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7 Ways to organize your home if Small (On a budget!)

Living in a small home doesn’t need to be an unorganized mess. In fact, living in a smaller home gives you the opportunity to get structured and stay that way. Check out these 7 tips for organizing a home that’s 900 square feet or less on a budget!

We are using items that can be found online at Sears or KMart–that will also give you cash back with your purchase! This is a great way to get a store credit to be used at both stores. Want to see my recommended items for small homes? I have a catalog devoted to just that!

Clutter Has to Go

If you want to be organized in a small house, there is no room for clutter. Your first step to organizing the house is to get rid of anything and everything that does not have a purpose.

Use Closet Space

Typically small homes don’t lack in closet space, so this gives you an opportunity to utilize it as much as possible. They act as storage for extra items leaving you organised.

Always Go Up

One thing about small houses is that they have plenty of space going “up.” If you can’t find anywhere to organize, consider adding shelves to walls to help make organizing easier.

Keep the Furniture Small

If you have huge furniture it will be incredibly hard to walk around a small house, which will make it even more frustrating for those who live there. Utilizing small furniture helps you have more space for other items. You can also invest in furniture that’s easy to move around the house as well. Using the furniture when you need it and putting it away when you don’t is a great move.

Use the Back of Doors & Cabinets

Homes that are 900 square feet or less have doors and cabinets just like bigger homes. Your best bet for organizing is to use this space to your advantage. Think of everything you can store and organize when you use this space to your advantage. Plus, there are tons of cute organizers just waiting to be bought!

Use the Garage, Attic, or Shed

Unfortunately, not all small homes have a garage, attic, or shed, but these are your best friends whenever you have a small home. Smaller homes tend to get cluttered easier and stay unorganized because there’s nowhere to put items. Using an outside space helps you keep the inside free of untidiness and also allows you to find items you really need.

Stay on Top of It

Tinier spaces seem to get unorganized faster because there are fewer places to store the “junk.” Find time each day or week to get the clutter under control. Pick a corner of the home, time yourself for 15 minutes, and organize as much as possible. The less “stuff” you have, the easier it is to stay on top of your smaller home.

Living in 900 square feet or less does have it challenges, but organization doesn’t need to be one of them. Think twice about everything you bring into your home. The “more stuff” you have, the less living space you have. Use the tips listed above to organize your home 

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