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7 Ways to Remove Nail Polish From Skin with Ease

7 Ways to Remove Nail Polish From Skin With Ease
A lot of research discourages the use of chemicals to remove nail polish from the skin. However, there are healthy and straightforward solutions. Read on!

We all want to maintain a healthy nail care routine. And, this includes using brands that are safe for us. But, what products do you first think of when you want to remove your nail polish, for example? You’d prefer getting the most straightforward solution you can find, right? I mean, who looks forward to a session of scrubbing off their nails left, right, and center? Well, we do!

There is too much research discouraging the use of chemical nail polish removers. You can’t afford to turn a blind eye. How so?

In this quick guide, we’ll tell you why you ought to think twice before grabbing that nail polish remover bottle. Moreover, we want to share with you seven simple solutions to get rid of nail polish from your skin in a healthy way. This way, you can be proactive in protecting yourself from harmful substances. Are you ready? Let’s get to it!

Is My Chemical Nail Polish Remover Safe?

Well, that depends on its ingredients. The removers use n-methyl-pyrrolidone, Isopropyl acetone, or methyl ethyl ketone as their solvents. Still, research shows that all these three solvents are toxic to your internal organs. They can even mess your reproductive system. Though, how often must you use the removers before they get too toxic for you? And, what about the other ingredients found in the nail polish removers. The bottom line is that you can never be too sure about chemical nail polish removers.

The Verdict

Stay away from chemical nail polish removers if you can. If not, at least opt for one of the following solutions: –

  1. A chemical nail polish remover that contains a “non-acetone” declaration on its label.
  2. Go for a plant-based remover like Suncoat Natural, Fresh Therapies Natural, and Acquarella. They comprise of natural ingredients like fresh scent, glycerin, lime, and soya oil. But, the products retail at a premium price.
  3. Use your nail polish to clear away the polish on your fingers. By smearing a new coat on the dry polish on your fingers, it softens the old polish, making it easy to take out. Once soft, use another drop of clear nail polish to end up with clean nails.

Better still, you can always ditch the processed polish removers. Why not go natural with your nail polish remover? Below are seven proven ways to remove nail polish from the skin with ease. These methods rely on accessible, natural ingredients. Let’s check them out.

1. Plain water

Do you wonder how easily nail polish chips off when you dip your nails in water for long? When next, are your planning to soak your hands or feet in readiness for a manicure or pedicure? Use that opportunity to eliminate nail polish. It may even come off on its own after some time.

Use a piece of cloth to clean any bits of the nail polish before your fingers dry. And, remember to apply a moisturizer to your fingers afterward.

2. Alcohol

Did you know that you can get rid of nail polish using a hand sanitizer, baby wipes, or smearing alcohol on your skin? Yes, any natural product that contains alcohol can remove nail polish from your skin. Indeed, alcohol is mild when compared to chemical nail polish removers. It also has antibacterial properties that are critical in fighting nail infections.

Use alcohol, a cotton ball, and lukewarm water for the process. Being a mild solvent, ensure you soak your fingers in lukewarm water first to soften them. Then, wipe off the nail polish using the cotton wool dipped in alcohol. Apply either cuticle oil or a moisturizer of your choice.

3. Lemon

Lemon juice is a weak acid. Unlike chemical nail polish remover, lemon juice is less corrosive. It works to revitalize your nails as you remove the polish. Plus, its rich nutrients enhance the sheen on your nails. Its antifungal properties keep nasty infections on your cuticles at bay. Indeed, lemon juice is popular with manicurists who want to be gentle with their clients. Here are quick steps to use lemon juice as a nail polish remover: –

Step 1:

Prepare some lukewarm water in a basin. Add some drops of liquid soap to the water. Then soak your fingers in the water for at least10 minutes. The soapy water helps to soften your cuticles. Once the nail polish separates from the skin, it’s easy to remove it with the lemon juice.

Step 2:

Cut a slice of lemon. Or, squeeze out the juice out of a fresh lemon then dip a ball of cotton wool into the sap. Use the lemon slice or the wet cotton wool to rub off the nail polish off your skin.

Step 3:

Apply a moisturizer or hand cream of your choice.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar works like lemon juice. It helps to revitalize weak and damaged cuticles. Plus, soaking your fingernails and toenails in apple cider vinegar stimulates them to grow faster. In fact, for better results, we recommend mixing lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar. Adding a small amount of vinegar in your pedicure or manicure water helps to disinfect and soften the cuticles.

To start, soak your fingers or toes in lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes. Then dip a cotton bowl in apple cider vinegar. Use this wet cotton to wipe off the nail polish off your nails. Then moisturize with a product of your choice. If you opt to mix vinegar and lemon juice, ensure the two ingredients are of equal proportions.

5. Toothpaste

Toothpaste has a mild, soothing feeling on damaged nails. It removes stains on the nails, protecting the sensitive skin around the cuticles. To remove nail polish, squeeze some toothpaste on a cotton towel. Then, rub this cotton towel against your polished nails. It may take a minute or two before all the nail polish comes off. Then, wash your hands or feet with warm soapy water. Moisten your hands or feet with a cream of your choice.

6. Essential oils

Essential oils like Vitamin E and coconut oil are natural cleansers for your nails. They work by dissolving the nail polish. In the process, they moisturize, nourish, and soften the skin. Use essential oil to get rid of any stains or smells in your nails. To do so, soak a cotton ball into the essential oil. Then, apply this oil throughout your nails. Ensure you massage the oil well into your nails. Let the nails stay like this overnight. Then, use the same cotton ball to rub off the nail polish.

7. Perfume

Perfume eliminates nail polish from your skin by dissolving it. Yet, some perfumes contain some harmful chemicals similar to those found in processed nail polish removers. Always confirm that your spray does not contain acetone before using it. Then, spray it on the skin area that has nail polish. Then rub it off using a soft washcloth or cotton.

Final Thoughts On How to Remove Nail Polish from Skin

As you contemplate on the best nail care routine that is safe for you, seek natural solutions that are simple to do. Start with these seven methods to remove nail polish from the skin with ease. All of them are ideal for all types of skin, from sensitive to normal skin and nails.

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