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Mattress for Toddlers

Mattress for toddlers: How to know which one is the best?

One of the questions we ask ourselves the most when buying a mattress for our toddlers is knowing which one is the best. We will show the keys to identify them and acquire them with certainty. 

mattress for toddlers

What is the best mattress for toddlers? @Pinterest

From crib to bed: A moment of decision

When a baby arrives in our family, joy overflows in our hearts. We dedicate ourselves to welcome the baby with affection and to prepare his room with the most beautiful and appropriate things. We think of everything: the color of the walls, the decorations, crib, and mattress. Everything. We pay attention to every detail.  

When our baby is finally born, we spend the best moments by his side. Time goes by fast, and very soon, we find ourselves redecorating his room, as he has already grown up. We suddenly realize that it’s time to change the decor, as our baby has grown into a twelve-month-old or more. So it’s our turn to make the big change in his room. Our baby moves up a level: from the crib to his bed because he is already a little boy. 

And that’s where we ask ourselves questions about the criteria for selecting the best types of mattresses we can buy to give him what he needs.

The questions around redecorating his room remain the same. What color will we use, what curtains are appropriate to consider the light coming in, and his tastes? What things will go out of the room, and what will stay. At this point, we must address one of the most important points: the mattress. This issue is crucial because it is about our child’s comfort and safety. 

We will show what we need to know about selecting the best mattress for our toddler in the following lines. 

Which mattress does our child need?

When we look at buying a mattress for our children, the first question that pops into our mind is: What does my child need? And this is an important issue because it is about rest. As we know, restful sleep is important for a person’s health. If our child has a good mattress, he will be able to replenish his energy through a rest that offers comfort and allows him to wake up in a good mood, without pain, and with joy. So it’s necessary to be clear about the criteria that will help you select the best mattress for your child. 

Criteria for selecting a good mattress for our toddler

Choosing the best mattress for our young children is a task that deserves much attention on our part. We must also have information about what characterizes a good mattress. That is why we offer you the criteria to make the best choice.  

The principle that should guide our choice is our young child’s health. Their physical, cognitive, and emotional development depends greatly on proper rest. 

To select the best mattress for our children, it is necessary to determine their sleeping needs. The truth is that there are many types, but in our selection, we must consider:

1) Correct firmness and posture

The mattress we select must be firm enough to ensure that our child’s posture is correct. His back must be straight, and you should avoid very soft mattresses that don’t offer our child the comfort and care of his spine. This firmness can be found in mattresses with a foam core and a viscoelastic layer. These avoid pressure points and adapt better to our child’s body. We also recommend mattresses with firm foam cores. Although the latter are usually warmer and less breathable than the former.

2) Comfort

The one we select must provide comfort to our children without losing the requirement of firmness. For this reason, we must resort to adaptable padding, offering a firm and softcore, which favors the rest of the little ones and avoids pressure points. 

3) Freshness 

We should always opt for a cool mattress. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to resort to a mattress with viscoelastic padding, which has a breathable foam core. This type of mattress is ideal in those cases in which our child presents excessive sweating.

4) Anti-mite and anti-bacteria mattress

The mattress we select must guarantee hygiene because there is nothing more important than our children’s health. Therefore, one of the mandatory conditions for acquiring a mattress for our small children is anti-mite and anti-bacterial treatment. The mattress’s core must be closed to avoid the accumulation of mites inside. This situation is to buy a mattress with a foam core, viscoelastic padding. The mattress must have guaranteed disinfection treatment of its fabrics.

We must also consider what type of mattress is the most suitable for our child, and choose the one that suits his morphology and habits. Our toddler (1 to 3 years old) requires a firm mattress that allows him to rest and is easy to clean.

At this point, we have to think about and decide on the core and the mattress padding. Several options stand out here: 


Spring mattresses offer our child greater firmness. We should look for padding that provides comfort and softness. It is all about firmness and comfort. If our child has a small constitution, perhaps this mattress is not the best option. 


These latex mattresses are the ones that offer greater firmness and are designed to adapt to the needs of our children. They guarantee the right posture for your child’s back. If there is something we must take care of at this age, it is the spine. These mattresses have the characteristic of retaining body heat. That is why they are not the most recommended if our child feels hot frequently and if he sweats easily. 


The manufacture of this type of mattress offers us a greater possibility of adaptation and comfort. If we are going to opt for one of these, we must focus our attention on the fact that they have a high degree of firmness; in this way, we guarantee our child’s rest.  

HR Foam 

This type of mattress has the characteristic of offering a lower degree of firmness and durability. If our child’s constitution is large, then a foam mattress is not the best option for his bed. For smaller children, it is ideal and offers firmness, comfort, and softness like the other mattresses mentioned. 

The best mattress and the age of our child

In addition to all the elements presented, when buying a mattress for our young child, it is necessary to take into consideration his physical constitution and age. For our young child, the mattress should offer firmness and comfort. It should not exert too much pressure on any part of his body. It is equally important that the mattresses are made of hygienic and breathable materials. 

What mattress options do we have on the market for our toddler?

There are plenty of mattresses for toddlers. Here we show you some of them:

Graco, Premium foam mattress for crib and toddler bed

This mattress is ideal for cribs and beds. It is made of foam construction. It is a really new and interesting mattress because it comes compressed in a small, light, and easy-to-carry box. Once we take the mattress out of its box, the expansion process begins. It takes 48 hours for the mattress to expand to its full size. Its lining is water-resistant; it is antistatic and antimicrobial. In addition, it has the property of being free of phthalates and lead. Therefore, it is non-flammable. All this provides safety for our child. It has 6 years warranty. 

You can click here to find more information:

Dream On Me, Juniper 150 Ultra Coil Indoor Spring Standard Crib & Toddler Bed

This mattress offers comfort and supports our children’s needs, and it has an insulating layer and hypoallergenic foam. Its envelope protects the polyurethane foam on each side that provides our child with a plush sleeping surface. It is designed to offer comfort to our child. There is a waterproof cover and a ventilation system that offers a cool space. It has the quality of being easy to clean, so we only need soap and water for washing. This mattress is durable and doesn’t deform. It has 10 years warranty. Its purchase is really attractive. 

This link is waiting for you:

What should any mother be clear about the best mattress her toddler needs?

Firmness, since our child is in a growth stage and therefore requires resting surfaces. Mattresses must be breathable; this avoids humidity, which attracts bacteria, dust mites, and allergies, among other problems. They must be resistant and durable. Otherwise, we will have to regularly invest money to buy a new one. 

Now you know how to identify the best mattress for your toddler. We hope you buy the right one!

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