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Surprise Your Little Ones With This Special Holiday Gift

Surprise Your Little Ones With This Special Holiday Gift

Christmas Eve happens only once a year and each time it’s a struggle to make it special for the kids. We want to teach them that it’s not about the gifts. It’s not about the materialistic part of it all. Instead, we want them to know that Christmas is about love and about family. But we spoil them with a ton of gifts each year.

This can send a pretty bad message to the younger ones because in their heads these two philosophies go against each other. So, what is there to do?

The Christmas Box

You might have heard about this before. It has been going around the Internet for a long while now, but we wanted to spread the message. After all, this can make the holidays so much better for a lot of children, plus it can also help a lot of parents.

So, what is the Christmas Box exactly? It’s a small container full of stuff a child needs for the holidays. These are usually pretty cheap items, but they can make a kid’s Christmas. Not because they are what they are. But because they are supposed to be used during one of the best times of their life and that has a huge impact.

These items aren’t supposed to be extravagant or really expensive. They are only there to set the right mood for Boxing Day and to drive home the message that Christmas isn’t about the gifts. But how do materialistic things supposed to do that?

Well, for that you need to know what can be in such a box. (Note: you do not need to put everything in there from this list, this is just a guide.)

  • Fuzzy socks
  • Christmas pajamas
  • Christmas movie or cartoon
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Gingerbread dough mix
  • Holiday-themed candy (candy canes are a must!)
  • Christmas blanket
  • Christmas book

What is this good for?

“This is just another gift idea, isn’t it?”

Nope, this is actually not supposed to be a part of the gift. It can act as such, but it shouldn’t be the whole present. Although, we highly suggest making it out to be the highlight of Christmas.

Family-Centered Viewpoint

These are all items that can enhance the family time you spend together on Christmas Eve. For example, the movie is there so your child gets excited for the evening when you can watch it together. For that they can wear their brand new pajamas and socks. Then they can even wrap themselves in their new blanket.

Sounds cozy yet?

This is any child’s dream that loves their family. Just sitting down with them for some quality time together. But of course, there are some children that don’t appreciate all of that much. Which is okay, these things happen, that’s why the rest of the items are there.

The candy can be eaten right away, but if your child likes baking then the mixes will come in handy. You can spend some time together making some sweets for the movie night. So even if they don’t enjoy films all that much they still can have some fun with the mixes. You can use other kinds, of course, we mentioned the hot chocolate and the gingerbread because they are related to the holiday. If you think your child would prefer something else then go for it.

But of course, you can add additional snacks as well. Chocolate bars, dried fruit or peanuts. Anything works that they can enjoy during the movie. Just make sure they know that sharing is caring in this case.

Experiences Over Materialistic Stuff

A lot of parenting books mention that you should reward children with activities instead of items. We completely agree with that, after all, we love to think back on great memories, not times when we got something. It’s just how human nature works and because of this, it’s best if you teach your children that toys and games aren’t everything.

“But the box contains items mainly!” Yeah, exactly. Items that they can create nice memories with on Christmas. A movie to watch with the family, cookies to make with parents and cozy clothes that they can wear the entire time. How are those not experienced in the end?


Some people like to do specific things around certain times. Holidays, birthdays on simply during meals. For some families these traditions are nonexistent. There are a couple of things they do regularly, but these aren’t set in stone and can be changed anytime.

This isn’t necessarily bad, but not good either. Children like to have some kind of stability within the family unit. This is what traditions are normally used for, but they are also good for adults. After all, it’s nice to come home after a busy and chaotic day to unwind and relax. Or at the very least, predictability.

Either way, children appreciate traditions because it’s one thing set in stone. It can’t be changed by them or anyone. Because of this, you don’t need to mess around during Christmas Eve, trying to find something to do, because you already have the activities.


The Christmas Box is a great way to spice up the holidays for children. It’s fun, it’s cozy and the kids love everything in it. So if you plan on surprising them then make sure to do this.

Have you heard about this idea before? Did you try it out? Tell us down in the comments below!

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