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How to Make Six Figures on a blog (Making Money Online)

Do you love following blogs and reading blogs? If so, you may enjoy blogging yourself. Blogging can be a fun and creative outlet, and a great way to share your ideas and expertise with the world. Even better, blogging can bring you in income as well.

I get this question a lot. How do you make money blogging? So, I decided to give you a little insight on how it works for me 🙂

Five years ago– I quit my full-time job. I quit because due to my husband’s demanding job and having three kids under 6– I needed to stay home and take care of them. I started looking into ways to stretch our budget and one day decided to google “Frugal Living” I came across a website that was all about couponing and getting things for really cheap and free. I followed this blog and started implementing these frugal tips into my life– and started saving a TON of money! I was so elated with how well I was doing, I decided to start my own blog. It was about saving money in Southern California.  

Let me begin by saying this– I started my blog simply to pass time in my days as a stay-at-home mom and share all the great ways couponing was blessing my life. I DID NOT start it as a source of income… I didn’t even have a clue that a blog had money earning potential. I actually blogged for about a full year before I learned that this blog could make money. 🙂 On top of that, once I started trying to make money… it took about 6 months of working for free (yep!) for me to make ANY money.

If you want to make money blogging– you will work for free. While this is mostly in the beginning it will happen. blogging is NOT easy. It takes time, patience and a load of work. The fact that you are reading this article means–you are already ahead of the game. You know that making money IS possible as a blogger (unlike me, where I learned a full year after the fact! 😉

How to Make Six Figures on a Blog:

If you are ready to start making money as a blogger; take these important tips into consideration:

1. Be passionate

I can’t express this enough– write about what you love and do it well. I absolutely LOVE helping people save money in all areas of life. I’ve decided that this is my calling. Whether it be about retirement, saving money with a budget or couponing– I want to help others be smarter with their money. You need to love what you blog about–if not, you will fail. If you are simply starting a blog to make money.. you will also likely fail.

2. Buy a domain

You can’t have a blog without letting people know where to find you! I highly suggest that you have a self-hosted blog. This means you have a .com or .net at the end of your web address (example: NOT and NOT  If you are serious about blogging– you will get more people to find you by doing this.

When I first started my website- I started with Bluehost. They offer great low prices and right now you can get your own domain for $3.95 a month with this link.

3. Build your audience

Before you can begin to make a dime blogging, you need to build your audience and expand your reach. Build your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers. The more people you are capable of reaching, the more brands will want to work with you to promote their products. Keep your social media pages active, interesting, and updated so you are always gaining new followers.

4. Write sponsored posts

Sign up with companies like Izea who will pair you with companies willing to pay you for promoting them. When you write sponsored posts, you earn money for promoting a particular company. This may be a health, beauty, or even clothing company. For your post, you write something engaging that will encourage readers to try the product or service. The company then pays you for your efforts.

5. Sell ad space

Depending on your blog niche, you can sell ad space to companies who want to reach your readers. The traffic your blog brings in will affect the price of your ad space, so keep that in mind. Most blogs sell ad space in 1, 3, 6-month increments, but how you wish to ration out your ad space is up to you!

6. Host affiliate ads

Sign up with companies like Share a Sale or Adsense to place ads on your website. You can earn a commission on the sales your blog generates as well as from the traffic it generates. That is the number of people who see/click on these ads. You can also add your affiliate links into posts in order to drive more traffic to the sites and equal more sales.

7. Become an Amazon affiliate

When you become an Amazon affiliate you can share links to your favorite finds, and earn a commission each time a reader buys something. The more you have affiliate referrals, the higher your commission can become. This is an easy way to get great products into the hands of your readers while earning cash at the same time.

8. Review products

While product reviews don’t always equal cash, they do equal free products. Pitch companies that you believe in and ask them if they are willing to send you a product in exchange for a review. You can still score some pricey products this way and may even be able to post a giveaway on your blog!

9. Keep it clean

Be careful about what you write and share on your blog. A G to PG rating is typically advised. Brands like to work with blogs that are family-friendly, well written, and visually appealing. Keep your blog clean and organized, continue to build your following, and brands are sure to come knocking!

10. Trial and error

Quite Honestly, all of the tips I’ve given you here may or may not work for you. It will take a trial and error period where you figure out what works for you. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t make money right away– this is NOT the easy way to make money. There will be days that you work for free and days you feel that no one is reading your blog (that DOES happen) but the point of it all is to keep sharing your love for what you are writing about and people will read. 🙂

If you are ready to start monetizing your blog, give these tips a try. They are sure to help you earn six figures income for all of your hard work!

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  1. Him and Her L

    June 19, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    Wow! I actually just emailed you about this exact topic Friday! Thank you so much for posting these amazing tips!

  2. Jen

    August 17, 2016 at 12:30 am

    What about becoming an affiliate for other websites as well, say like Target?

    • Josie

      August 18, 2016 at 5:10 pm

      you could do that too 🙂

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