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How to Save Money on Movies for Movie Night

How to Save Money on Movies for Movie Night
Do you love watching movies? I guess you do. It can sound costly to your budget if you are a frequent visitor to movie nights. Being in such a trap can be frustrating at some point. Don’t worry! There are a few steps you can take to save money on movies for a movie night so that you don’t have to skip that latest flick.

Due to tight personal budgets, developing a plan to save some cash will magically prevent any temptations of over-spending. As a movie lover, curiosity will drive you to have a catch of every new movie that crops up. Yes, it is possible to cut costs and operate comfortably within your limits without landing into debts.

A survey done by Statista Company in the U. S on June 2019 revealed that at least 14% of adults love movies. Furthermore, the same percentage visit movie theaters once or many times monthly.

There are several tips you can implement as a movie-lover for you to maximize your budget and attend the sessions comfortably. Your aim is to reduce the costs and stay updated with any latest movie. Let me walk you through the whole process.

1. Remain at Home

One of the apparent options to help you save money on movie night is staying at home. That should prompt you to seek an alternative. How? Look for another movie on Amazon Prime or Netflix.

You also have another option of renting on a Google Play or iTunes. As you implement this tip, you will find yourself saving a lot of money rather than heading straight to the movie nights

These movies cost less on these platforms when compared to acquiring a single movie ticket while at the theater. Another option is renting a movie at Redbox, which is also slightly cheaper. As you implement such a strategy over several months, you will save a lot.

2. Have Your Meals Before or After

If you have a movie date at night, you can choose to save your money by eating before or after the movie. Do you know that meals are costly at those theaters that serve food?

Develop a strategy of preparing your food at home and take it before you go to watch your favorite movies at the theater. Alternatively, take a snack, save the money and later, have your meals in your house afterward.

3. Avoid Attending Special Versions 

Movie night theaters have expensive versions such as IMAX or 3D. One of the most straightforward measures to save is by going for regular sessions only since they have reasonable prices.

Some movies will equally give you a great experience even if they don’t exist in the 3D version. Overall, all you want is to remain entertained and save on your cash for other budgetary use.

4. Paying at the Box

Every time you pay for a movie ticket at the theater, you will always get the card at a lower price. When you go for a preorder for convenience purposes, you will encounter extra charges.

It can work well if you avoid online sites. They offer additional cost on these tickets and, therefore, get them directly at the theater venue.

You can only acquire an online ticket if you have a plan to watch a movie on opening night. Yes, such extreme cases can also save yourself from that headache and prompt you to dig a little deeper occasionally.

5. Use a Monthly Pass

If you are a frequent movie-goer, try a Monthly Pass. The monthly subscription will allow you to save while watching a single movie daily. You will have to use a smartphone app to manage all the movie aspects.

The subscriptions will vary depending on the category. There is an allowance to only watch for a few days within a month, or you may join an annual contract.

Not all theaters on your locality may allow a monthly Pass. The research will put you ahead of facts. Before you sign up for any monthly deal with your convenient theater, make sure it works for you best.

6. Go for Special Nights that Offer Discount

Some theaters occasionally offer discounts on a special night on a particular week. Most of these special nights appear on weekends. For students, some theaters will offer half price on several occasions. Find out to make sure you take advantage of these offers and save other money for other uses.

There are also special offers that benefit seniors at a discounted rate. The discovery of what is available at the nearby theater will help you understand their discounts and reduce the cost of the whole exercise.

7. Use Gift Cards Discounts

Some theaters offer a discount on gift cards as you purchase them in bulk. For instance, you may buy gift cards worth $50 and receive one $5 gift card. The arrangement translates to a 10% discount.

While looking for cheap gift cards, go for local warehouse clubs. You will buy gift cards for specific spaces like theaters and restaurants at a discounted rate. Mostly, the discount will range between 5% to 15 %.

As you purchase the gift card, it is reasonable to determine if it works for your local theater. Some cards may work for the theaters that are many miles away. Besides, visit also sites that sell gift cards for specific theaters.

8. Use Theater’s App

Download specific apps for theaters. Different theaters will occasionally offer a discount through their apps for particular weeks. You will receive reminders on the upcoming discounts, which also reward loyal club members at discounted rates.

Here is the secret: You also have the option of following their social media accounts and grab their discounts as they alert their audience. Most importantly, having an app is the most accessible avenue to receive a discount from a particular theater.

9. Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs

When you join the loyalty program, you may receive tickets at a discounted rate. Various theaters have different rates as they reward their loyal customers. It is your responsibility to find out which loyalty program from a particular theater favors your schedule and saving goals.

Meanwhile, some theaters may reward their loyal clients 10 points on each ticket. Other rewards manifest in several items like T-shirts and exclusive digital downloads.

10. Credit Card Perks

As you use your credit cards, you earn some points. It is necessary if you find out the number of points your credit card has and determine if they can purchase the movie ticket.

When you have enough points to buy a ticket, you will save the rest of the money for the next movie without affecting your budget. Remember, it is advisable to look for any potential within and maximize it to reduce costs and effortlessly acquire a particular service.

11. Buy in Bulk

Some theaters will offer you a special discount when you buy in bulk for groups, companies or even individuals. While you were purchasing several tickets, it implies that you want to fill several seats it the theater.

Some offers will give out a good percentage to groups of 20 people or more. A good strategy is reserving cheap seats for a large group that wants to see a particular movie at the same time.

12. Use a Late–Run Theater

Here, the process is simple. You don’t have to watch the movies immediately they appear in the market. You can go to a theater that shows them after a couple of weeks since their release at a reduced rate.

This strategy is like killing two birds with a single stone. Firstly, you save money, plus, it may be an unusual way of re-watching a flick you had admired in the first-run theater.

Bottom Line

The prices of watching particular movies are on a constant increase. That alone can have some devastating effects on your bank account if you are an ardent movie lover. The above tips will assist you in reducing costs on your movie program and save your money for other obligations.

When you plan well, you stand a chance of avoiding extravagance and landing into unnecessary debts. Follow the above strategies and enjoy a peace of mind. Happy watching!

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