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Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, your body size rapidly changes, resulting in stretch marks. Luckily, you can prevent stretch marks from forming during pregnancy? Read on!

So many changes occur following delivery; freedom, responsibilities, sleep-time, etc. You’ll also experience several physical changes. For most women, chief among them, is the stretch marks. Usually, the skin adjusts to stimuli and body size changes. However, your body size rapidly changes when you are pregnant that your skin has minimal time to adjust. Thus, your skin tears internally, which later heal into scars.

You will focus more on the bundle of joy growing inside you that you neglect your body. You tend to forget that your body is undergoing rapid changes; hence, it needs care as well. You have to help it cope with the transition as much as possible. That way, you will quickly go back to your pre-birth state. Your steps also have to be the safest as you don’t want to affect your baby’s growth. So, how do you prevent stretch marks?

1. Diet

You should start by taking great care of your skin from the inside out. In-take of essential nutrients that will help nourish your skin is necessary. You must take a high quantity of fruits to guarantee your skin is highly elastic. Besides, it will ensure your baby stays healthy too.

Vitamin A

It is an essential nutrient that plays a vital role in firming and ensuring the skin is healthy. Vitamin A is necessary for the formation of fibroblasts cells. The cells carry out the function of guaranteeing your skin remains radiant and firm. Also, it facilitates tissue growth. You can obtain it from carrots, eggs, mangoes, beef, and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin C

The nutrients maintain a record in skincare for a reason. You probably know of its benefits in facial care. But how does it assist to prevent stretch marks? Well, vitamin C doesn’t just have antioxidant properties. It is powerful in skin healing. Since it is highly acidic, it stimulates the skin to produce collagen, which facilitates the healing process.  Besides, they are protein fibers, hence are essential in keeping the skin firm. Also, it inhibits melanin production, thus preventing scars from showing. As a result, vitamin A will come in handy in stimulating quick healing and maintaining the invisibility of stretch marks. Citrus fruits are all that you need to obtain vitamin C.

Vitamin E

It is vital to ensure your skin is flexible and radiant. It has anti-inflammatory properties, thus help in healing skin inflammations caused by stretch marks. Besides, it has antioxidant properties that help in fighting free radicals. Therefore, you will also be protecting your unborn child from toxins resulting from food metabolism. You can obtain it from vegetable oil, green vegetables, and seafood.

Vitamin D

You probably are aware of vitamin D from the standpoint of facilitating strong bones. Well, it is also very essential to the skin too! It has proliferative and skin repair properties. It thus promotes the regeneration of the skin cells. Therefore, it helps repair damages that occur in the process of rapid stretching. Moreover, it helps in strengthening and increasing your skin’s flexibility. Besides, you can obtain it freely by basking in the sun.

2. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated will ensure your skin remains plump and firm. Besides, it helps in detoxifying your body. But being pregnant puts your appetite at par but may also cause you to be choosy in your food intake. Thus the tasteless water may sometimes be hard to get it to pass down the throat. Fortunately, there are various you can stay hydrated.

Intake of fruits and salad

Fruits and vegetables can help remain hydrated. Besides, you get to meet your hydration needs while still supplying your body with the necessary nutrients. Some fruits and vegetables with high water content include cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, watermelons, celery, and honeydew.

Herbal tea

Taking tea that doesn’t have caffeine, such as green tea, can help you escape the tasteless water but still stay hydrated.


Well, you’ve already heard how important it is to maintain an intake of 8 glasses of water. You can give it taste by adding lemon, lime, or even cucumber!

3. Control your weight

When expecting, stretch marks not only appear on your belly but also your thighs. Since they emerge due to rapid body growth, you can help your body by maintaining a healthy weight.  During the nine months, you should gain a maximum of 77.16 pounds. Below are ways that can help you manage your weight.

Control food cravings. Cravings can make us overeat. Thus, you should take a little of the foods you crave and fill up on fruits and vegetables. That way, you will make your body believe that it has had enough of the food.

Avoid overeating. Although it is necessary to eat more calories than you were taking before, try not to go overboard.

4. Exercise

You shouldn’t ditch exercising just because you are pregnant. When you indulge in less-strenuous workouts, you assist in encouraging blood circulation on the skin, thus promoting your skin’s elasticity. Besides, it will also tone up your muscles, thus tightening your skin. It is a crucial process when you want to prevent stretch marks formation. Pregnancy exercises you can engage in include yoga, swimming, walking, and stretches.

5. Apply essential oils

They have hydrating properties, which helps in quick healing of the skin. Also, their anti-inflammatory properties soothe the skin, hence relieve you from itchiness. You should apply your chosen natural oil every evening before bedtime and morning after shower. Besides, the oils don’t have chemicals. You can thus use it at any trimester. Below are some natural oils that can help you.

Lavender oil

Its smell is something you will want to live with forever. Besides, it comes with multiple skincare benefits. When you rub your skin with the oil, some relaxation magic happens, which helps in relieving the itchiness and soreness.

Olive oil

Did you know with the combination of the right nutrients, you could prevent stretch marks? Olive oil lubricates your skin, thus helping the skin to be supple without any side effects. Besides, it helps in lightening the stretch mark scars. Thus, the lines will never show on your skin.

Apply virgin castor oil on the susceptible areas. You can stay with it the entire day and wash it off in the evening.  It allows it the maximum amount of time to get into the skin

Coconut oil

It has free fatty acids, such as capric acid. It comes in a wide range of varieties. However, pure organic excels in the provision of healthy skin. Dry skin often tears fast as it produces less elastic. Coconut oil eliminates stretch marks from occurring as it ensures the skin supple and well hydrated. Besides, it promotes quick healing of the tear caused by skin stretching. Hence, it leaves no room for stretch mark formation. It also brightens stretch marks so that they grow minor and minor till they disappear.

Castor oil

Castor oil is famous for its treatment of skin problems such as wrinkles and scars. But did you know that it can prevent stretch marks too? Stretch marks are likely to occur when your skin is dry. Castor oil ensures your skin remains hydrated and flexible, thus eliminating stretch marks formation.

You should massage a generous amount of castor oil on your skin. Wrap the area with plastic wrap. Use a heating pad on the cover for half an hour. Do this about four times a week.

6. Aloe vera

It has super moisturizing effects; thus, it helps soothe the skin making it subtle. Besides, it has strong healing properties; hence, it will quickly heal any stretching tears occurring due to rapid body growth. It thus ensures your skin remains healthy and flexible.

Squeeze out aloe vera gel from the leaves, massage it on the prone zones, and let it stay for about 20 minutes for it to get absorbed. Repeat the step twice daily.

7. Stay away from chemicals

Most body cleansers contain sulfates that tend to cause skin dryness. Thus, your skin becomes less elastic and quickly tears, even with the slightest stretching of your skin. Instead, you could cleanse yourself using natural oils. For instance, you could massage your whole body with coconut oil. Later you can rinse with warm water and dry yourself with a towel.

8. Brush your whole body using a dry brush

You should gently brush the reachable areas of your skin using a dry brush. It is an excellent way of exfoliating your skin. Besides, exfoliation helps in removing dead cells making your skin radiant and healthy. Also, it increases blood circulation on the skin. The skin thus becomes more elastic. Below is a guideline you should follow when scrubbing your skin

  • You should ensure that the brush you use is of natural fibers, and the bristles are a bit tough.
  • Do not use the technique on your breasts. The area is tender; thus, you could easily damage them.
  • While brushing, ensure you brush more on the areas likely to get stretch marks.
  • Once you are through, you can take a warm shower to clean off the dead cells.

9. Use cream and oils

Massaging promotes the circulation of blood to the skin. The zone is likely to have stretch marks and will acquire a sufficient supply of nutrients and water. Therefore, it will quickly prevent the development of stretch marks. Besides, the use of cream and tissue oils, such as bio-oil, increases the elasticity of your skin. You should ensure you regularly massage the area with oil twice every day from the first trimester all through the last day of the third trimester. Since it will hydrate your skin, you will be less likely to get stretch marks.

10. Start treatment early

Early treatment may block genetics from getting in the way between you and flawless skin. Once you spot red marks or purple on your skin it’s time to work on them fast. Use either tissue oils or natural oils to massage the area. It will nourish and promote faster healing of the skin.

11. Go for a shapewear

The pregnancy shape wears extra support to your bump. It is comfortable and provides an extra effort to prevent stretch marks. Also, the pregnancy tights can offer that additional support you need without affecting your baby’s growth or restricting blood flow. Besides, they help in keeping back pain at bay. However, ensure you choose the right size to ensure its neither too tight nor too loose.

12. Wear a post-delivery corset

If you’ve delivered through C-section, then you will agree that healing took a bit longer than a mother who gave birth naturally. The post-surgery corsets can come in handy when it comes to facilitating a faster healing process. Besides, it provides extra support to your belly, which is very necessary when it comes to helping your body go back to its pre-pregnancy state. It also minimizes the pain that comes with the Cesarian.

13. Avoid steroid creams

Steroid creams promise so much in healing and eliminating stretch marks. However, it tends to wear out the skin’s collagen tissue. Any slight stretching of the skin results in tearing of the skin, hence, stretch marks. So stay away from anti-itch containing cortisone or steroid creams. If you get rashes or eczema, consult your doctor and get to know the best nonsteroidal cream.

14. Wear sunscreen

UV rays usually harm the skin’s collagen and elastin tissues. The rays increase the chances of stretch marks to form. Also, you should avoid direct sunlight by seeking shade and wearing sunscreen daily. Ensure that you reapply sunscreen every two hours of sun exposure.

15. Avoid smoking

Smoking affects the circulation of oxygen to the skin. The skin will not get a sufficient amount of oxygen; it requires repairing and staying healthy. It also releases toxins in the skin, which results in the breakdown of elastin and collagen fibers.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital to ensure you possess a radiant and stretch-mark-free skin throughout your pregnancy. You should also take external measures to assist your skin in supporting the bump so that it’s not overburdened. Every occurrence has a reverse. However, when it comes to stretch marks, delays give room for them to be permanent. Don’t wait until delivery; work on them immediately they appear.

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