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Delivery App Jobs

Delivery App Jobs
A delivery app is a mobile app that allows people to order food and groceries with their devices. We made a list of apps that you can use to make some cash.

Five Delivery App Jobs

Even before COVID, delivery services had ceased to be the preserve of UPS, Amazon, and the rest of the big boys. The faster pace of life, the need for convenience, and the increased localization of services had conspired to spawn many service providers in the sector. 

There is also an exponential increase in demand for these services as people avoid going out to keep safe during the pandemic.

Entrepreneurs involved in this business no longer invest in fleets as it was before. The prevailing business model connects people who need services to those offering them through an app.

This is where you come in. 

When you get a delivery job through any of these apps, you are categorized as an independent contractor (category 1099). Requirements for these positions are easy to achieve. You need to have an insured car, a driving license, and, of course, time to do the work. 

Some apps have additional requirements such as a certain level of driving experience, the car to be of a certain age, etc. 

Some knowledge of the city is helpful, but lack of it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. You can use navigation apps as the cities are well mapped online today, and, of course, your knowledge of the city will increase on the job. 

There are many advantages to these jobs, including that you can easily do them as a second job. You can drop the parcels on your way to work and back and so on according to terms’ flexibility.

The following are some apps you can use to make a few extra bucks. We shall help you identify them and give you a little information on the requirements and rewards.

uber eats delivery app

Uber Eats delivery app

Door Dash 

Door Dash launched this app in 2013, and it has grown its customer base to about 75 million Americans. Initially, the app specialized in food delivery, but it is now branching out to convenience store products, drug stores, and other essential deliveries in some cities. 

Door dash drivers are known as ‘Dashers.’ If you become a dasher, the app will allow you to schedule your hours in advance. This is a good feature as it gives you the flexibility to plan your time. The following are some of the requirements you need to meet to work here. 

– You must be at least eighteen 

– Have a car and a valid driving license; you can use a bike or a scooter in some cities.

– You must have insured your

People offering delivery services usually depend on tips to increase their earnings. Door Dash tries to encourage tipping by having a default 15% tipping amount. They also pay extra when you deliver during peak hours, ensuring you don’t suffer losses due to extra expenses in time and gas. 


This app delivers almost everything – dry cleaning, food, alcohol, and other stuff. The beauty of Postmates is its reach; it is available in over four hundred cities in all fifty states. The app is known as ‘Postmates – Fleet.’ Downloading it is the first step towards working with them delivery work. 

The following are the basic requirements for you to start working. 

– You must be over eighteen 

– Have a valid driving license

– Have an insured car or motorbike 

– Be ready for a background check 

This service is stringent on time. It promises to deliver to customers within an hour, and they will stop giving you jobs if you are in the habit of getting late. 

Your pay when working for Postmates depends on many factors. 

– The base pay per order is $1.35

– Waiting fee of $0.10 for every minute, and 

– $1.03 per mile of the distance covered. 

You get to keep 80% of the fee, which the company deposits into your bank account every week. Postmates encourages its customers to tip at least 5%, but the decision is, of course, up to the customer. 

Amazon Flex 

This is one of the latest innovations by Amazon. It is one of the best paying apps as it guarantees you $18 to $25 per day, depending on location. In this app, you commit to working in ‘blocks’ of four hours every time you sign-up. They have packages known as Prime Now which allow you to commit for shorter periods. 

Amazon allows you to keep 100% of the tips above your earning but most people only tip for food and glossaries delivery – prioritize these if it is up to you. 

The following are the basic requirements for you to work here.

– Be at least twenty-one

– A reliable car and at least four doors or SUV FOR prime deliveries 

– A valid driver’s license 

– A smartphone and a data plan

– Be willing to go through background checks. You must pass.

Amazon Flex pays twice a week, which enhances your cash flow.

Shipt Shopper 

You can make up to $22 per hour with this app. It is in every state except West Virginia and Alaska. Shipt Shopper is delivery app that makes it easier for you to deliver fast by giving you store recommendations depending on customer locations. The app allows you to accept more deliveries at once. You can therefore pick several orders and map out your routes for maximum earnings. 

This app pays every Friday. 

The following are the requirements.

– You must be at least eighteen 

– Have a vehicle manufactured in 1997 or later 

– An iOS or Android smartphone 

– Ability to lift at least 40 pounds of weight 

– Insurance 

Uber Eats 

Uber Eats food ordering and delivery app that offers excellent opportunities due to its significant number of customers across the country. It is active in more than 500 cities across the United States. The average earning is between $8 and $15 per hour. Delivery attracts a flat rate and per mile and per-minute rates. Per mile and minute rates vary from city to city. Any tips you receive are entirely yours. 

The following are the requirements.

– Have attained the minimum driving age in your area of operation

– Be at least 18 if you intend to use a bike 

– Have a valid driver’s license 

– Show proof of residency 

– Have a 1999 car model or newer and a minimum of two-door

– If you are using a scooter, it should have at least a 50cc engine


As you consider these jobs, avoid deliveries that require you to wait if you can. Pay for waiting is usually very low. Choose to deliver glossaries and meals as often as you have the choice. Glossaries have no waiting time, and restaurants do their best to deliver fast. The two are also more likely to attract tips than other deliveries.  

Knowledge of store layouts helps you make purchases and deliver quickly. Besides enabling you to do more gigs, speed satisfies customers for which they may tip you and rate you highly. 


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