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Quick and Easy Skincare Routine For Every Woman

Every woman wants glowing skin. Skincare doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Learn this quick and easy skincare routine for every woman.

Quick & Easy Skincare Routine For Every Woman
Every woman wants glowing skin. Skincare doesn't have to be a full-time job. Learn this quick and easy skincare routine for every woman.

Every woman wants glowing skin. Besides, a supple skin makes you beautiful and radiates good health. To attain that dream face, you have to dedicate time to facial care. But, does it make you smile when you hear of a 15 step skincare routine?

As a stay at home mom with a hectic schedule and a long –to-do list, you can only dedicate skincare the least time possible. Well, skincare doesn’t have to be a full-time job.

Besides, beauty racks are overflowing with skincare products. With each product claiming to be a must-have, choosing a skincare product can be a daunting task.  Also, selecting a skincare routine to stick to becomes a headache. However, there are some basic rules for solving the skincare puzzle.

Below is a guideline for building a perfect face care routine.

Take care of yourself

1. Invest in a Gentle Cleanser

Your face is the most sensitive body part, yet the most susceptible to external factors. Cleansing meets the skin’s need to get cleaned. Wearing makeup without properly cleaning your face can be counterproductive.  It would result in the blocking of the pores. What are the mistakes we make during our cleansing routine?

Use of face wipes.

After a long day, it is tempting to use a face wipe for wiping off makeup. Besides, it allows you to clean your makeup at the comfort of your sofa. But is it worth to pay up with your skin’s health? Wet wipes dissolve makeup, but it contains emulsifiers and surfactants, which could be detrimental to your skin’s health.

When you choose a harsh cleanser for oily skin.

In case you have oily skin, you probably will go for the grainy astringent cleansers. However, being too harsh on your skin stripes essential oils from it. Unfortunately, this worsens the situation as the skin responds by producing more sebum, which clogs the pores.

Switching the temperature of the water you use.

There is a myth that you can use both hot and cold water to do the cleansing. It assumes that washing with hot water helps in opening up the pores, thus unclogging them. The cold water, on the other hand, closes the pores and prevents the entry of dirt. However, using hot and cold water puts your skin into shock.  Instead, you should use lukewarm water for both washing and rinsing.

Invest in a gentle cleanser

2.  Always Put on Sunscreen

Sunscreen is vital for healthy skin. It helps prevent skin cancer. It is everyone’s friend during the summer.  Do you have to wear them throughout the year? Even on the gloomiest day, the UV rays can penetrate through the clouds. Also, the ice during winter days reflects 90% of UV rays. 

Thus, it is an essential skincare commodity. Due to high demand, sunscreens of every kind flood the market. It creates room for fraudsters to make a profit from innocent individuals at the expense of their health. Below are crucial things to look out for when purchasing your sunscreen.

It should have an SPF of 30-50.

UVA and UVB cause cancer. Besides, they cause premature aging and skin blemishes. SPF of 30 protects against UV rays up to 96% while those with 50 blocks 98% of UV rays.

Choose a sunscreen with a broad spectrum.

UVA and UVB rays are harmful. You should, therefore, invest in a sunscreen with a broad spectrum to enjoy the protection against both rays.

Be keen on the ingredients.

A quick look at the components can help you evaluate the quality of your sunscreen. There is the mineral or physical sunscreen which utilizes natural minerals such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to block UV rays. Conversely, chemical sunscreen uses chemical compounds such as biscotizole and bemotrizinol to offer a broad spectrum.

Choose a sunscreen depending on your skin type.

Although there is sunscreen which is suitable for all skin types, most companies make sunscreen to suit specific skin type.  For instance, sunscreen ideal for dry skin contains glycerin and oils. Experts advise that they should avoid sunscreen with alcohol.

Keep your face clean and protected

3. Apply Your Moisturizer Twice Every Day

Don’t you love the soothing effect that your moisturizer provides? It turns out moisturizers don’t just sooth the skin but helps tone your skin and prevent premature aging. 

In case you have oily skin, then you feel like the advice doesn’t suit your situation. You feel like you need to go harsh on your skin to lower the moisture. But it turns out you are wrong. Every skin type needs moisturizing to maintain its radiant look.

Below are some mistakes you could be making during your moisturizing routine.

Wrong choice of moisturizer for your skin type.

Although a friend can’t stop talking about a moisturizer, it could practically go south for you. Companies make moisturizers for particular skin types, as every skin has its special moisturizing needs. If you have oily skin, then you should avoid products with gel and oil. On the other hand, those with sensitive skin should avoid moisturizers with alcohol.

Wrong timing.

Applying moisturizers on wet skin results in it flowing off; hence, you end up wasting it. Conversely, using it after the skin has completely dried, reduces its effectiveness. You should apply moisturizer on damp skin as it allows it to absorb and lock in the moisture

Using oil in place of moisturizers.

Oils provide a soothing feeling and prevent moisture loss. However, moisturizers are powerful when it comes to moisturizing the skin. It contains humectants, which help draw moisture into the skin, thus ensuring it stays hydrated throughout the day. Therefore, you should use oil and moisturizer together and not one in place of the other.

You are exfoliating instead of moisturizing, what comes to mind first when you see your skin is flaky and dull? Well, probably the next thing you will rush into is face scrubbing. However, it could just be a sign that your face needs some moisture.  Exfoliating could worsen the situation by irritating the skin. Try to understand what the shine is communicating.

Pampering yourself is part of your very limited “Me Time”. Be sure to check out “What is “Me Time” & Why Every Mom Needs It” for an inside look at how and when you can have some time to yourself as a stay at home mom.​

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4. Exfoliate Your Skin Occasionally

When you have a strict daily schedule, you will view exfoliation as a luxury and will be skipping the step once too often. However, it is a crucial step if you want to maintain acne-free skin.

Below are the benefits you reap from exfoliating.

It unclogs your pores.

Exfoliating removes dead cells from your skin. It also removes accumulated debris, which remains even after your cleansing routines. All these block the pores, which are the passages for oil. Thus, it causes stubborn whiteheads and blackheads.

It promotes smooth, even-toned skin.

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation and dark spots, then you understand the disappointments of getting rid of them. Dead cells give the skin a dull appearance. When you exfoliate, you scrub off the dead cells layer; thus, it brightens the skin making it vibrant. Besides, it unclogs the pores, thus ensures secreted oil has a passage. As a result, it keeps acne and breakouts at bay.

It promotes deeper penetration of skincare ingredients.

Skin products can’t penetrate through dead cells. Through exfoliation, you scrub off dead cells and exposes new cells. Thus, your skincare ingredients can work on and easily nourish the skin cells.

It promotes collagen synthesis.

Exfoliating leaves the skin looking vibrant and young. Thus it helps get rid of wrinkles, making it an anti-aging regimen. Besides, most exfoliates have essential vitamins such as salicylic acid and vitamin A which have anti-aging properties.

5. Incorporate an Anti-Aging Product

Although you cannot stop time from stealing your beauty, using anti-aging creams can help to slow it down. The anti-aging products work magic to help you attain your dream look of growing younger.

Below are some of the benefits you will achieve when you use an anti-aging cream.

It helps reduce wrinkles.

The anti-aging cream has essential vitamins such as vitamin E, B5. Also, most anti-aging creams contain Jojoba oil and shear butter. All these promote collagen formation and development of elastin. Besides, they help in fighting free radicals from UV rays, which damages and causes premature aging.

Radicals darken the area around the eyes and make the skin to become dull.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant and a primary ingredient for most anti-aging products. It fights the free radicals hence reducing wrinkles and melanin production. Strengthens and increases the skin’s flexibility.

It helps prevent flaky skin. 

In addition to preventing premature aging, it also prevents skin dryness and flaking. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that absorbs moisture into the skin. Thus it helps to ensure your skin remains fresh and healthy.

It promotes cell regeneration.

The skin around your eyes is delicate; it is also the first sell out of your aging process. Peptides and retinol found in anti-aging creams help to minimize the wrinkle appearance.

Your skincare routine should be a fun process that helps you learn your body. Thus, you shouldn’t let all the thousands of beauty products and regimen stress you. The basic guide to an effective skincare routine remains the same. It’s only the product you use that will vary.

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