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Be a Happier Mom With Stay at Home Mom Schedule

Being a stay at home mom can be a rewarding experience since you spend more time with your kids. Be a happier mom with this stay at home mom schedule!

Be a Happier Mom With Stay at Home Mom Schedule
Being a stay at home mom can be a rewarding experience since you spend more time with your kids. Be a happier mom with this stay at home mom schedule!

Being a stay at home mom can be a rewarding experience since you spend more time with your kids, you watch them grow every step of the way, get to control them, know what they are learning and how they are learning it. However, taking care of your children around-the-clock and managing all the other responsibilities that come along with staying at home can be overwhelming and will wear you down with time.

This may leave you feeling frustrated, depressed, and with no energy, but your children won’t stop. If you feel like chaos is ruling your household, then it is time to take a stand and get organized. Organization will help avoid the mess and put you in control.

A straightforward way to have your home organized is to implement a stay at home mom schedule. It is easy to establish and follow. Keeping a regular, stay at home mom routine will set consistent boundaries for your kids as well as provide you a healthy dose of sanity.

Things to Consider When Making a Stay at Home Mom Schedule

Write down the stay at home mom schedule

List down everything that needs to be done in a day, a week or month. Schedule everything from showering,cooking breakfast & dinner, to taking the trash outside. When you lay out your days, weeks, and months in a routine, it is easy to see how much you can accomplish and when you can get it done. Also, a written down routine helps you stay on task as well as prevent you from overbooking yourself.

Additionally, place the schedule where you can always see it. You can put it on your refrigerator or stick it on your counter. This way, it will act as a reminder throughout the day, the week and month what you need to do. You will also not find yourself stumbling through your routine or trying to remember what to do next. You can write it down with a pen or type it, just ensure its fun and simple to follow.

Group similar tasks together

One of the things that often consume all your day time is chores. Instead of spreading them out through the day or week, consider devoting a day to certain chores and errands. Like, commit thorough cleaning to two days of the week then designate one or two days of the week to focus on laundry. This way, you will be efficient at each task, feel less tired, and successfully manage time.

Write down the stay at home mom schedule

Make certain the schedule has routines that your children can enjoy

Including your kids in the daily routines will not make your work easier, but you be offering them an opportunity to learn valuable life skills like being organized and the ability to make decisions. It will also boost their self-esteem, feel the agape love, knowing that their contribution matters.

Start by listing the responsibilities you children will be handling, such as making the bed, taking breakfast, sorting laundry, packing lunch, or filling the cat’s bowl with food. Then list fun activities they can do, such as computer time, bike riding. Then allocate the time when each responsibility should be done either before school or after. But ensure all the duties are complete, before the fun activities.

In addition to the stay at home mom schedule, you can have routine cards and charts that help kids learn daily routines quickly. Put the routine cards in order for the day, so they know what the schedule looks like as well as understand what duties need to be finished before the other.

Incorporate sleep

Duties of a stay at home mom can be exhausting. To accomplish more in a day, you need to integrate a bed time for you into the schedule. For some reason, most people perceive a daytime nap as some sort of weakness, and it’s for babies only.

Stay at home moms need napping too. It will make you happier and more productive. Take a 30-minute nap every day (long naps will make you groggy). You can set it to be at the same time the kids are napping. You will be surprised how energetic and refreshing you will feel after the nap.

Additionally, encourage your toddlers to nap longer and maintain a rest time for the older children. Create effective relaxing routines by having some sections during the day where you remove distractions such as TV or the internet or things that may stimulate your mind and body. These will make everyone feel better and will result in a better home atmosphere.

Be flexible

When dealing with children, it is fine to give in to the inevitable bumps along the road. Our goal as parents, after all, is to instill values so that our kids grow into strong, responsible individuals, not necessarily that they met the routine every day.

Having a routine is good, but kids will be kids. Allow flexibility. If some nights dinner doesn’t get ready on time or nap time doesn’t go as planned, don’t be too hard on yourself or the kids. If things don’t happen as per the schedule, don’t abandon it, just adjust and keep following the routine.

Don’t give up when you fail

It takes some time to implement a stay at home mom schedule fully and maybe a little struggle at first to get things set on stone, but it is worth it in the long run. If for a couple of days you’ve not followed your stay at home mom schedule, it’s never too late to re-focus.

Re-commit yourself to your schedule, and the values which support it. After a couple of weeks, the routine will build into a habit, so that things just happen like magic. And you can use the saved time and energy on more important things like spending quality time with your family.

Bonus Tips to Be a Happier Stay-at-Home Mom

Take the kids out

Just because you are a stay-at-home-mom does not mean you and the children have to stay home at all times. Sitting around the house with your children every day can get crazy. Your kids will go insane, and your house will be in a mess.

Take your children out to places where they can interact and play with other kids, and you also get to see other parents and wind down. Since money is often a concern for single-income families, look into free options to get yourselves out, carry packed lunch. Go to a play ground near your house or a library.

Every library has events specifically designed for kids. Kids will not only enjoy the activities of the event, but they will learn different skills required at school. Look out for book stores or kids’ stores that offer storytime, music hour, or arts and crafts for free or at a discount. Shopping malls also provide free play areas that are big enough, clean, and safe for kids.

Make time for yourself each day

With all the responsibilities of a stay at home mom, it may seem impossible to pick a time for yourself each day. But “me time” is essential to your overall health and well-being. Schedule a time for yourself any time of the day that is most convenient. Don’t do any housework or attend to the kids; this time is only for you. It can be half an hour of reading a book or exercising. You can also consider blogging, which will help you get your thoughts down and express your feelings.

Alternatively, you can opt to sew, start a craft project,read a book, learn playing an instrument, photography, or painting. Find a hobby or a pastime activity that brings you joy, something you can participate in without pressure or competition, can occupy your head positively and provides you fulfilling opportunities.

Connect with other stay-at-home-moms

It’s heart-warming to be with your kids all day, but you might miss “grown-up” talks. A great way to connect with other moms who are in the same situation as you is to join stay-at-home-mom groups.

Most cities have stay-at-home-mom groups. Sometimes these are for moms only, and sometimes you can find playgroups where the children can come along. These groups can help you stop feeling isolated in your home and get you talking to new people or even form lifelong friendships.

You can also start to connect with other stay-at-home-moms on the internet by finding blogs, social media groups, and forums. Through these platforms, you can interact with like-minded individuals, share tips & advice, and ask or answer questions about motherhood.

Parenting blogs and sites are beneficial. To read the story of other moms who are brave enough to share their struggles and embarrassments can remind you that you’re not alone. These sites are also connected with different tools and products that you can use to be a happy and accomplished stay-at-home mom.

Ask for help

A typical stay at home mom does at least ten jobs in a day. She is a family housekeeper, cook for both lunch & dinner, day-care center teacher, computer operator, janitor, laundry machine operator, driver, and psychologist, among other things. With this kind of work, you need a break. Don’t be shy asking for help.

Asking for help from relatives and friends is not a sign of weakness it can help you re-energize. Help may mean someone who can clean your home, help with yard work, pick up the kids from school, or babysit. If your budget is tight, get creative, and think of ways to ask for help without spending any money.

Find some other moms that will trade you hours of babysitting (you watch their kids for one night, and you leave your children the next night) to save on the cost of a babysitter.

There is a lot of support & love out there. When a relative or friend offers to take the children out for an afternoon, accept, and then return the favor when you can.

Schedule a date with your spouse at least once a month

Keeping in touch with your relationship with your husband is so important. You need to go out and be a couple away from everyday stress and don’t talk about the kids. Go out and do something you both actually enjoy and love — fancy dinner, a concert, a play, sports, whatever you prefer.

If you are single, go on “girl’s night out” date with friends. This will boost your self-esteem and make you feel worthy as a stay at home, mom. Having an outing once a month is a great mood booster, and it will give you an excuse to dress up, makeup, and look your best.

Thank you for reading! Do you have more tips to consider when making a stay at home mom schedule? Let us know in the comments below!

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