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Bath time is one of the most dreaded parts of the day in child life, and to the parent, it can be challenging, especially if the child is fussy. Convincing the child to take birth can be made easy by spicing up the bathroom with toys. Toys are fun to the kid and give the child another playground in the tub. With many bath toys in the market, singling out the best toy for your child might be challenging. During selecting the bath toy for your kid, ensure you choose a toy your child would love and a toy that would help inspire his imagination. Other factors to consider in buying a perfect bath toy include:

  • Age of Your Baby 

Always go to an age-appropriate toy for your child. For babies up to one year, choose a toy that will engage the child’s developing senses. The toy should also be brightly colored, produce a squawking sound, or produce a particularly unique sound to raise the child’s curiosity. A baby toy in this age bracket should have a different texture and simple patterns. Babies at this age bracket tend to put everything in their mouth. Hence, avoid toys with small parts or toys with removable parts to avoid swallowing and choking.

Children start engaging their imagination at the age of 2, and the best bath toy should engage the child with pretend play. Pretend to play in children provides a good foundation for positive social interaction and emotional development. Pretend play aids the child to develop cohesive language in the child.

The toy should be easy for the child to comprehend. Always check the age recommendation as indicated on the toy label. 

  • Safety of The Toy

Safety first should always be the policy when selecting a bath toy for your child. When selecting the bath toy, it should not have any sharp corners. This is to avoid it piercing the delicate skin of your child during bath time. They should also be large enough to prevent your toddler from ingesting. Since bathtub toys are supposed to be used in water, ensure you select a toy that does not contain any toxic material or any material which may react with water or the skin of your child. Also, ensure the toy parts are not fragile since if they break easily, they can injure your child with sharp points.

  • Creativity 

Play gives children an opportunity to practice new skills repeatedly. Always go for bath toys that give the kid an opportunity to figure something out. The toy should also be able to spark your child’s imagination. To achieve this, look for toys representing familiar cartoon characters, a Game the child enjoys or a familiar action figure.

  • Easy To Clean and Dry

A good bath toy should be easy to clean and also straightforward to dry. This is to avoid the growth of mold’s and fungi. Even though bath toys are used in water, soap scum tends to build upon the toys with time and cleaning the toy. Always choose a toy that is dishwasher safe and dry fast. Avoid toys with holes since soap water enters through these holes, making cleaning of such toys more tedious.

Some of the best bath toys in the market are:

Yellow Rubber Duck

yellow rubber duck

Yellow rubber duck toy @Amazon

The yellow duck bath toy makes showering an enjoyable experience. These adorable ducks are super delicate and are simple for the baby to use. When squeezed, they make a sound. A baby bath duck can be used with a few modifications to tell the water temperature to ensure you don’t dip the child in hot water, which may be sensitive to the baby skin. The baby ducks are watertight; hence there is no accumulation of soapy water in the duck, and they also dry quickly.

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers

munchkin caterpillar spillersa

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers @Amazon

Sometimes the simplest toy can be the best, and this is one example of the toy. The toy is made by stacking cups which are made by beautiful colorful, eye-catching cups. The kid connects the cups to create a colorful caterpillar or even stack them to build a beautiful colored tower. Babies will have fun with this toy scooping, staking, and draining the bath toy.

Fishing Bath Toys 

fishing bath toys

Fishing Bath Toys @Amazon

Every baby will love the challenge of pulling that fish off the water. It’s a challenging task that helps build good hand and eye coordination for the kid and is very enjoyable, primarily if a reward is issued. You can give the child a star for everyday fish caught, and this motivates the kid and will be begging for that bath time to improve his star count. Fishing bath toys come with cute sported fish of different color that floats over the water. The parent can tell the child to identify the different types of fish. The fishing rod comes equipped with a magnetic hook that is easy to pick up the fish. The handle is made to fit comfortably in your baby’s hand; the reel is also made to feel a bit realistic by making sounds when being turned, giving your young one a fun fishing experience. The fishing toys are non-toxic, durable, and sealed at the bottom, preventing water from flowing in the internal parts. They are also easy to dry; hence moulds do not grow inside.

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Tug Boat Bath Toy 

tug boat bath toy

Tommy Tug Boat Bath Toy @Amazon

A boat bath toy is designed for young adventurous sailors who love exploring water. The water boat also works as a water mug. They have a built-in handle which makes them easy to grip by the child. The boat is detachable; hence it’s easy to clean. The material is also non-toxic from recycled plastic, PVC-free plastic that does not harm the child. The tug boat helps the child sail and twists the boat. The boat also has a wide spout that helps the child scoop the water, and it can be used for indoor as door use.

There are so many bathing toys you can choose from sometimes; getting the best bath toy for your little one can be a challenge since not all of them are good for your minor if you understand the essential qualities of a good bath toy, making such a choice becomes easy and less tedious.

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