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Best flexible Side Hustles for Stay at Home Moms

Best Side Hustles For Stay at Home Moms
Are you a stay at home mom looking for an easy side job to earn extra income? Here's our list of the best side hustles that allow you to work from home!

Are you a stay at home mom? Are you looking for an easy side job? Earning some money from side hustles while at home looking after your kids & family is now simpler!

Thousands of stay at home moms need to earn extra coins in their pockets for different reasons. Working  on a 9-5 (8 hours) employment is not an option for some moms. There are numerous side hustles stay at home moms can engage in to earn income. The majority of these side hustles require minimal efforts, less time and are quite flexible, making them ideal for moms who want to spend time with their kids and family.

Note that the most exceptional side jobs are the ones that have flexible time – working hours. Here are some of the side hustles that can help you earn well.

1. Freelance Proofreading Online

If reading blogs and eBooks online is your hobby, then consider offering proofreading services. You will have a chance to earn up to $100 in one hour for correcting grammar errors as you read. While proofreading might not be easy as it appears, it is an excellent way for you Smart Money Moms to generate income in the comfort of your home. You can enroll in an online class to learn how to start a prosperous proofreading career.

Because of a mother’s attentiveness to details, proofreading is a perfect and high paying online work to stay at house moms!

2. Freelance Writing

Online writing is another job for stay at home moms that pays good money. Excellent writers can earn up to $0.3 for every single word they write. That means you will get earn up to $150 for a 500-word article. Establishing a solid reputation and networking will go a long way in helping you increase your income. Ensure you are active in writing Facebook post groups where you will land well-paying clients. Note that it’s not a must you have a degree, but you must be an excellent writer. Alternatively, you can take one online course that will show you various ways to earn a lot of  profits as a freelancer from the comfort of your home.

3. Working as Virtual Assistants (VA)

As a virtual assistant, you are tasked to offer various services that help business work smoothly. You can do writing, proofreading, bookkeeping, management of emails, management of social media, blogging outreach, data entry, and content research, and keyword research. A virtual assistant is a perfect work for those who love working online and assisting other people. You don’t need any qualifications to start either! Your capability to network and search for clients online will help you succeed. The majority of virtual assistants can generate up to $25 for every hour. However, the rate will increase with expertise and be able to make up to $50 every hour.

4. Own a Blog

Blogging is among the greatest side hustles for stay at home moms that pay well. It features a low overhead, and doing the work at your house is easy. While there is a learning curve that might discourage you, it is simple, and writing about the stuff you love is so satisfying and brings a sense of accomplishment once you discover you’re helping people.

The amount you will make is unlimited, as you can earn a lot of income of even $150,000 every month. If you believe that blogging is your calling, ensure you check some of the greatest guides to know how to start your blogging journey. Blogging is among the greatest online side hustles for women who dream of earning money from home.

5. Paid Surveys for Instant Cash

Even though not well paying, conducting surveys for money is a perfect side hustle for young moms who want to be at the house and look after their kids. It lets you earn a couple of bucks within a short period. For instance, you can try the Survey Junkie, which provides awesome paid surveys links to generate extra dollars. However, do not go in with expecting a high return of cash. Make sure you read online reviews about a paid survey website before you start using it.

6. Stock Trading

Stock trading can be a lucrative and thrilling side job for young moms who want to remain at home. It can also be the beginning of your virtual entrepreneurship career. However, ensure you study and know how to trade. Don’t start with huge amounts of cash. Start with trading in the stocks of business that aren’t worth much. Generally, you can purchase shares worth $1. That means you can buy thousands of shares. Since the cheap stocks are extremely volatile, you’ll make huge gains within a short time.

Trading stocks field might be risky, especially if a person doesn’t know how to trade. For this reason, take your time to learn viable strategies from professional stock traders. Most of these professionals provide unpaid online masterclasses that can assist you in learning the basics about trading. Additionally, they will send stock notifications, telling you what they want to trade, and reasons. You can earn almost $20,000 in six months of beginning to do the trading part-time. That implies that you purchase stocks and hold them for two-four days for you to benefit from the price increase.

Investing and stock trading is a rare side job for women, but a lucrative gig for moms who want to be with their kids always. However, it will take some time to get income consistently.

7. Conduct Online Classes for the English Language

The majority of individuals in the USA conduct English classes online where they teach other students from other parts of the world— how cool is that! This side gig is especially exciting to tutors who want to generate extra money. The concept of assisting people in learning English is somehow fascinating. Most Americans take this work for granted, and most of them do not realize that they have a privilege since English is their primary language.

Mostly, you need a degree in any discipline and some educating know-how to kick-start this side hustle. The leading firm that pays individuals to help other students learn English online is VIPKID. The session lasts for 30 minutes, and you generate $15-$22 for every hour. If you are not a US resident, you can register for other companies like EF Education First.

The barriers to begin this high paying gig for young moms are minimal. Many people will love to do this type of work. If you an experienced English tutor that wants to work from the comfort of your house during summer as you watch over your family, this is the greatest money-making alternative for you, girl!

8. Investing in Real Estate

This is one of the amazing money-generating alternatives for stay at home moms that have the ability to pay highly. The average profits from having a rental house are $100 for every hour spent. I bought my first home a couple of years ago, intending to lease other bedrooms. I made almost $2000 every month. Leasing some rooms in your home is an intelligent way to generate some passive income. Purchasing a rental property is more passive, and it allows you to live separately and keep privacy from your tenants. While the income margin is less, for most people is valuable than having tenants staying in your home.

Real estate is the most excellent income-generating method for young moms who are not employed. There are numerous means to generate income with it. If you can’t afford to acquire a rental property, you can get hired as a realtor and flips homes for income.

9. Writing and Selling eBooks

You can craft an eBook and sell it on an eCommerce site such as Amazon. Being an author is not a simple task, and writing the eBook is not even the hardest part. Marketing and getting good sales is the hardest phase of the whole process. Having a website, blog, or a large social media following is essential as it helps you to market your book.

Some people make a lot of money every month by selling non-fiction softcopy books. They interact with social media users in Facebook post groups that may find the knowledge useful.

10. General Transcribing

Authors, doctors, bloggers, lawyers, and doctors always need transcription services. Most people will prefer to audio record an occasion instead of writing everything. Keeping records of vital events and business meetings is crucial for numerous professions, and that has made transcription to gain tremendous popularity. Begin offering your transcription services to various companies if your typing skills are impeccable!

The majority of organizations will employ you as an independent freelancer if your skills are excellent. Hone your transcription skills by pursuing a relevant course or acquire the skills that are available on the net for free. Transcription is among the greatest side hustles for unemployed mothers since you can effortlessly get employed, and they have a low entry barrier.

11. Scoping

Maybe it’s the first time you hear about scoping like many people. Scoping entails editing an already-transcribed project. This side job attracts an hourly rate of up to $20, which is still splendid.

However, it’s a niche field, unlike other side hustles we’ve discussed in this article. For this reason, ensure you enroll in a good online class if you intend to venture into this kind of online cash-generating alternative. Scoping is a highest-paying job for young moms as you can earn over $15,000 every month.

12. Search Engine Surveyor

This is the easiest and higher-paying side gig for young mothers with no formal employment. You are needed to type into a search engine such as Google and evaluate the results. It is higher paying for the expertise and effort required. Making up to $12 every hour is good for just searching for things on the internet.

Evaluation of search engines is a mostly independent freelance position that gives you flexible working hours. That means you will get extra time to watch over your kids and work at night when they’re asleep. In some cases, companies will ask you to do a couple of easy tests before they can hire to do the work. Don’t panic— the test is rather simple.

13. Pet Sitting

Generate additional income by offering pet sitting services. If you love animals , you can do what you love while you generate extra coins. The duties entail taking a pet for a walk and feeding the pet. The majority of homeowners want assistance in looking after their pets when they are away from home, especially in the holiday season. The best thing is that you can provide these services from your own house. Most people who go to work or vacation are always worried about leaving their pets alone. You can offer pet sitting services to these homeowners.

Advertising this side hustle is easy too— Facebook messages and status, local newspaper prints, flyers, etc.

14. Consumer Testing

Consumer testing tasks entail testing apps, sites, and software to give your opinion on how it works to related individuals and companies. People that conduct the testing are paid on a flat rate for every test. You will need less than 20 minutes to test a site, and the payment is $5-$20. Once you join a testing website, it will send a notification whenever a tester is required. You must be among the first people to reply to their email and grab the offer before others can take the opportunity. The moment you test the site, offer an honest response on its usability.

15. Sell Things on eBay

Selling products that are longer in use at home on eBay is another way to make money. If you plan to list over 50 products or even 100, every month, you don’t have to open an online store, eBay should be your starting place. You will sell a variety of items but bear in mind that some things tend to sell fast than others. Check out the products that sell more and their prices to know how to price them well. kids’ clothing, toys, vintage products, cosmetics are some of the popular products.

In Conclusion

This is not an exhaustive list of all the side hustles out there, but it’s a good point to help get you started! There are numerous opportunities and jobs for stay at home moms. The first thing that you need to do if you want the best side hustle as a stay at home mom is to ask yourself what are you passionate about. You need to have an interest in the job that you are going to be involved with. From there, it will be success after success.

Thanks for reading with us today! Have any additional jobs that you think should be added to our list? Share them in the comments below.

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