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Polygel Nail Kit Reviews

polygel nail kit reviews
Today, we share with you an article with polygel nail kit reviews. Read and learn which are the best ones and their pros and cons.

Beauty Products

When it comes to women, beauty and fashion have always been on the top of the list. There is no end to the line-up of beauty products in the market today. Women have a choice of the best treatments, makeup, and beauty-enhancing products for almost every part of their body. They are not just products from head to toe but also from hair to nails. Such diversity is the collection that it can be mind-boggling for men. The diversity is apparent even within the product line. Today we share with you the PolyGel Nail Kit Reviews.

Polygel Nail Kit Reviews beauty products
Photo by BENCE BOROS on Unsplash

What are Poly Gels?

Poly Gels are the new trend in nail fashion. In the earlier times, women used to tend to their nails and spend months taking care of them so that they could grow into well-maintained and exquisitely manicured pieces of art.

When it comes to women’s beauty, nails are undoubtedly one of the most attractive features if done well. With the advent of new products, nail extensions became the new norm. Acrylic nails entered the market, which was nail extensions whereby acrylic liquid and a powder are mixed to form the solution. This is applied on top of the nail to form the nail extension.

Polygel Nail Kit Reviews - nail polish
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Artificial Nails

For those that come in late, artificial nails are extremely popular in the last few years. Still, they have also become commonplace because of the benefits it offers over traditional nails. Also, due to the marketing and promotion by influencers like Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid, they are quite a fashion with very trendy designs and patterns. So it’s not just a trend anymore with modern society, and women overall have truly embraced this fashion.

Acrylic nails offer the benefit of lasting a long time of around four weeks with good care and also come in different lengths. The downside of using Acrylic nails is that their removal can take up a lot of time and effort. With the use of prolonged usage of acetone in the removal process, the nail can become weak, dry, and brittle. Gel nails are another option whereby they are a polish instead of an extension like acrylic nails.

nail gel
Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Poly Gel Nail Extensions

This is where the Poly Gel nail extensions entered the market. It essentially is a beautiful combination of acrylic and gel nails and can be better termed as a nail enhancement. They are not harmful and last a remarkably long time. No, we are not saying you want the nail extensions to last 2-6 months, which no woman wants.

Usually, women change nail extensions every few weeks, and something that easy to install and lasts 3-4 weeks is quite doable as an effective nail product. Polygel is applied over natural nails in the form of an overlay. Then, using ultraviolet light, it is cured for a few moments so that it can firm up and retain its delicate shape.

Compared to older traditional methods, the benefits it offers are its exceptional lightness, a much lighter fragrance, and ease of removal process. During the removal, Poly Gel is only buffed off, which is an easy process. The older products gave off a smell not many people were comfortable with, and given the fact that typically women are very sensitive to smell, it was not a good thing to have.

Also, the use of acetone to soak and remove the Poly Gel is either not required or is minimal and depending on the condition of the extension. Avoiding soaking retains nail health thereby presenting the possibility of changing extensions frequently as well.

Poly Gel Nail Extensions
Photo by Bryony Elena on Unsplash

Poly Gel Kit

Any good brand of Poly Gel will include Poly Gel tools required in the process, and finally, the products needed to prep the nail. Given the application process’s typical ease, the user does not need any additional specialized tools apart from the UV light, which will have to be purchased separately. So, let us get to our Polygel Nail Kit Reviews.

What Makes a Good Product?

The first thing we should gave in mind is that the user is trying to do something at home, which is normally done in a salon. Also, the user will be working with their hands one at a time, which can make it difficult for some.

Imagine doing nail extensions on the one hand and then trying to do it on the other one with the extensions still in place on the first one. So the product material has to be smooth and mouldable. Unless the product is easy to work with, it’s only going to be difficult for the user. Without saying, there should be enough tools, and the tools must also be easy to use. The post-application process includes drying and finishing. A quick-dry product helps a lot in the long run and also materials that are easy to style and finish. In the end, the product has to be slightly flexible to avoid easy breakage and must be long-lasting. These are all the basic requirements we will use to compare the products in our Polygel Nail Kit Reviews.

Polygel Nail Kit Reviews

Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit 30ml, Extension Gel

This gel is a remarkable easy product for the application. It’s a great alternative to other products. Consistency of its putty makes it very mouldable, an important quality in such products. This consistency gives it a smooth texture. The application process is even faster due to its faster curing time of just 30 seconds to 60 seconds under an LED lamp. If you have an Ultraviolet lamp, the curing takes 2 minutes.

Each package contains six different gel tubes, each containing 30ml. The gel colors included in this box are clear, dark pink, skin color, natural pink, bean red, and white. It can last one month, depending on usage and care.


  • Quick Dry feature
  • 30ml in each tube is a very good amount
  • Smooth texture and easily mouldable consistency
  • Durable


  • If curing is not proper, it can bend
  • Cleaning the sticky layer
  • Need to practice it beforehand as it can be slightly tricky

Makartt P-01 Poly Nail Gel Kit Builder Gel Nail Gel

This is another smooth and mouldable product for nails. The poly gel is smooth and creamy, which helps mold it in the proper shape very quickly and effortlessly. Being a lightweight product does not feel like an additional product on your nails, leading to easy damage if not careful.

The poly gel nail kit is shipped in a package with the required tools and gels for getting beautiful nails at home. The package ships with six gels with the bright white misty rose, clear, natural pink, light pink, and dark pink colors to make your nails look trendy.

For the removal process, the user needs to file off the poly gel to get it completely removed.


  • Smooth texture and easily mouldable consistency
  • Long life
  • Very Lightweight


  • The removal process can be tedious
  • Needs careful application

Coscelia 6 Colors Poly Nail Gel

The Coscelia 6 Colors Poly Nail Gel offers a very flexible texture with a great finish. The product materials enable you to make extensions that can be shaped easily and conveniently faster. This product is good for ladies who are new to the process and makes it easier for them to get salon-style nails right at home.

In addition to being easily applicable, it is also durable and easily lasts 2-4 weeks on average. The package comes with six gel colors which are white, clear pink, clear, soft pink, nude pink, and rose pink. These colors can be considered the base, and they go with all types of fashion and accessories. With proper care, they should last 2-4 weeks easily.


  • Simple and easy for new users.
  • Very easy to apply
  • Smooth texture and easily mouldable consistency


  • Added items are not of a similar quality as the gel itself.
  • Can gel brittle overtime
  • Quantity can be increased

Fashion Zone 4 Colors Polygel Nail with lamp

For someone new to the world of Poly Gels, this is a perfect product to start with. The package contains all that you need to work with. You have all the tools necessary for all the stages, like the prep tools, the application tools, and also post-application care.

The package also ships with a curing lamp which completes the kit. This kit can also form an ideal gift for your friends or relatives who are looking for one such product or someone who has just started doing nail extensions.

The kit and the products are user-friendly and easy to apply. The kit ships with four color options.


  • Ships with all needed elements
  • UV lamp is included
  • Eco-friendly materials used
  • Durable
  • Easy application and removal


  • Longer curing time
  • Higher possibility for extension chipping
  • Only four colors compared to 6 with others

UR SUGAR 2Pcs Poly Quick Gel Nail Kit

This is very easy to apply the product, yet providing very stylish and good-looking results at home. It is an extremely good product for beginners who can practice their skills before moving on to other brands. The package contains the very basic and necessary tools required for the process. The kit includes two poly gel bottles for designing and molding the nails in any shape you want. The product is also lightweight, due to which it becomes comfortable while wearing it.

The colors shipped are basic, but you can spice things up by adding glitter, confetti, or rhinestones to add the extra spark. The extensions are strong and durable, lasting nearly a month or longer.


  • The finish has a natural look.
  • Ease of application
  • Lightweight
  • Ships with Basic Colors
  • Strong and durable


  • Only 2 gels in the package
  • Very basic beginner product
  • Needs a bit of practice to apply properly
  • The product can appear sticky when applied

Users Choice

Overall we have seen a lot of options on the list today, from the very basic to the complete kits that ship with even the UV lamps. The best poly gel kit will come with easy to work products, a great set of tools, and a wide range of trendy colors, a faster post-application process, looks great, and also affordable. It’s finally up to the user to choose the right one for them. These are certainly a great option than the acrylic nails, being lightweight and offering many other benefits already discussed. We hope this article, Polygel Nail Kit Reviews, helped you get some insight on the topic.

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