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Ways to Save Money with Educational Apps

Save Money with Educational Apps
Your kid's journey to learning about finances can be fun using educational apps. You can impact the culture on how to save money at an early age. Read on!

It’s never too early to teach your kids about saving. It will help reduce the debt rate and make them responsible adults in the future. Imagine living without debt in your credit card or enjoying an already paid off the mortgage and car loan. Well, you can make all these possible by impacting a culture on our kids to save money at an early age.

Gone are the days when discussing money topics with your kid was a taboo. Today, kids learn it from kids’ websites and other educational apps. It is now upon you to bring the lessons in practice so that they can understand the ins and outs of money. Besides, there are many finance apps designed to help kids. Below are some of the best free or low-cost apps you can install on the iPad, Android, or iPhone and start teaching them.

1. P2K Money

It aims to meet your young one’s financial needs. They can monitor their income inflow from sources such as payment after completion of chores or allowances you give them. They can upload a picture of an item they wish to buy. It will act as a reminder or goal they have. The app keeps a record of their purchases. Thus, your kid will be able to monitor and decide whether their investments were wise or not. P2K Money is compatible only with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod smartphones.


  • They can use it as a budgeting tool
  • It’s a significant saving tool
  • It has a wish list option to keep them motivated to their saving goal

2.  Kids Money

There is no more natural way to teach your kids than through the use of fun. Kids Money applies this idea into providing a beautiful, engaging, and educational app. it has an impressive display that is also easy to operate.

Your kid will get to apply valuable knowledge on saving both for short term and long term goals. For instance, if they desire to buy an item, they will put down the price and their estimated daily earnings. Kid’s money will then assess and guide them on the appropriate measures to save so that they can meet their targets. It will also determine the expected purchase date


  • It offers easily adjustable timelines
  • It promotes long-term planning

3.  Save! The Game

The inspiration behind the invention of this app was to teach kids about the risk of impulse shopping. Your kids get to learn the difference between what they need and what they want. It is a fantasy 3D game where your kid plays and collects as much money as possible. However, they have to avoid losing their money with the “I wants”. They get to learn that living within your means is the most rewarding zone. Also, they learn that spending recklessly strains the budget with hefty bills, which they will still have to pay eventually. All in all, the game is both exciting and gives essential lessons on accurately managing finances.


  • You can also get these exciting features from their website
  • It has a 3D interface.

4.  Bank of Mom

The app aims at helping you have more control over your kid’s expenditure. Your child will also get to understand credit better. You pay your child for completed chores or put in their allowance in the app. When they need the money, they will make a withdrawal request from the savings which you govern. Thus, you will get to know if your kid spends their money on playing video games or at the mall and get to advise appropriately.

For instance, your kid could wash your car, and they can save the money earned in their bank. Later, they can then withdraw the funds for their use. The best part is that you can have multiple accounts on the app. thus, you get to monitor all your children with one app. Also, you get to email the transaction details.


  • You can manage more than one account
  • It allows you to control your kid’s account
  • It offers a line for virtual credit

5.  Saving Spree

The incredible features of this app made it win a parents’ choice award in the genre of mobile applications. It is a beautiful artwork that is easy to use. It also offers a fun and engaging way to teach your kids about finances.

It offers practice sessions where your kid will get to learn the ins and outs of money. For instance, they learn tips on how to save money, spend, and earn. With saving, they get to understand the tricks to practical short term and long term goal saving. Also, your kid gets to learn the dangers of impulse spending. They learn about investing and shrewd charitable giving.

All these lessons get imparted as the kid plays the imaginary game. They earn money when they make smart choices on their finances. They also lose money when they engage in impulsive spending and make the wrong financial decisions. Besides, your child will get to understand inflation as it imparts surprising game events that cause economic shocks.

6. Celebrity Calamity

You are probably here because you want that perfect financial and investing app fit for the millennials. Well, this award-winning app will get your kid to understand about finances in a fun way. It features celebrities who have vast spending habits. As a player, your kid will play the role of managing their expenditures and finances. They have to avoid losing by spending within their budget.

When they spend more than they can afford, they end up losing the game. However, spending within their means will make them win and win rewards. Well, this game guarantees your little one will learn a lot about the financial world and keeps them engaged.

7. FamZoo

Famous publications such as The New York Times mentioned this app in their article. Do you want to assist your kids in being more responsible in their financial habits? FamZoo aims at helping kids to learn how money operates, the appropriate approach to budget and save.

All the family members will have a card which helps them access the app. the parents will be the bankers and the kids, customers. Every transaction carried out will be recorded, and the parents will have access to the transactions. Well, there is no better way your kids can learn about managing finances other than from a real-life experience.


  • As a parent, you will have full control of expenditures.
  • Your kid learns ways to avoid debts on their credit card at a young age.
  • You can track your kid’s performance on chores or any odd jobs they partake
  • Your child can quickly get to buy items online safely.

Final thoughts: Educational apps to help save money

With technology, your kid’s journey to learning about finances doesn’t have to be boring. It is upon you to choose the right app to perform the task for you. The list above should help you identify an appropriate app that will help make financial lesson your kid’s favorite subject.

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