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Facts About Homeschooling & Should You Consider It

Homeschooling can be a daunting task yet rewarding. However, unpreparedness and lack of consistency can be detrimental to your child’s education. Read on!

Facts About Homeschooling Should You Consider it
Homeschooling can be a daunting task yet rewarding. However, unpreparedness and lack of consistency can be detrimental to your child’s education. Read on!

You probably think of homeschooling as a school with no classrooms. Well, you are right. But other vital facts make it different from other schooling systems. It is an entirely different activity compared with schools. Here, your child’s education is your full responsibility.

Centuries ago, homeschooling was a popular measure in the suburbs. Today, Its popularity is growing all over the world. How can you be sure it’s a path you would like your child’s life to take? Nobody can answer that directly for you. Besides, one man’s meat is another’s poison. This necessitates that you learn all the facts about it and make a decision. Below is an in-depth evaluation of homeschooling that will equip you in your decision making.

Crucial Homeschooling Facts

1. Curriculum

It’s not a must that you follow the same curriculum and textbooks as those used in public schools. Instead, most parents choose to use activities to teach their children. The kid might discover their talents in the process. Besides, it is enjoyable for the child, and because they learn more when the fun is involved, the child might end up performing better. Also, kids end up enjoying their study time.

2. Parental participation

You will be teaching your kids, and their entire education to that level is your responsibility. Thus, you will have to gather the latest data about a child’s education and teaching methods. Besides, most homeschooling parents discover they learn and get better support by interacting with other homeschooling parents. Can it work if I have a full-time job? You can find time to prepare assignments that your kid can handle alone. Later, when you are free, you can go through the work together. The best part about homeschooling is that it’s a 24/7 thing. Not that your kid will learn through-out the day and night. It means you can spare study time for any time.

3. Most teachers practice homeschool

Homeschooling kids are popular among educators. Well, you can’t blame them as they enjoy the advantage of having a full understanding of the education system. Also, they apply their skills and experience to better their kid’s education. They act as mentors in the homeschooling environment, and you can always learn something from them.

4. Inconclusive studies

While there are numerous facts surrounding homeschooling, research regarding its efficiency is still unsettled. Some people believe that homeschooled children perform better than average on standardized tests. Some believe that homeschooling kids come from religious families only. Statistics are inconclusive. Therefore, there is a need for in-depth research to clarify if homeschooling is suitable for your kids or not.

5. Graduating

Most people assume that homeschoolers do not require a high school diploma to join colleges. However, colleges treat homeschooled students the same as others from other education systems. Your child will fill a particular form where they will evaluate varied backgrounds.

6. Statistics

Although there is a need for more studies, there are some homeschooling details and statistics you should know.

  • In 2016, the number of homeschooled students was about 2.3 million
  • Homeschooling parents come from different ethnic groups. Also, parents have varying income levels.
  • Most people associate efforts to homeschool with poverty.
  • A high rate of parents homeschooling their kids does not have a diploma.
  • Most states have no data regarding the accountability of homeschooling.

7. Reasons for homeschooling

Parents choose to homeschool for varied reasons. The most common reasons influencing homeschooling are religion, the environment at public schools, and the particular needs of the kid in academics. You may have a different idea. You can discuss with your family and decide on whether homeschooling is the best step.

8. Academic performance

Research shows that the score of homeschooling kids ranges between the 15th -30th percentile when they do a standardized test. On the other hand, an average of the public school score lies in the 15th percentile. Besides, there is a math problem for homeschooled students. Thus, the number of homeschooled students pursuing STEM fields is meager.

9. Socialization

There are still opportunities you can take up to ensure you meet your child’s socialization needs when home schooling. Participation in extracurricular activities such as volunteering and sports will make their college application appealing. Besides, the exposure helps your kids in psychological, emotional, and social development. People observe that homeschooled children enjoy politics more than children from public schools. However, there’s a need for extensive research to make it conclusive.

10. Success after school

Although there’s a need for more research, so far, most homes schooled grownups to show the highest community service participation. Most show great meeting participation by voting and regularly attending them. Also, homeschooled students go and complete college at an equal and higher proportion than other students from public and private schools.

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Why People Opt For Homeschooling

1. Integrated and consistent learning

A homeschool parent management of your child’s education will be in your hands for an extended period. It is different from the experience in school where different teachers teach different subjects at distinct levels. The consistency gained in homeschooling will ensure that each lesson gets handled to fit the child’s needs. You can always use prior experience to benefit future learning problems. As a parent intimately close with your child, you have better knowledge and background, which will help in shaping your child’s future in education.

2. It is flexible

It pretty a headache to have to prepare kids every morning and still meet personal schedules. However, with homeschooling, you get to choose study time, break time, and when to go for a holiday. Thus, the children could end up with more field trips to museums and other educational sceneries. Besides, you can choose a destination that suits the current topic.

Also, the attention span of each kid varies. Thus, the lessons don’t have to be as long as those in school. You can adjust to your kid’s needs. You can tailor the teachings such that you concentrate on topics your child needs you to explain further and skip those clearly understood.

3. It addresses special needs

Kids with special needs get treated as inadequate they get that label too in the school system. Your kid will also suffer a lot of prejudice, which can be detrimental to their performance. Homeschooling such a kid allows you to handle them, putting their needs first. Thus, better performance in education.

4. Fosters independence

Studies show that homeschoolers grow into independent adults. They get a different life and learning approach from kids in school. Your kids will probably grow without the unconscious need to be in line with the crowd. Thus, they are very independent and seek unique solutions to problems.

5. Productive grownups

Studies show that in a group of 7,300, 5,000 were homeschool kids for over seven years. The number also represents people who were socially active in the community. Thus, despite staying home most of their lives with family, they show better interaction skills in the community. It is because homeschoolers are active in community participation from a tender age. Your kid will develop valuable life skills with people despite their background and age. Also, a large percentage of this number went on to pursue higher education.

6. Promotes parental bond

For parents with kids in school, they minimally bond when helping the child do their homework. When the child has no homework, the parent will be busy trying to clear up their commitments and schedules. However, with homeschooling, you have to set up a time to help your child with studies. As you handle tasks and teach them, the bond grows stronger. Besides, another most significant advantage of homeschooling is plenty of family time.

7. No homework

Most of the tasks given in school are just ways to ensure students are busy. In homeschooling, studies are one on one. Thus, your child gets more exposure and direct learning. You, therefore, do not have to ever deal with impossible and lengthy homework.

8. Social

Most people look at it as a negative since the child does not get to interact with their peers often. However, homeschooling allows your kids to choose friends better. Besides, your child will have a lot of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. While at piano lessons, swimming, or sports, your child will get to interact with other kids.

9. Emotional freedom

The school promotes the need to fit in. Your kids will face the need to follow the crowd. They may fall into the peer pressure of drug abuse and bullying. However, when you homeschool, your child will not face such temptations. Thus, they grow into emotionally mature grownups. Besides, the child will take up your behavior and not copy some weird behavior from school.

10. Better performance in tests

Studies show that homeschooled children perform way better at standardized tests. Students homeschooled all through to high school are major beneficiaries. A survey on SAT shows that homeschoolers scored an average of 67 more than the national average from other education systems.

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Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Despite numerous advantages associated with homeschooling your child, it also has several drawbacks. The obstacles can make the process a headache.

1. Cost

You need to prepare lessons, plan, and go for field trips and organize extracurricular activities. Thus, for homeschooling to be a success, one parent must leave his work to stay home. It can be draining to the family as only one parent is the breadwinner. Besides, it brings added costs to it. For instance, you will have to buy the curriculum, pay for the field trip, and learning materials.

2. Criticism

Homeschooling is yet to get embraced by the entire society. Thus, you will face negative comments all over. It is tiring to have to keep repeating your reason over and over. Besides, most kids attend schools; thus, your kid may feel out of place for sometime before they adjust. You, therefore, need to do thorough research and get to know the pros and cons of homeschooling. That way, you will be able to rebuff on negative comments and also convince your child on why it’s beneficial.

3. Worry

As a parent, you worry most of the time about your child’s well being. Homeschooling triples the concern as your child’s education and future are all in your hands. You will always worry whether you are on the right track or not.

4. Limits participation in extracurricular

Although you will try your best to ensure your homeschooled kids don’t feel out of place. You can’t deny that they will never experience some school’s most prominent events such as prom and inter school games competition.

5. Time

Your child will need your guidance as a teacher and will also need some parent-child time. Thus, you will have to dedicate most of the time with them. Besides, your child may resent the fact that it has to be with you throughout the day.

6. Poor preparedness

Most colleges have equal provisions for both homeschooled kids and those that attended public schools. Your child may eventually secure a college opportunity to grow their career. But how will they manage to live with other students? How do they handle living away from home? It will be a considerable change. The teaching methods are also very different from what they are familiar with. Making such adjustments can be an enormous problem for the parent.

7. Narrow focus

You can either get a curriculum from the local school district for homeschooling or use and already adopted curriculum. Whichever curriculum you will go for, if only one parent will be teaching your kids, then they are bound to be biased. Thus, you will be focus narrow. Besides, your child will get confused when they get to college, and every lecturer provides a different opinion.

8. Limited opportunity

At school, counselors try so hard to ensure deserving students get scholarships. Also, they provide crucial information on how students can secure college funds. As a homeschooling parent, you may not be aware of the opportunity or the sources. Besides, the school will know better career advice and help than you do.

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The facts, benefits, and disadvantages of homeschooling are so many. However, the above information will equip you with all you need to know before you decide on whether to homeschool or not. Homeschooling can be a daunting task yet rewarding. However, unpreparedness and lack of consistency can be detrimental to your child’s education. 

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