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7 DIY Plant Containers For Planting Flowers

Upcycling and repurposing is all of the rage these days as we try to find new ways to use old things. Most recently with the season change, this idea of turning old into new has made its way into our yards and gardens. Gone are traditional terracotta pots and ceramic planters.

Now, people are finding all sorts of unique and creative planting containers to display their flowers and plants. Not only is this concept cute and eye appealing, but it is a great way to keep an unused item from the landfill and instead give it new life in your garden. If you have some spots in your yard or patio still needing a pop of color and character, take a look at these 7 DIY plant containers planting flowers.

1. Plant in an old watering can.

As shown, you can see how cute an old watering can looks bursting with fresh flowers. Just fill with a little gravel for good drainage, add soil, and plant away. Depending on the size of the can, you may want to try just a few plants at a time to avoid overcrowding.

2. What about an old boot?

Take a colorful old rain boot and either drill a hole in the bottom for drainage or add gravel. Add your soil next then start planting. You can hang your boot planters from a fence or prop them on a patio for super charm!

3. Give vintage kitchen canisters a go.

Vintage sugar and flour canisters are everywhere and they are perfect for planting. Drill a hole in them as well or add gravel for drainage. You can add all sorts of flowers and line them up on a patio or display them even in your kitchen.

4. What about an old wash tub?

A metal tub makes an excellent planter and even a great spot for a container garden if you wish. Look for old wash tubs, basins, or bathtubs at garage sales or even in your own garage and start planting. Because of their depth why not try veggies?

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5. Try A whimsical wheel barrow.

Prop a wheel barrow out in your yard and fill it with a burst of color. Layer gravel and soil and plant a variety of plants that will climb and trail over the sides. This will surely get the attention of people as they pass by.

6. Give tea cups a try.

Find an old cup and saucer and using epoxy glue them together. You can then glue the set to a dowel rod or leave as is. Plant a single plant in it and be sure to check often for any water that may need to be drained. These little planters are so sweet and also make great shower centerpieces.

7. What about old instruments?

Old musical instruments that have seen better days are perfect for planting. What could be cooler than a propped up guitar in the yard overflowing with flowers? Or what about a neat old French horn with plants shooting out of it? Take a rusty trusty old musical instrument and see what you can plant.

 See how many fun options you have when planting your flowers?! Forget the traditional pot and planter and instead give one of these fun and fresh options a try.

Your neighbors are sure to take notice and you are sure to have a charming yard you can enjoy and be proud of!

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