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iConsumer is a company that brings back power to the consumer. When you make an online purchase to one of iConsumer's 2400 retailers, you get a cashback.

iConsumer is a company that brings back power to the consumer. When you make an online purchase to one of iConsumer’s 2400 retailers, you get a cashback. Each dollar earned in the cashback also earns you a dollar in the iConsumer company shares and earns a startup without spending an extra cent.

Rob Grosshandler is the founder of iConsumer. An idea forged when he was conversing with his daughter. This idea came as a thought of how he can make his daughter’s and other millennials live better by giving power back to them as consumers.

If you would like to know how you can get a piece from iConsumer, read along and learn what you need to do.

women shopping

Women shopping

How is Grosshandler giving away the company?

As mentioned, iConsumer is a company that primarily deals with giving power back to the consumer. This is achieved when a consumer makes an online purchase with any of the 2400 retailer partners of this company. Once you make a purchase, you gain a cashback and subsequently a share of the iConsumer company. When you have a share of something, you have a unit of ownership of the commodity or, for this sake, company.

The more shares you have, the more stock you have in this company and, consequently, more company ownership. The founder and co-founder of this company wish to give away 200 million worth of iConsumer shares to consumers. That means that consumers will have ownership of half of the company.

According to Grosshandler, since consumers are working to build iConsumer, they should have a share of the company.

How do the shares work?

Before the company started giving away the shares to consumers, people earned the shares when purchasing stuff online from their retailers. However, anyone could not use these shares because the company was not qualified by the SEC (U.S Security and exchange commission).

Now that the company is licensed by the SEC, the company is selling shares to consumers.

iConsumer will serve you if:

  • If you want to earn shares in a startup company – when shopping online with iConsumer, you not only get coupons, cashback, and deals, you also get shares of iConsumer company. The company looks to become more prominent in the near future, giving more hopes to the current shareholders.
  • You love saving money while shopping – since online shopping has become a more preferred option to most people in the recent past, it is also wise to save more during online shopping. The iConsumer company allows you to save more when you shop with them online.
  • If you do lots of online shopping – if you find yourself shopping more online, then you need to sign up to iConsumer for their benefits with online shopping.
online shopping

Online shopping

Different ways you could earn with iConsumer

Shopping is the main form of earning using this platform. You can use the platform to shop online and earn coupons, cashback, and deals. So one way you could earn using iConsumer is through online shopping with them.

Another way of earning is with referrals. When you refer your friends or family to iConsumer, you can easily earn up to $10 or up to 250 shares. You can refer people to the platform using your social media platforms and, after that, earn money or earn shares using referrals. You will also have a personal referral code that you can send to your friends or family and earn money or shares.

Additionally, you can earn coupons with the iConsumer platform. You don’t have to do much; you will only use the platform to shop online, and during check out, the company will send you coupons that will save you more money. Alternatively, you could search for coupons on the iConsumer website by going to coupons on the navigation bar. If you frequently use the platform, you can discover more ways to earn using the platform.

iConsumer Features

There is a large crowd of cashback sites like iConsumer that anyone can choose. However, iConsumer is unique, and below are some features that make it unique.

The stock

The stock is one of their best features. The iConsumer stock is precisely that; the shares of the company’s stock. Every time you earn a qualified cashback, you will get a cashback and a stock in addition. The company’s stock price ranges from $0.10 to $0.20 for every share. However, sometimes there are hikes, and the prices go up to $0.40 and up to $1. If you want to find the iConsumer stock, you can Google RWRDP. The RWRDP is iConsumer’s stock symbol. This is also what you would search for if you wanted to trade it in the OTC.

iConsumer button

This is a browser extension that notifies you of available coupons or cashback when you shop online. This button will also highlight websites that have available cashback when you are shopping online. For instance, if you want to buy a smartphone, you will Google the smartphone you need. If a site offers a cashback on the item through iConsumer, you will notice a small iConsumer icon next to the search result.

The iConsumer app

This platform has an app for both Android and ios smartphones, and now you can shop as you go. The app will make it easy for you to earn more shares. The app, however, does not allow you to earn a cashback, but this shows that the company made an effort to make it easier for users to use their services.

Shareholder academy

The shareholder academy is a school for new investors to learn more about investing. The iConsumer company has set up a website to help their investors. Remember, when you shop with iConsumer, you earn cash back and earn a company’s share. Earning their shares automatically makes you an investor. The academy is for people who know nothing or little about investing, and the website teaches on investing.

Top deals

This feature can be found when you click top deals on the main navigation on the website. You can view all of the ongoing cashback and coupons, and trending deals from the page. The deals will be applied automatically on your purchase if you are using the iConsumer button feature. If not, you will have to go through the website to access them

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