take-off process can damage the skin if not done properly. You will need to give the skin added support during removal as the adhesive is quite sticky. So it cannot be done with one hand. This is a downside compared with regular bras, where women can take them off in a second. It’s possible that some skins do not adapt well to the adhesive, and there can be rashes turning the skin itchy and red. A trial is the best method to check this as the results depend from person to person.
  • The product is not one like any other bra. It is composed of two independent bras, one for each breast. You have to be careful and replicate the fit exactly on the other boob, and else it will look like having two completely different-shaped breasts!
  • Since its small size, it will not be as supportive as a regular bra, which takes both shoulder and back support straps. But women can go about their daily life and even walk fast or run without the breasts feeling too wobbly.
  • One negative part of this bra is the bunny ears. They are quite large, and they end up being too high on the chest. So wearing a low cut or a loose top may not be possible as they can be easily noticed. No one will blink if they catch sight of the regular strap bra because it’s pretty much common, and women also wear colorful bras as a fashion. However, this bra stands out because it looks odd, and not everyone is used to the sight of bunny ears cropping above the top. But this is the only design possible in this type of adhesive-based bra, and women will have to use tops that can hide this bra well.

Wonda Bra Review: Summery

Overall, women can find them expensive, but for the look and feel they give, it can well be a part of your closet. Maybe not for everyday wear, but yes, certainly for these days or nights, where you want to be a style diva. Nevertheless, it’s a very comfortable product, and a lot of women have positive feedback about the way it feels and looks. They become adept at wearing it and more used to the way it feels over some time, and feedback is mostly positive.

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