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Best Baby Memory Books

best baby memory books
The best baby memory books will have a great design, provide you all the features necessary to record events, and will be affordable. Read!

Best Memories

A baby is the most wonderful and redefining moment in a couple’s lifetime. The arrival of a baby changes a lot of things, especially if it’s the first baby. There are so many things changing on the personal front that it’s hard to keep track of all. Time flies by so fast that it’s almost time for the baby to be due. A lot of couples lose track during the pregnancy as they enjoy the process. But the moments may be lost if not stored in some way or the other. So, here we listed out the best baby memory books on the market.

Even after the baby is born, there are so many moments that parents would love to capture and retain forever as beautiful memories. Things like the first look, the smile, the first step, the first word, the first birthday, the first picnic, the first Xmas, etc., are all moments waiting to be captured and enjoyed for a lifetime. Time can certainly flyby during these times, and the best memory book is one that will retain all of them to be cherished years later.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

What’s the Best Baby Memory Book?

These books are essentially journals in which you record different events in a baby’s growing years. Therefore, it can be called a journal, milestone book, or just a baby memory book where you can record events. There can be different kinds and types of baby memory books. Let’s first understand what constitutes the best memory book.

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Some baby books will cover only the nine months of the pregnancy and can be termed as momma books as well. They record the baby’s journey from conception to delivery and the experiences involved. Other books will cover the baby’s journey right from birth to their growing up into toddlers and even longer. You can pick one depending on the need. Just decide the time frame you want to record the journey from.

Book Style

This can be personal depending on the parent’s tastes. They can go for different colors like Blue for a Boy and Pink for a Girl, and several more color ideas. Besides, the book will be retained for many years, and you would want it to look nice and new even 30 years down the line. Therefore choose one that appeals to you, and you are good to go.

Format and Design

Some books are designed to be blank books where you can record information and photos as and when you like and as per the parent’s tastes. Several others have all the necessary prompts for the first smile, the first laugh, the first month, the first birthday, etc., all already recorded in, and so it’s easy for parents to keep track. These placeholders for events, photos, stats, and other memories help a lot and also provide a ready design and format. However, even the most basic of baby books will always come with some form of direction so that you do not have to sit down and ideate about anything.

The Review

In all, the best memory books will have a great design, provide you all the features necessary to record events, and will be affordable. Let’s go check out and review some baby memory books.

Ronica Fist Yearbook

We live in an age where pictures and posts must be Instagram-worthy. All our social media is filled with posts and pictures designed to look great on Social Media. This book does exactly that but on paper in the form of a book. This colorful book appears like Instagram on paper.

You can record and store all the growing up stages and events in your baby’s early life in 60 pages of Instagram-friendly pages full of square photo frames. You will have monthly birthdays for the first year and all major events covered. The beautiful illustrations, superb text, instantly likable design, and archival quality of pages make it an ideal purchase and also gift-worthy. Having a hardcover lay-flat design, it retails for around $35 and is recommended for simplicity of use and a beautiful look.

Pearhead First 5 Years Chevron Baby Memory Book

Like the earlier one, this one also comes beautifully pre-formatted to include all the baby’s early life milestones and events. It includes 50 journal pages to record events and a 3″ x 3″ cover photo insert to store photos. It also features a special clean-touch ink pad where you can create the baby’s prints.

The design is really good, and the gray chevron book has enough pages to cover a lot of events like the baby’s first bath, first crawl, growth chart, baby schedule, etc. It retails for around $20 and is a really good option considering the feature to create baby prints.

Little Growers Baby Memory Book with Keepsake Box

This product is more like a kit than just a book, almost like a toy that even parents would love to indulge in. The whole packages come in the form of a box where there are earmarked spaces for storing the baby’s hospital bracelet, baby’s lock of hair, tiny booties, tooth, and other stuff. The best part about this book design is that it is gender-neutral and also open to parents filling in their family definitions. It includes Clean-Touch Ink Pad, baby monthly stickers, and places to store other keepsakes.

This is a more detailed information storehouse than a mere journal and can store a lot of mementos as well. I doubt if the book will ever let parents forget any important event in their baby’s timeline. Overall a good purchase at $35, and it is also sturdy enough to last a long time.

Pearhead First 5 Years Baby Memory Book

This book comes with 50 guided journal pages, a 4″ x 5″ cover photo insert, and ample space for photos. The book includes pages for a family tree, the story of mommy and daddy, about mommy, about daddy, mom’s pregnancy journey, doctor visits, baby shower, growth chart page, and events like these. It covers the first five years of the baby’s life and all the events therein.

The baby book comes printed in small gold and black polka dots and looks cute. Even the pages inside are gold-lined to carry the same style and design. The design is sleek, minimalistic, and modern. It’s a great no-frills design that’s available for around $20 online and can be a great gift at a baby shower too. This is a very good book for parents looking for an easy-to-use book.

As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby

This is a gender-neutral product, and the design is great. The design features beautiful calligraphy on all its pages. It also includes beautiful illustrations of plants and leaves that are hand-drawn and look natural, unique, and special.

The pages consist of acid-free archival paper, which ensures the product will last a long time. The book is quite detailed in recording events and storing keepsakes, not for people looking for simpler products. All the writing prompts are carefully designed and incorporated to reflect celebration and memories of all important events.

The book has an elegant and timeless look because of the way it is designed and also comes with an elegant linen cover. The 9.75″ x 9.75″ size offers a lot of space for storing photos. It’s very easy to write on this book because of its lay-flat design and has enough pockets to safely retain keepsakes. It retails for around $25 online and is a great buy at this price. We love the timeless feel of this book that comes with the calligraphy and the hand-drawn designs, making it feel as if you are already reading through history.

Baby First 5 Years Memory Book Journal

This book is the largest of them all and comes in a 90-page package. It ships with a simple yet elegant design and features all the important prompts for the milestones and firsts in a baby’s early life. The part that makes this book unique is that every page design includes a cute Whimsical Wonderland Character to make it even more interesting and keep you engaged throughout.

Even though it has 90 pages, every page looks new in some way or the other and does not feel monotonous. This journal has been specially designed for modern parents and modern families. Therefore it easily integrates family structures like Single Parent Mom or Dad, LGBT, Adoptive, and Family Friend. The Keepsake Envelope is sized 5.7″ x 5.7″, which is large enough to store and uses a string closure to retain all keepsakes inside safely.

You can store small items like hair locks, tooth, hospital bands, baby jewelry, and so much more. This book has everything that you will need and even more. The 90 pages cover a lot of events in the baby’s life, and there is no way you will miss out on any. This baby book retails for $30 online is certainly not bad for all the features it provides.

Place of Memories

There is surely a lot of variety and options available for parents. From the very basic books to ones that are Instagram-worthy and can be termed as information storehouses, there is a wide range for parents to indulge in.

The first couple of years of a baby’s life are full of fun moments and countless milestones. The baby book is one place that helps you keep abreast of the time, events and also note down personal thoughts and feelings along with the information. A great place for the parents as well as the child to come back and revisit those fun glorious times. It’s a sacred space and a good way to stay connected with the wonderful years that everyone enjoyed so much. I hope this article, Best Baby Memory Books, gave you enough info and choices to select the right one and the best one. Happy shopping.

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