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How To Trim Eyebrows

How To Trim Eyebrows
Trimming your eyebrows is an easy task, but it can be a challenge if it's your first time. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to trim eyebrows.

Trimming your eyebrows can be a challenge if it’s your first time. Most people fear bruising their skin or pricking the eye with the sharp tool, in addition to finding it intimidating and time-consuming. However, having overgrown hair may not be the best alternative. Luckily, trimming your eyebrows is an easy task, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to spend your hard-earned bucks in a beauty parlor. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to trim eyebrows.

Have The Tools Ready

The first thing is to have the tools ready to prevent a return trip to the stores. Like any other beauty project, the choice of tools determines the outcome. Fortunately, you can get an all-inclusive kit with everything that you need. Here is what you’ll need:

  • A pair of small scissors with curved edges and a sharp tip for accurate trimming.
  • Spoolie brush, we suggest soft or gentle bristles for brushing through the tiny hairs
  • A pair of tweezers.
  • A refillable blow pencil
  • Styling gel
  • Normal mirror

If you don’t have a spoolie brush, you can use a mustache comb to separate tiny hairs. Likewise, a fine toothbrush is also a good and cheap option that delivers well-manicured hairs. Further, nail scissors work well since they are tiny. But, with time, we recommend using brow scissors as they are more accurate.

Hold The Hair Back

Before you decide to trim your eyebrows, it’s essential to study the structure of your face and the shape of your brows.

It’s vital to have an unobstructed view by getting rid of any obstacles. One way is to hold your hair backward, as this will let you see the eyebrows without being barred. When the view is clear, you’ll avoid over-trimming the eyebrows.

Fill Your Brows With Blow Pencil

The advantage of a blow pencil is that it delivers magic to your eyebrows. We recommend using a pencil to fill your brows, depending on how you’d want them to be before trimming. It helps in creating a clear pattern that minimizes over-trimming them.

You can start with light strokes by shading the skin below the brows. Use the anti-direction mode so that you can access all the hair. The best brow pencil is easy to use and should deliver a soft or natural powder.

Brush Or Comb Your Hairs Upwards

After applying the pencil, the next step is to brush the brows upwards. However, first, decide on which hairs you need to trim. You can use a spoolie brush or a mascara wand. Then, brush off all the hairs, including the tails upwards. By combing the hair, you can tell which hairs are longer and hence need to be trimmed.

Start Trimming The Hair

Now that you have brushed the hairs upwards, you can begin to trim them. Using a pair of brow scissors, start by cutting the long hairs sticking out above the brow line. Then trim the bending or curling hair. 

Stagger the hairs to deliver a natural appeal. Pay key attention to prevent trimming the hairs too short. Over trimming can expose the gaps in your brows. In addition, avoid trimming all the hairs at once, but start with the long hairs before proceeding to the curly ones.

Assess The Trim Eyebrows And Decide

After the first run-through, inspect whether the results are satisfactory. Move away from the mirror and evaluate whether you like what you see.

Trim Again, Or Tweeze

If the hairs are still long or uneven, you can repeat the above step. Start by examining the brushed hairs and target those that are longer or fall above the eyebrows. Continue until the hairs properly align with their natural order. 

For more stray hairs, it’s essential to tweeze them, especially if they fall below the brow shape. Tweezing along the upper part of the brow requires much attention, as there may be several stray hairs.

We recommend an ordinary mirror when tweezing the stray hairs. A magnifying mirror creates the wrong impression, and you may remove a lot of hairs. Also, use natural lighting to prevent over-tweezing.

Lastly, brush the hair upwards, then downwards so that you can expose any stray hair and ensure you have a well-balanced hairline.

Style with a Gel

After you’re satisfied with the length of the brows, now you can style for an elegant finish. We recommend a styling gel since it ensures the eyebrows are in place. 

Use the spoolie or toothbrush to whisk the hairs upwards and downwards. When shopping for stylish gel, look for a flake-free gel with solid gripping qualities.

Quick Notes 

  • Trimming the eyebrows is necessary as it delivers a polished appeal that keeps them neat. Whether you want to tweeze them at home or a beauty parlor, an occasional cut can prevent dense and stray hairs from sticking out in different directions.
  • Some people only trim their eyebrows when planning to attend an event or occasion. However, it’s necessary to trim your eyebrows regularly, at least weekly, for a well-groomed appearance. If you have tiny hairs, you can space the trimming periods.
  • Trimming the eyebrows is not a reserve for women only, and men can have their eyebrows clipped. You can note a big change when you have regularly groomed eyebrows.
  • Don’t trim the eyebrows with a bear or electric trimmers. Also, refrain from using large scissors as they hinder easy maneuvers.
  • When brushing the eyebrows, follow their natural patterns and start by trimming long hairs. Only cut few hairs at a time while leaving out unclear areas.


Trimming your eyebrows is a vital grooming session for men and women. It’s not similar to pulling or plucking the hairs, but it’s downsizing and reshaping the brows for an elegant appearance. Although the process may seem tedious, a well-maintained eyebrow helps you achieve a flattering look. As you can see, trimming your eyebrows is a simple task that won’t take much of your time. To conclude, it’s essential to have an all-inclusive trimming kit for a regular process.

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