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How to Use Hot Air Rollers

How to Use Hot Air Rollers

When it comes to getting salon-quality curls and voluptuous volume, nothing’s hotter in the hairstyling world than hot air rollers. Thanks to new technology, the classic hair rollers have been taken to another level. Today’s hot air rollers create long-lasting, beautiful curls that are unrivaled. 

We’ve put together this step-by-step guide that will surely teach you how to set your hair with hot rollers. When you follow these instructions, you’ll get long-lasting curls and amazing volume. Let’s get rolling, shall we?

Step 1: Prep Your Hair for Hot Air Rollers 

You should make sure your hair is dry before you begin to roll. Plug in your hot roller set to heat up the rollers. Follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding heating time. While you’re waiting for the rollers to get hot, apply a thin layer of mousse to your hair and comb it through your strands.  Alternatively, you can prep your hair with a fine mist of setting spray. 

Step 2: Section Off Your Hair and Get Rolling 

Starting on one side of your head, separate a section of hair in the area you want to curl. Take a roller out of the heating unit with one hand. Place the roller near your scalp, under the section of hair you’re holding with your other hand. Next, wind the section of hair around the roller. If your roller set came with clips, fasten a clip onto the wound up roller to secure it in place. 

Continue sectioning your hair on that side of your head and rolling it until you’ve rolled up all the hair you want to curl. Then repeat the entire process of sectioning and rolling your hair on the other side of your head. When it comes time to do the hair in front, pull it forward over your forehead to get the most volume out of your curls. The section off and roll this area of your hair in the same way you did the sides. 

Step 3: Let the Rollers Cool Then Unroll Them 

Once all your hair is rolled, you can spend the next twenty minutes doing whatever you want. When twenty minutes have passed, you can start unrolling your hair one section at a time, starting at the back of your head and moving forward. 

Step 4: Run Your Fingers Through Your Hair

When you’ve removed all the rollers, run your fingers through your hair from the scalp down to the ends to loosen the curls. Even if you’re tempted to brush your hair, don’t do it! Brushing will kill the volume and make your curls limp. Now all that’s left to do is spritz on a light layer of hair spray to maintain your bouncy curls all day!

Helpful Hints

In order to get the results you want, you have to use the right set of hot air rollers. Today’s hot roller sets come with modern technology built right in. For example, ceramic flocked rollers provide even heat transfer. These rollers heat up quickly and are ready to use in about 2 minutes.

If you want to create tight curls, look for a hot roller set that comes with small rollers. If you’re out to get big curls, choose a set that comes with large, jumbo-sized rollers.

Some hot air roller sets come with varying roller sizes for more styling versatility. Just remember that large rollers are for big, wavy curls. The smaller rollers are for making tighter, twisty curls.

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