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Best Second Jobs

best second jobs
The quickest way to increase your income is to get a side hustle (second job). We listed the best second jobs in our opinion to help out.

Second Job

The quickest, most painless way to increase your income is by getting a side hustle – this is probably why you are looking for a second job. That’s why we listed the best second jobs in our opinion to help out.

Having a second job has other advantages besides giving you an extra income. It helps you gain skills you can use to build your own business in future business. But how do you get a side hustle that is both lucrative and sustainable?

Before looking at specific jobs, let’s discuss some important questions to answer before deciding to look for a second job.

Can You Do the Second Job You Find?

Having two jobs can be difficult because it doesn’t just mean two paychecks. It also means that you have two sets of responsibilities to think about, two sets of bosses to report to, and so on. The job becomes even more difficult if there is a learning curve in the second job.

In light of the above, you need to carefully assess yourself and determine whether you are in a position to deliver on the job. Take stock of the number of hours you need to work on your current job and how structured they are.

If your current job requires you to make sudden appearances, then you need to think carefully about the nature of the second job you take. On the other hand, if your job requires you to work long hours, ensure you leave yourself enough time to rest as you take another job.

What is Your Current Employer’s Position?

Companies have different positions on whether and how their employees can take additional jobs. Study your employee manual to see whether you need to inform your current boss of your decision. Your employer may require you to get authorization from one of your superiors, while others might not even require you to report. Learn what you need to do and also do it.

Do You Have a Goal Beyond the Paycheck?

If you intend to establish a business, you can tailor your new job to become a strategic step in the path towards your goal. Get a job that imparts you with the necessary skills to run your intended business effectively.

Do You Need Training for the Second Job?

Find out if you need additional training for the job and what such training would take. You would then need to plan your time and resources to get the training before the job search. The following are some easy-to-find jobs that might fit the typical second job.

Options for Best Second Jobs

Delivery and Rideshare

E-commerce companies are always looking for drivers and delivery helpers to get products to their customers. This job is ideal because all you need is to have a car and know your way around town. This job is flexible because you can map out your route to match with your other errands.

There is also no exact time when the parcel must be delivered as long as it gets to the buyer within the expected period. Besides parcels, you can deliver mail and meals from restaurants.

Using your car for rideshare is another alternative. This option is available to you if you’re at least 21 and have been driving for at least one year. You need to own or rent a car with four doors and meet other company requirements and authorities.

Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

Food Photographer

E-commerce is a new frontier in the restaurant business. Customers need good photos to see what they will be getting if they order delivery. Restaurants, on the other hand, need to make a good impression with their photos.

If you have good photography skills and a professional camera, you can put yourself out there and get jobs from restaurants.

This job is a good entry point if you are planning on a future photography career. The pay is often as good as your negotiation skills, and you can work at your convenience.

Food Photographer
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Freelance Creative Writer as one of the Second Jobs Option

This job is a great opportunity for people who have a good grasp of the written word. You can pitch your ideas to companies and offer your services to them. If they like your pitch, they may give you a contract to write for them regularly.

Another way to get these writing gigs is by signing up for a good writing and submission service. Look for a writing service that allows you to write in your name, thus enhancing your profile.

Freelance Creative Writer as one of the Second Jobs Option
Photo by Damian Zaleski on Unsplash

Working in the Service Industry

The service industry is the classic home of part-time jobs. You can work as a waiter in a busy restaurant as a second job. Be intentional about choosing a busy restaurant to work in, as this is where you get good tips.

You could also work in a fast-food outlet. You would find the vast majority of your co-workers are fresh high school graduates, but the dollar is just as green there.

Bartending is yet another way of making an extra dollar. It requires you to have some knowledge of mixing cocktails. Learn the skills if you don’t have them already and before looking for a job.

Working in the Service Industry
Photo by Petr Sevcovic on Unsplash

Research Studies

Check whether there is any research going on in your city. You can find these studies through a simple google search.

The studies require focus groups, and you can apply to participate if you qualify. Some of these studies are online, while you have to attend others in person. Payment may be per hour or at a flat rate.


The world economy is moving more and more towards gigs as the primary source of employment. There are apps to help you find a part-time or second job all over the internet. Unfortunately, not all people succeed in this undertaking.

The key to success is finding a balance between your current work, the new job, and your family responsibilities.

You also need to rest and refocus as you move from one job to the other; otherwise, you will not deliver. Time for exercise, proper meals, and other aspects of life will help you do your jobs well and enhance your general wellness.

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