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Baby Jumper

Baby Jumper – Ultimate Guide

Baby jumpers are fitness and recreational devices for infants. Your baby can play in and exercise with this piece of equipment. A typical baby jumper has a plastic base fitted to a frame and a hoop suspended by a strap that serves as a sit for your baby. Newer versions come with trays for keeping toys.

The major difference between a baby jumper and a baby walker is that the latter has wheels while the former does not.

As a parent, picking the right baby jumper can be quite tricky when you have to consider the different types in the market. So, to make parenting easier for you, we will let you in on some tips to use baby jumpers and what to consider when getting one for your baby.

Types of Baby Jumpers

The three major types of baby jumpers include:

Doorway Baby Jumpers

doorway baby jumpers

Doorway Baby Jumpers @Amazon

The doorway baby jumper is fitted with a bungee cord that can be hanged on a door frame. The bungee cord is connected to the soft fabric seat where the baby sits.

Ensure you suspend the doorway baby jumper on a stable door frame, so your baby can jump without falling off.

The great thing about this type of baby jumper is that it is easy to install and very portable.

Stand-Alone Baby Jumpers

stand alone baby jumpers

Stand-Alone Baby Jumpers @Amazon

This baby jumper is almost like the doorway baby jumper. Your baby is suspended in a seat held by an elastic strap with a frame. Since the stand-alone baby jumper comes with a frame, you do not need to attach it to a door frame.

However, this baby jumper does not come with a tray or any compartment for toys, and your baby’s movement is restricted more than the doorway jumper. But thanks to its freestanding design, you can stay close to your baby when they are jumping.

Activity Baby Jumpers

activity baby jumpers

Activity baby jumpers @Amazon

The activity baby jumper combines the features of the stand-alone jumper and doorway baby jumper. That means the activity baby jumper is fitted with a frame that holds a tray and seat together. It makes it easy for your baby to jump and play with toys at the same time.

Your baby’s movement is restricted to ensure safety, but the jumper is quite large, so it may exactly be travel-friendly.

What to Consider When Getting a Baby Jumper

Before you get a baby jumper, consider the following factors:


There are compact and big baby jumpers in the market. While some can be hung on the door frame, others occupy lots of space. So, you have to consider the size of the baby jumper you are getting and how much space you have in your home.

Ensure you peruse the product manual to see the dimensions before purchasing. The size and weight tell you if the product you are getting is portable and travel-friendly.


When you think of comfort, you should think of the seat of the baby jumper. Some seats are padded and spacious, while others are made of strong and thin materials. Ensure you go for the baby jumper that provides more comfort for your baby as they exercise and play.

High-end baby jumpers have adjustable seats that stretch or shrinks to provide the desired comfort and stability for your baby.


Baby jumpers are for fun and fitness. You can keep your baby’s toys in the tray while they workout. Some baby jumpers come with toys that are BPA-free, so your kid can play with them with any health concerns.


Don’t settle for less when it comes to safety. Ensure every component of your baby jumper is made of top quality, non-toxic and sturdy materials.

If the spring of a baby jumper is exposed, do not opt for it. The spring will rust quickly, and your baby will be at risk.

Also, if a baby jumper comes with toys, ensure there is no one small enough to be swallowed.


Some baby jumpers are more versatile than others. If you want your baby to a fun time working out, go for a baby jumper that is equipped with a tray and an adjustable seat.


The more versatile a baby jumper is, the more expensive it is. Bear in mind that a baby jumper will be useful for about 6 to 8 months, so you do not want to break the bank because of it.

Tips for Using a Baby Jumper

To limit the risk associated with using a baby jumper, follow these tips:

  • Baby jumper should be used when a baby has developed head and neck support (usually around five months)
  • Use a baby jumper constructed with safe, sturdy, and durable materials.
  • Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines to avoid any mishaps after installation.
  • Routinely inspect the baby jumper to see if anything is out of place.
  • Replace any defective or worn-out parts.
  • Ensure your baby does not use the jumper for more than 20 minutes daily.
  • Do not leave your baby unattended while they use the jumper.
  • If the springs and chains are exposed, cover them so your baby does not get tangled up.
  • Adjust the seat so your baby’s feet rest on the floor to provide more stability.
  • Do not leave a doorway baby jumper on the door frame when you are not using it.

Age Recommendation for Baby Jumpers

First off, while jumpers are for infants, you cannot use them for a day-old infant. Freestanding baby jumpers are not equipped with neck support because your baby is supposed to have the freedom to jump.

So, before you get a jumper for your baby, ensure they can control their head and neck movements. This typically happens around the fifth month after birth, but it can happen earlier or later, depending on the baby’s development speed.

Baby jumpers are designed with weight limits. Once your baby is up to that limit, phase out the use of the baby jumper. The weight limit is usually between 25 and 35 pounds, depending on the brand.

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