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What is a Minimalist Mom & Should You Become One?

Being a minimalist mom is living with less stuff to live life more fully. There are many reasons why minimalism is recommended for moms. Read on for more!

What is a Minimalist Mom & Should You Become One
Being a minimalist mom is living with less stuff to live life more fully. There are many reasons why minimalism is recommended for moms. Read on for more!

In today’s modern world, where it is all about acquiring fancy new things, it is hard to imagine that having less could be beneficial to us. What could be wrong about having a nice, posh car in front of your three-bedroom house filled with all the latest gadgets and beautiful furniture? For some people, there may be nothing wrong with it. But you may have noticed that your material possessions have not brought you happiness. If this is the case, you may be ready to be a minimalist mom.

What is a Minimalist Mom?

Being a minimalist mom is living with less stuff to live life more fully. It isn’t just a style or a trend. It is a way of life where you own less to live more. There are many reasons why minimalism is recommended for moms and why it works. The most important thing is it declutters. With it, you have no room for excesses or all that unnecessary stuff.

Reasons Why You Should Be a Minimalist Mom

Enjoy extra time

Minimalist moms have more time in their hands. This is because they own less, meaning they have fewer bills to settle, which in turn means working fewer hours and left with a lot of free time. Therefore you can enjoy this extra time with your kids, family and friends. Being minimalist also implies that you have fewer things in your house. So you spend less time cleaning and organizing, and you quickly find things you need. You also spend time on items that matter, create more time with your kids and enjoy to do.

Always on time

As a minimalist mom, you have a clear goal as to what you want to do. Therefore you will be punctual and have a clear sense of time. You will also recognize the fact that to advance your career or stay at home job. You have to be serious about meeting deadlines. It is also to your best interests that you keep a good rapport with your bosses, who will recognize your value.

Lead a happy life

Being a minimalist mom, you will not try to impress anyone by owning expensive things or try to fill up the void within. You will choose quality over quantity, which brings a lot of satisfaction and happiness. Minimalism is all about separating yourself from material stuff and not depending on stuff to make you happy. What’s more, material things cannot buy happiness for long. If your life depends on material things, you will end up in debt and depressed.

Save money

When you become a minimalist mom, saving money comes as a natural habit. Since you will also make wise decisions on your spending. If you want to purchase something, ask yourself if that item will improve your life or would you be better off keeping that money in your savings account.

Once you are cautious about your spending, your utility bills and other costs will reduce over time. This way, your overall living expenses will become more manageable, allowing you to save money and start enjoying a life free from financial worries.

Be sure to also read “Savings Plans for Single Moms” for techniques to saving money.

Less debt

Living a minimalist lifestyle will help you get rid of all debts and keep you debt-free good. This is because you buy things that only matter, so you do not have to borrow loans to buy expensive stuff or support a lavish lifestyle.


As a minimalist mom, you eliminate junk such as old kids stuff, old computers, TV, and other electronics that keep you occupied and distracted. You are also not influenced by advertisements. This allows you to start focusing more on yourself and nurturing your inner self. Rather than spending hours in front of your computer, you can use that time meditating. Instead of going shopping, focus on enriching your inner being. Give more time to taking care of yourself and things that add value to life.

Find life purpose

Living the simple life of a minimalist declutters not only your space but also your mind. As you tidy up your life, your mind frees up, and you start reconsidering the true meaning of life. Life is more than owning a huge house and filling it up with things you rarely use. As you lead a minimalist life, you will realize why you were brought into this world and the impact you are supposed to make in your generation.

Peace of mind

Worldly possessions can rob your peace. Having a big mansion, flashy cars, wearing the latest outfits, and lots of money is good. But when you love these things too much, they control your life, which can become destructive. You tend to have misplaced priorities, and nothing else will matter to you. For instance, your relationships with kids and family become less important, which will eventually lead to kids detachment, family or relationship breakdown.

Following a minimalist lifestyle, will make your life peaceful. This is because your space has fewer things to keep you worried, and you’re less committed. You will also never be a target of thieves as you are as your house is not as flashy in the whole neighborhood. You will even sleep better if you don’t have to worry about how you are going to pay your bills.

Lower stress levels

Individuals who own a lot of things are usually stressed and miserable all the time. This is because belongings always want attention and constant care. So you are engaged in never-ending chores of cleaning, washing, rearranging, feeding, maintaining, and even worshipping too many lifeless objects or pets. The moment you get rid of excess stuff, much of this burden is gone.

It is important to understand that minimalism manages to lower stress levels since you do not have a lot of home duties or work to worry about. You have a lot of time to engage in constructive things, relax, meditate enough, and sleep better, which alleviates stress.

You become emotionally free

Are your emotions constantly tossed up and down? Is anxiety taken a toll on your mind, body, and relationships with friends, family, and peers? Take control of your mind, your tasks, and your body through minimalism. As a minimalist mom, you will engage in activities that make you happy with no pressure, allowing you to achieve all forms of freedom. Freedom from worry, fear, overwhelming depression, and guilt. This feeling makes you proud, liberated and fulfilled with what you have achieved. You will become a newer and freer being.

Enjoy more space

If you’re living under a growing pile of stuff, you don’t know what you’re missing. Declutter and enjoy the space. When you start to get rid of things from your overstuffed drawers, crammed closets, full attic, and garage, you are opening up more space in your home. There will be more room to move around, and your house will be immaculately tidy and pleasant. What’s more, you will be letting go of things you were holding onto. This will relieve you from a big burden and let you enjoy your organized home in abundance.

Healthier body

Minimalism not only allows clearing up the clutter but also cleaning up space. This creates a clean environment with fewer or no bacteria, dust mites, molds, and other contaminants. These pollutants are likely to linger in your house if you have a cluttered environment, triggering adverse allergies and causing diseases such as asthma. Get rid of these irritants in the simplified minimalism approach that will help create a healthier home.

The chances are that you also have plenty of half-used condiments in your pantry and lots of junk food in your refrigerator. Clear your pantry, eliminate all junk food, and re-stock fresh, healthy food in your fridge. By keeping less, not only is your fridge a beautiful sight, but you will eat healthy foods and reduce excess weight.

Clearer mind

You will, without a doubt, feel at ease and will not regret all of the effort and hard work spent on starting the journey of being a minimalist mom. You will feel glad that you persist in clearing up your clutter. With well-arranged items and less stuff to think of and maintain, there will be fewer burdens on your mind.

Also, feed your mind with less junk. Watch little or no television, no social media, emails, and just occasional calls. This means that the space occupied by this media will be free. You will have a very clear mind and set out to do your heart desires without any mental distraction.

Increase productivity

If you have a mountain of documents such as old bills or files, through the minimalist approach, you will find a way to organize those documents. We live in a virtual world, so consider scanning and filing your documents digitally to get rid of the clutter and have a more organized way to keep relevant documents. This way, you will also be able to find items needed quickly and get your work done in no time.

Reduce accidents

A minimalist mom owns an organized home, which is safer. Therefore, there are fewer minor accidents like spills and drops. And more dangerous accidents like a fall or fire becomes more comfortable to handle. Since there isn’t too much stuff that can create the inability to get out quickly. You should also note that massive clutter can be the root cause of such deadly events. Car accidents are increased from hurrying because of being late.

Better relationships

Do you have friends who do not want to meet you for coffee because you are always late or constantly canceling? Is your boss continuously complaining that your work is never on time? Is your relationship with your kids and spouse severely strained due to disorganization? Opt for a minimalist lifestyle. Living a minimalist life will enable you to have proper schedules, allow you to keep the commitments you make to people as well as improve relationships. You will also have enough time to care for your kids and entire family and connect with those who are important to you.

Also, you will start focusing on quality friendships rather than quantity. A smaller number of friends means more time to nurture stronger relationships with friends who support you as much as you’re helping them. It also means associating with people who allow you to be yourselves. Such people no longer feel the need to spend time and energy people-pleasing to maintain friendships.

Check out “5 Fun Things to do When You Are a Stay at Home Mom” to see ways to bond more with your kids and find fun things to do while at it.

Achieve your dreams and passions

As a minimalist mom, you have more time to pursue those dreams and passions that your instinct keeps telling you will make your life better and happier. Do you desire to paint, draw, write, start a business, or delve deeper into the creative life you previously could not accommodate due to too much baggage? Now you are free to focus on your talents, travel to places that will give you newer perspectives, or take risks that make you come truly alive. A minimalist lifestyle will inspire you to be stronger and grow your talents as well as your abilities.

Donate more

Due to minimal living and appreciating the little things in life, as a minimalist, you will contribute everything that you find is excess for you. You will also want to let others know about the kind of life you are living. A life of frugality and sustainability. As you give to society, other individuals will benefit and also want to adopt your lifestyle. This is also beneficial as you are passing something to future generations.

Environmentally conscious

Minimalism reduces your impact on the environment. With less electronic stuff, there is a lower incidence of pollution. You also surround yourself with things that inspire wellness naturally, such as gardening books and pictures of different national Parks. So you are always keeping your environment clean.

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