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Garden Plant Recommendations For Busy Stay at Home Moms

What should a busy stay at home mother get if she wants lively plants at home? Read these garden plant recommendations for your lovely home!

Garden Plant Recommendations For Busy Stay at Home Moms
What should a busy stay at home mother get if she wants lively plants at home? Read these garden plant recommendations for your lovely home!

It is hard to keep succulents alive in your place while also caring for children and doing household chores. What should a busy stay at home mother get if she wants lively plants at home? Read these garden plant recommendations as plants are essential for the typical perfect home.

Not to mention, they have a ton of health benefits and can keep your air clean. These are essential for a household that has children in it.

Aloe Vera

Judging by the number of things Aloe Vera is good for you would think that it’s a high-maintenance plant. But it’s really not. This is a typical simple plant that you simply need to water every couple of days and keep in a slightly sunny area. She doesn’t need any more care than that.

But it has so many uses. It’s good for your skin, hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. You can also use it on infections or healing wounds. And all you need to do is cut down a leaf from the plant and squeeze out the goo. Then it’s ready to be used.

The best part is that it might look rugged and sharp, but it isn’t at all. The leaves are mostly soft, so if you have little children then they won’t be able to hurt themselves.

Although, the latex part can cause severe health issues if ingested in large amounts, so don’t leave kids unattended. Aloe vera is usually edible, but only if prepared right. Some toxins of the plant can be fatal if you eat too much of it.

Check out more on the Aloe Vera and its benefits in “How the Aloe Vera Succulent can Help with Eczema“.

Garden Plant Recommendations For Busy Stay at Home Moms
Aloe Vera Succulent @nunagarden

Bamboo Palm

If you want to have something eccentric but low maintenance then here is your one. Bamboo generally doesn’t need much care, especially this kind. They are able to survive in heavily shaded areas, but unless you place it in your basement it is going to thrive. Also, you only need to water it about once a week. “Learn how to water your succulents correctly in “When You Should Water Your Succulents“.

They grow quite quickly though, so you might want to prepare yourself for some cutting down eventually. They can get out of control very fast.

But they have a bright shade of green. They are sure to brighten your whole house, especially because they aren’t an everyday plant. The vibe they give off is pretty uncommon as well, but they are generally nice to look at.

Regarding your kids… This is the best choice if they keep destroying plants around the house. The sturdy roots and build of bamboo will make it impossible for your children to fight and they won’t be able to harm it one bit. It also contains 0 toxins, so even if your kids mess with the leaves they won’t be harmed.

Garden Plant Recommendations For Busy Stay at Home Moms
Bamboo palm @houseplant_foyager

Gerbera Daisy

This little flower isn’t that low maintenance, but it doesn’t take much to keep it alive. It can survive in shaded areas but prefers the sun a lot more. So if you want its color to be stronger then you nowhere to put it. But it needs to be watered every single day and it can really suffer if you miss a day.

The best part of this plant is the color. It’s a bright red usually that pops out in most homes. But you can find it in a bunch of other colors if you prefer something else. Everyone can find something that complements their home with this flower.

It also purifies the air you breathe. For those who love gardening, this is actually one of the most recommended plants. It keeps the air clean and free of dust and a ton of other things. Simply said: it is great for the environment.

They aren’t very durable around little children though, as this plant is quite weak, so you need to keep them on shelves or on window sills. But that can easily be done, as this flower doesn’t really grow and stays at a relatively small size.

Garden Plant Recommendations For Busy Stay at Home Moms
Gerbera Daisy @paulapoutanen

String of Buttons

This plant isn’t as interesting as most others on this list. But it is easy to care for and can make a decent part of your decoration. You need to keep it in a pretty shaded area, as it can easily dry out. In the afternoons it needs complete shade because that’s the most critical part of the day and the sun rays can severely damage the plant. Besides that, you only need to keep the soil moist. See what the best soil is for your succulents in “Best Soil for Succulents“.

The String of Buttons succulent looks really great by itself. The stems look like flowers made from leaves and if you add a couple of rocks to the pot then it looks amazing. Put it in a white pot, just for the aesthetics. But really, if you are all about the looks and none of the use then this plant is perfect for you.

Garden Plant Recommendations For Busy Stay at Home Moms
String of buttons @alizonrainforest

Monkey Tail

These are fun little things to have around the house, especially because of their lack of neediness. The only thing you should give them is a lot of sun and water every 10-14 days. Although, make sure you don’t overwater it because all the leaves store water and the plant can quickly rot out. Many people fail their first attempt at growing monkey tail because they don’t know this.

Besides that, they look insanely good. They are a bright green color all over and tend to grow pretty big. They can reach up to 4 feet long after 6 years. And the best part is that they don’t look anything like you would expect them to. It has long trailing stems that are ridden with the juicy leaves, which make a braided pattern. If you want to then you can lead stems like that thorough your house, which will make for an outstanding look.

Check out more options in trailing succulents for your garden in “The 11 Best Trailing Succulents“.

Garden Plant Recommendations For Busy Stay at Home Moms
Monkey Tail @westcoastbarb

If you have a green thumb then it isn’t likely that you will have a problem with any plant, but if you are a beginner or struggle with plants then these are perfect. You can keep them in basically any part of the house and you don’t need to watch the watering schedule too closely.

Do you have any more garden plant recommendations? Tell us down in the comments below! Also, be sure to check out “Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom With These Hobbies” and see how you can make money from hobbies like gardening!

Thank you for reading!

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