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Save Big on Holiday Shopping With WikiBuy

Save big on holiday shopping with Wikibuy

The holiday shopping season is synonymous with the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Online shopping has literally become a life-hack, saving you from interminable queues, terrifying stampedes and senseless shopper-on-shopper violence. It offers a safe, secure, convenient alternative that lets you choose when and where to spend your hard-earned money without compromising too much on price.

However, you don’t want to be stuck in the last minute rush of holiday shopping, scouring the net trying to find the best gifts for your curious 4-year-old nephew or teenage monsters who will totally judge you on what you get them. With the holiday shopping season that kicks off with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, you don’t want to spend hours hunched over a laptop or phone on a specific day trying to find the perfect prices on gift list items.

This is where the shopping assistant Wikibuy becomes your best bet to secure the greatest deals and discounts from all over the net, saving you chunks of change without you having to lift a finger.

What is Wikibuy?

Wikibuy is a web browser extension and mobile app that helps you automatically find discount coupons and the lowest prices on items while you shop online. It runs on the community benefit idea that one customer’s shopping experience would help another customer find savings.

By installing the Wikibuy browser extension, the service scans all available stores selling a particular product and instinctively compares the lowest prices found by other customers. It then sends you a pop-up notification directing you towards potential savings deals. It also takes away the manual labor of testing and verifying coupon codes, offering you only valid and guaranteed codes.

Wikibuy can help you save

Wikibuy has plenty of helpful features that will ensure you get to see all discounts and the cheapest prices on a product as well as how you can save on taxes and shipping costs.

Explore all retail stores for the best prices

While most of us trust Amazon to have whatever we want, Wikibuy takes it a step further and searches for better offers on identical products at other retail stores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart or Home Depot. Within 15 seconds, the Universal Product Search button will display the lowest price and a detailed summary of the offer, which includes the price history, product review and ranking, return policy, related product deals from fellow ‘Wikibuyers’, the estimated delivery date and the total price with tax, shipping and active coupons. You can then make an informed decision on what you want to purchase, easily and conveniently.

Be the first to know about a better price

If you already have an idea of a certain item you would like to purchase, you can place it on the Price Drop Alert feature. Wikibuy will then monitor and compare prices of that particular product and send you a message when the price of that item falls.

You could also create a watch list that can monitor the products you are interested in for up to 60 days. Wikibuy will show you the ‘last seen’ price, the latest available price and if there are any potential savings, it will highlight them in green.

This means if you put your item on the watch list now, by the time Black Friday or Cyber Monday comes along, you will already know where to purchase the item at the lowest price.

Get cash-back deals while supporting local vendors

Do you have a favorite local store that has everything you want? Now you can get enticing cash back deals from merchants in your area using Wikibuy. All you need to do is link an eligible debit or credit card to your Wikibuy account and use it to pay in-store. After every successful transaction at a participating local store, you will earn a percentage of the transaction amount as a credit on your Wikibuy gift card.

Earn and redeem points with Wikibuy

Wikibuy also offers its subscribers a rewards program that allows you to collect points on all your purchases that you can later redeem for other items at participating retailers. These points could also be exchanged for gift cards from participating merchants. When you are not sure what to get for someone during the holiday season, a gift card will let them purchase what they like, and with sufficient points, you may not even have to spend money on it.

Make use of Wikibuy’s coupon function

Most budget savvy online shoppers know it can be quite the brain drain searching for the promo codes of specific stores on Google and manually trying out the coupon codes on your purchases. Sometimes these codes have expired or the discount codes just do not work.

Wikibuy on the other hand removes this tiresome process by automatically looking for, testing and applying the coupon codes or promo codes to your cart at checkout. While shopping on a retailer’s website, Wikibuy will notify you if it finds a valid coupon code. It will then test all the available codes and apply the best code for the item in question, showing you how much you can save.

Wikibuy’s money back guarantee

Online shopping can make you a little skeptical about sharing your valuable information like payment details with sellers. Wikibuy gives you peace of mind with a hassle-free check out process through a payment system that allows you to skip tedious verification forms. It also identifies online vendors offering free shipping which saves you a couple of bucks here and there.

The order tracking feature will follow your orders, letting you know where your purchased item is and when to expect it. Wikibuy also offers shoppers a 100% refund in case you pay for something and it does not arrive at your destination.

To sum up

Wikibuy can significantly bring down your holiday shopping costs by doing all the work and letting you enjoy your free days with friends and family. By searching for the cheapest prices all over the net and showing you exactly how much you are saving, Wikibuy is a brilliant shopping assistant to try out this shopping season.

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