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Overnight Diapers

overnight diapers
Let's start reviewing some products and understand what makes each of them special and different from others.


Diapers are a daily necessity when it comes to everyday baby care. Changing a diaper is not the easiest of tasks as it involves a lot of care, and there is no sign when you will have to change it again. It can be a few minutes or a few hours till the next change. In this article, we will give you a review of some well-known overnight diapers, so you can choose the best ones for you.

It’s a reality that most parents have trouble adapting to for the first couple of months and then even as the baby grows. Parents may get used to the repeated process, but it’s not a fun job if you have to wake up at, like, e.g., 3 a.m. This is exactly how the concept of overnight diapers came into existence.

Photo by Jamie Coupaud on Unsplash

What Exactly are Overnight Diapers?

Overnight Diapers are essentially the same diapers but can last up to 12 hours long and keep the baby dry. They are designed with 20-25% extra-absorbent material so that they can last longer. They are responsible for taking care of all messy leaks and blowouts that can happen multiple times through the night.

Thereby protecting the baby, keeping the baby dry and safe through the night, but are they really necessary? It all depends on the baby.

Some babies have a shorter blowout cycle and need frequent diaper changes, while others can get through the night on the regular diapers without any issues. So it’s the baby who will eventually decide the need for one. You will have to just wait and watch. Over some time, babies will grow and start needing overnight ones, and you will also prefer them for the convenience they offer to a parent as well.

The very small babes won’t need overnight diapers right away. The need usually sets in around 5-6 months, a time when the babies start taking solids in their diet. This increased amount of food will eventually show up as frequent blowouts through the day and night. Unless the baby has a well-timed eating and sleeping cycle, it will be hard to predict when it will happen next. Also, since the overnight diapers last longer and need to be changed only if it needs cleaning, they can justify their use despite the additional costs. More often than not, parents will choose the overnight ones for comfort and convenience.

Product Reviews

Let’s start reviewing some products and understand what makes each of them special and different from others.

Pampers Swaddlers Overnights

Pampers is a huge brand by now, and the word diaper has become synonymous with Pampers. They have continuously evolved their product line over the years to ensure the best products are available to their customers every time. This product sports a wetness indicator which is a line on the diaper that turns blue when the diaper is wet and is filling up. It’s such an easy and functional way to understand when the diaper needs to be changed.

Parents are going to love this diaper and babies too. One more reason they are a hot favorite among parents is because of their ultra-soft fabric, which is very comfortable for the child. The Swaddler Overnights come in various sizes to fit your child. It retails at $29 for 58 diapers and is not bad for what it offers.

Overall these are the best diapers for the features, the comfort, and the price. Let’s move on to the next one.

Photo credit: Pampers

The Honest Company Club Box Overnight Baby Diapers

The best feature about this diaper is that it is a plant-based product. These diapers are sustainably made from a naturally-derived product. They are soft, comfortable, super absorbent, and feature advanced nighttime leak protection. Despite being slim, due to the bio-based core raw materials, they have 20% more absorbing capability than regular diapers. They retail at $26 for 60 diapers.

They are extremely lightweight, which is one of its best features. Let’s continue to the next one in the series.

Photo credit: Amazon

Seventh Generation Baby Free & Clear Overnight Diapers

This company is famous for its unique manufacturing process where they utilize completely natural recycled raw materials. These natural materials are plant-based and also bio-degradable. This is an added plus for parents who are concerned about reducing the wastage on the planet today.

A simple and straightforward product that does exactly what it is intended to do without any fragrances, lotions, or chlorine bleaching. Also, providing extra leak protection while keeping the baby completely safe and away from harmful chemicals. They retail at $48 for 96 diapers.

They are the most responsibly produced diapers in the entire line-up.

Photo credit: Amazon

Huggies OverNites Diapers

Huggies, like Pampers, need no introduction or a big review. They have been in the market for a long time due to their quality, comfort, and practicality of the products. Their products have seen the test of time, with millions of babies having used them and generations of families being their brand fans. The diapers do exactly what they are supposed to and include the double leak guard, which ensures the baby is not wet with up to 12 hours of wetness protection. They retail at $34 for 56 diapers.

These are meant for smaller babies and are very good.

Photo credit: Amazon

Hello Bello Nighttime Diapers

These diapers are fun-looking and also chemical-free products. This is another product that eco-friendly parents will love. The diapers are manufactured using plant-derived materials. They are hypoallergenic and ensure your baby stays dry all night due to their super-absorbent core and its super-secure fit. Despite being a 100% plant-based product, they still have nice cotton feel to them.

The difference between this and others is that they are beautifully patterned and so do not look like the usual dull diapers we see every day. They retail at $24 for 68 diapers.

Photo credit: Amazon

Luvs Triple Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers

It’s 2021, and a baby can be expensive for some parents. We have seen a lot of products, and compared to single-use diapers, Overnight diapers can seem expensive in the long run. This is an affordable brand of overnight diapers that do not compromise on quality. They boast of a special “Nightlock” technology that keeps the baby dry and also prevents any leakages. Since 12 hours in an overnight diaper can be a long period for the diaper grip to come loose and start leaking, this product comes with refastenable stretch tabs. These tabs ensure the diaper does not come loose even after many hours. They are amazingly affordable at just $20 for 116 diapers.

Photo credit: Amazon

Sposie Booster Pads Diaper Doubler Pads

As the name suggests, these are not diapers. These are typically add-on pads that can fit inside the regular diaper. Let’s see how they work. These are slim pads that fit inside your baby’s regular diaper. They can work with any diaper brand and help increase absorbency by eight fluid ounces. That’s a deal-breaker as you can now use any of your regular diaper brands with these pads. They are easy to carry on a journey as well, and parents are saved the trouble of carrying different diapers. They retail at $35 for 90 diapers.

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Photo credit: Amazon

GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear

These come in the potty training pants category. When the child grows and has to be potty trained over some time, these pants come hands for girls as well as boys and keep them completely safe and 40% drier. This is a completely different product but comes at an essential stage during child growth. They retail at $28 for 44 training pants.

Photo credit: Amazon

Your Choice

We have seen a lot of diaper brands in this article. They would have given you a good idea of the products available in the market and their benefits. Each of these diapers are good in their own way, but the parent’s needs can differ, and so also the baby’s requirements can change as they grow. It is also possible that you will buy a combination of 2-3 brands to take advantage of various features that suit your child.

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