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How to Shop Online for FREE Hacks You Need To Know!

Does shopping online for free seem too good to be true? It might at first, but the truth is tons of savvy shoppers have learned how to shop online without spending a single cent. Its fun, frugal, and you should also know that it is totally legal! Want to know more? Take a peek below at some helpful tips on how to shop online for free!

1. Find sites that offer referral rewards.

So many sites these days don’t just want your business; they want your friend’s business too! The first step in shopping online for free is to search for and find companies that offer referral rewards. These rewards will act as your currency, spend just like real money, and are your ticket to shopping online for free. A few sites that offer referral rewards include Zulily, and One Kings Lane. Just check the upper corner of the webpage where most referral offers are mentioned. Here are others that you can get started with now:

Amazon Mom: sign up and get a free $10 credit for everyone that you refer and makes a purchase! (get a FREE 30 trial when you sign up)

ThredUp (like new clothing for women and children — Get free $10 credit when you sign up!) 


One Kings Lane (get $15 credit when you sign up!) 


Hautelook (owned by Nordstrom) $5 when you refer a friend, just pull the personalized code and pass it out to your friends (if you want $5–use my code: JXKA1808)

Jetsetter— get $25 for every friend that purchases

Love with Food–get $5 for every friend that gets a box (Use my link and get your first box FREE!)

So what is a referral reward? A referral reward is a spending credit you get for referring a new customer! The shop actually pays you with credit as a way of saying thanks so you can return and shop on them.

2. Find your referral code.

Once you search and find out if the shop has a referral program, you will need your referral code. This is often found on your account information page. Your code will either be numbers that the shopper will need to enter at checkout, or, it will be an actual link that gets traced and credited to you. Once you have this code, you want to start passing it out.

3.  Distribute your referral code.

Once you have your code, tell friends about a recent purchase or something you have your eye on. Share your code so they can check the item out as well. You can share your referral code on your social media pages as well to get some great exposure to it, pass it out to friends and family, or even add it to your blog if you have one. The point is to have people purchase items using your code, which then nets you a nice credit.

4. Be patient.

You will typically be notified by email if someone makes a purchase using your referral. However, your credits are usually not credited until the item ships. This can take several weeks. Be patient and keep an eye on your account so you can see when you credits are added. For the amount you get varies from shop to shop, but you can get anywhere from $10-$30 in credit per purchase!

5. Save those credits then SPEND them!

Continue to encourage others to use your referral links and watch those credits add up. They can be used just like cash and typically, they can be applied towards the shipping as well.  When you are ready to shop, just fill your cart as normal and the amount will be deducted at checkout. So easy!

Are you ready to shop online for free? Give these tips a try and you too can shop without spending a dime!

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