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9 Items You Should Consider Buying Used

I am a strong believer in not paying full price. I think there are some things that you should not buy new and you can save SO much money buy purchasing certain items used.

These are the types of changes in your budget that can have long term effects on your financial success. Here are 9 Items To Buy Used. This simple list will help you to manage your money better, all while having the things you need and love.

Kids Clothing. Kids grow like weeds, and keeping clothing on their backs that fits can cost an arm and a leg. Rather than fall victim to the brand names at full price, hit the thrift shops, resale shops and kids clothing events for the best deals on gently used clothing. Great deals can be found that will give our kids a new wardrobe while not killing your budget.

Houses. Building your dream home is a great dream to have, but ultimately it will cost much more than if you purchased a home off the market. Not only can you get more for your money a lot of the time, you will be able to move in quicker with much fewer headaches involved.

Books. Rarely ever should you pay full price for a book. Between used book stores, yard sales, library sales and great deals online you can find used books at excellent prices in almost any genre you are interested in. This includes books for homeschooling and even college courses.

Furniture. Furniture is a great item to save money on when buying used. Things like dressers, end tables, coffee tables, kitchen or dining tables, bed frames and such are great items to purchase used. Chairs, couches, beds and other furniture that may have had spills or animals on or around them may not be a great choice since you can’t clean them as easily.

Exercise Equipment. This is one of the best things to find great deals on used. Weights, treadmills, elliptical machines and all of those random items that are featured in as seen on TV commercials are all available at great prices used.

Cars. While not every used car is a good deal, there are more and more instances where pre-owned vehicles are available at great rates with full warranties just like a brand new car would be.

Kitchenware. Cups, plates, bowls, serving platters, utensils and even small appliances are often dirt cheap at local thrift shops and Goodwill stores. These are great for giving your kitchen an upgrade with some eclectic pieces that suit your personality at literally a fraction of the price.

Movies & Video Games. Used DVD’s and Video Games are a great way to save money on entertainment. Check out the refurbished or pre-owned section at your local electronics or game store, or swap with friends and family when they are done with a new one they purchased.

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Tools. From screwdrivers and wrenches to power tools you can find amazing deals on like new products at your local yard sale or pawn shop. Pawn shops are a great place to shop for tools to complete your set at a fraction of the price.

These items to buy used are great ways to stretch your dollar. Every wise budget choice you make is one more step closer to reaching your ultimate financial freedom goals.

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