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Gender Reveal On A Budget Party Ideas To Try

We love Gender reveal parties. Keep your gender reveal party fun and intimate. Learn how to throw a gender reveal party on a budget.

How To Throw A Gender Reveal Party On A Budget
We love Gender reveal parties. Keep your gender reveal party fun and intimate. Learn how to throw a gender reveal party on a budget.

We love gender reveal parties. Keep your gender reveal party fun and intimate. Learn how to throw a gender reveal party on a budget.

The pregnancy journey is filled with so many magical moments. The moment you find out the gender of your sweet bundle of joy is one of them. We think it should be celebrated.

Gender reveal parties are a trend we are currently loving. It has become a norm among expecting parents to gather their friends and family together to announce the sex of their unborn baby. Usually, they are held during the second trimester of the pregnancy around 16-20 weeks when an ultrasound can determine the baby’s sex.

Parents of the unborn baby should be the hosts for this party because that is the first official celebration of the pregnancy.

Some reasons why you should have a gender reveal are:

  • It’s a reason to celebrate. You are pregnant, and your baby is growing and developing correctly.
  • It’s another way to bring your friends and families together and bond.
  • Celebrating your baby will put you in a better mood and get rid of pregnancy blues.

Since the advent of social media, people have found loads of creative and expensive ways to announce the gender of their little bun. Expecting parents have gone as far as using Formula1 racing cars for their gender reveals.

 Budget-friendly gender reveal party

As cool as that might sound, we would not advise you to spend a fortune or go over-the-top for a gender reveal. You have a baby on the way, and we all know babies are not the cheapest to care for. Also, people are not obliged to bring a gift to your gender reveal party but only for your baby shower.

Therefore, it’s better to save money for other essential expenses like diapers and strollers. Keep your gender reveal fun, intimate, yet a straightforward affair and it will not burn a hole in your pocket. Here are some ideas for a budget gender reveal party.

How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party on a Budget

Invites and Guestlists

The more people at a party, the more expensive it gets. Keep your guest list small, only involving close friends and immediate family members. A smaller party will save you some money.

You can also save some money on invitation cards and send e-invites instead. E-vites are an excellent platform for this. It has numerous designs, you can create your own template, and it is easy to use. Punchbowl and Paperless bowl are also e-invite options you can explore. You can even create a Facebook event and save yourself the bother of exploring other options.

Their gender reveals invite templates are sure to make your friends go awwww while ensuring that your party is of a budget.

Party Location

Explore nature and host your gender reveal party in your yard or your garden. That way, you’re saving money on the cost of a venue and overpriced refreshments.

If you live in an apartment or your home does not have a yard, ask one of your close friends or family with a yard to host the gender reveal. As long as you don’t burden them with other responsibilities, we are sure they will be happy to.

Having an outdoor gender reveal also saves money on decorations as nature is enough to decorate your party with minor additions.

Budget-friendly party supplies

We will go out on a limb and say that you’ll probably never use those party decorations again, so why buy expensive ones? The dollar store or dollar aisle is overflowing with cute yet affordable decorations for all kinds of parties, and a gender reveal is not an exception. Party props, decorations, and even reveal items are available at a dollar or sometimes less if you are lucky.

Amazon also has some gender reveal packages, which consist of everything you need for your party. From helium balloons to the confetti, banners, photo props, and cake toppers.


Every penny-pinching mama knows that DIY is always a lifesaver when with limited budget. With DIYs, the options are limitless. You can make a DIY invite, decorations, or even bake the party cake yourself. If you are feeling extra crafty, you can take on the reveal announcement and do it yourself. Pinterest is an excellent place to find lots of inspiration.

Whatever style your gender reveal announcement is, there are lots of great ways you can do it yourself to make it much more special. Something about DIY decorations adds an extra layer of personality. That being said, you are expecting, and you should take it easy. You cannot do everything yourself. Just do the simple and easy ones because every dollar saved matters.

Check out “20 Gifts for Crafters that will Bring DIY Fun to the Holiday” for fun ideas to create for your gender reveal party.

Everybody pitch in!

One of the perks of being pregnant is to be able to get away with lots of things.

You are pregnant, everyone is probably doting on you, and they will probably do anything you ask. So why don’t you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and invite your closest friends and family to help with the budget. Give each person their task. Assign someone to be in charge of the decoration, someone in charge of food, and someone else for the reveal proper.

People who love you will not mind. Not only does this keep the party on a budget, but it also gets a lot of planning stress off your back. Just be sure that the people you gave assignments are reliable.

Another way your friends and family can pitch in if you theme the reveal a potluck and everybody has to bring a meal. More food options, less money spent. This is a win-win.

The reveal

The essential part of every gender reveal party like the name implies is the actual reveal. Refuse to be pressured by the outrageous and ridiculously expensive celebrity gender reveals. You can spend less money  for the budget and still be excited about your reveal method.

Budget-Friendly Gender Reveal Methods

Gender reveal box.

This is a fun but easy DIY project. You can get an old box from storage, paint it, or put some wrapping papers around it and fill it with balloons that represent your baby’s gender. Once you open the box, the balloons will float out of the box, thus revealing your baby’s gender. YouTube is crawling with tutorials and ideas for the perfect gender reveal box.

Gender reveal piñata

You can buy one from a party shop and hand them the ultrasound envelope, or you can make one at home by yourself from a Japanese paper lantern. There are cheap options on Etsy, Walmart, Target, or your local party store. Just be careful while whacking that piñata and watch your belly.

Gender reveal softballs.

If you and your spouse are baseball fans, this is a cool option. Head outside with your friends and family and get your spouse to hit that ball and reveal the gender.
We advise that you double-check to make sure the powder in the softball you buy is non-toxic and 100% safe.

The balls are priced as low as $10 on Etsy, and if you’re a baseball fan, you already have a bat at home, so you save yourself the cost of getting a new bat.

Gender reveal balloon confetti

If you eventually opt for the Amazon bundle we suggested above, you give a trusted friend the ultrasound envelope and assign her the responsibility of filling up the balloon with either pink or blue confetti (also available in the Amazon bundle). So that once you pop that balloon, the confetti pops, and you know your unborn infant’s gender.

Gender reveal cake

Go the old fashioned way and announce with a cake. A gender reveal cake is the most cost-effective option. You get an affordable baker around you and give the baker the ultrasound envelope. Most bakeries already even offer the service and know exactly what to do.

You can opt for cupcakes instead of the regular cake and announce the gender as your guests take a bite in the yummy goodness. Cakes are just perfect because who doesn’t want an excuse to eat cake.

Enjoy planning your gender reveal even though you are on a budget. Remember that the most important thing on that day is making merry when you find out the news of your beautiful baby’s gender.

If you eventually decide to go simpler on your gender reveal, remember that announcing on social media is still an option. You can announce on social media on Facebook or Instagram live and save yourself the responsibility of party planning.

Thank you for reading! Be sure to share your gender reveal moments with us on our social media. Join the conversation and check out more content from strong mothers to keep you interested like “What is a Minimalist Mom & Should You Become One?“.

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