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7 Tips To Make Baby Stop Crying With Ease

All babies cry as it’s their only mode of expression. They want to let you know that something is not right. Read on for tips to make your baby stop crying!

7 tips to make your baby stop crying with ease
All babies cry as it’s their only mode of expression. They want to let you know that something is not right. Read on for tips to make your baby stop crying!

It breaks your heart to see your little one burst into tears, and you can’t seem to figure out exactly what the problem is. All babies cry because it’s their only mode of expression. It’s the way they communicate with you as a parent and let you know that something is not right.

Babies are a hundred percent dependent on you and your ability to decipher what they need vis their tears.

We know it can be difficult and frustrating for everyone when your little one does not stop crying, and a fussy baby makes an irritable parent. But we urge you to exercise some patience, take a deep breath, and first try to understand the reason behind the fussiness. Let’s find ways to make baby stop crying with ease.

1. Feed the Baby

The primary reason why your baby is crying is most likely hunger. 80% of the time, a child is fussy because they need to eat.

To avoid this or stop it from happening, it’s advised that you feed your baby before they are hungry to the point of them crying. You can pay attention to their hunger cues like your baby sucking on her hands or your baby smacking her lips. It also helps if you have a well thought out schedule for your baby’s daily activities. That way, you know the right time to feed her. Even you as an adult tend to be cranky when you’re hungry, so why blame the cute baby.

In addition, colic, constipation, gas, or burping might be responsible for the tears and fussiness.

Because a baby’s digestive organs are still developing, they need to burp after they eat. Burping helps them to get rid of the air they swallowed while feeding or using a pacifier. If you do not burp your baby after feeding, he may end up having gas in the belly, and this causes discomfort for them.

If your baby becomes fussy after eating and is inconsolable, she might have colic, and it’s advised that you see a pediatrician or get some over-the-counter medicines for the condition.

2. Make Sure the Baby Sleeps Well

Falling asleep is a skill that we all learned at some point, and this might come as a surprise to you, but babies cannot put themselves to sleep. For a few months, their sleep pattern is dependent on a few things.

To get your baby to take a nap, you need to figure out what helps them sleep. Some children like the rocking motion, some prefer to be swaddled while some sleep off while nursing. It’s better to understand which one works best for your little one.

Sleep training is the way parents train their children to fall asleep and stay asleep. There are different sleep training methods. Some extreme, while others are reasonable. It’s left to you as a mom to choose the one that works with your family’s schedule and values. Note that you can only sleep train babies from 4 months and above.

Sometimes your baby’s exhaustion might be from overstimulation. Our environment is a lot to take in for their tiny little brains, and sometimes that makes them tired and fussy. Later in this article, you’ll learn some tricks to calm your little one down when they are overstimulated.

Make sure you also go check out “Make Your Baby Sleep “Like a Baby” (Sleep Training)” for our full guide to sleep training.

3. Change Soiled Diaper

A wet and soggy diaper might be making your baby uncomfortable and hence, the tears. Invest in a good diaper brand, whether cloth diapers or disposable ones, for the sake of your baby’s comfort.

Some disposable diapers have wet indicators that can show you if your baby’s diaper is soiled and needs to be changed.

If it seems like your baby is crying uncontrollably, you might want to check on the baby’s diapers.

Some other culprits that are responsible for infant tears are teething, baby’s temperature, or just a general discomfort that you may not notice.

To stop your baby from crying, you first need to find out exactly what the problem is. If it’s one of the causes mentioned above, be sure to attend to it accordingly.

This may all seem overwhelming, but here are some simple yet useful tips and tricks to stop your baby from crying.

4. Swaddle Your Baby

Feel free to swaddle your baby and make a cute little burrito.

Something about swaddling makes your baby feel protected. People have argued that it reminds them of their time in the womb. But whatever it is, it works like magic.

Swaddling your baby has its advantages. Some of them are:

  • It helps your baby to fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer because it mimics the parent’s touch. It makes them feel like they are being held.
  • It keeps their arms tucked in, so it doesn’t startle them. It helps them to be less anxious
  • Swaddling is good for colicky babies because the tightness of the fabric applies a little pressure on their belly, which makes them feel a bit better.
  • It also helps to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) because it protects them from suffocation.
  • While swaddling your baby, make sure you use breathable fabrics, avoid double swaddling and swaddles that are too tight.

That being said, some children can be exceptions to this. They want their arms to be free. If your child is one of these few, you can try any one of the other tricks below.

5. Rocking Your Baby

Rhythmic movements calm your baby down, makes them feel safe, and also helps them to fall asleep.

It might be difficult for you to rock baby to sleep all the time, so you can buy a safe rocker, bouncer, or swing. Depending on your budget, they range from about $40 to $250. Some are electric, while others need some manual effort.

Baby’s nursery can also have a rocking chair, which is easier on your back and your feet. A very cheap trick is to put your baby in the car seat and take them for a drive. He/she will most likely sleep off because of the car movements. This works almost all the time.

Be sure to also check out “10 Ideas to Keep Your Toddlers Entertained” for fun ideas to do with your toddler when they’re awake.

6. Try Wearing Your Baby

When you wrap your baby around you, it calms them down. Sometimes children have separation anxiety, and then being wrapped around your body makes them feel like you will never leave them. The fact that they are close to you and can probably hear your heartbeat is soothing enough for them.

There are numerous options for baby carriers or wearers. Some are actual fabrics, while others are specially designed carriers. Wear your baby, hold him/her closer to you, and enjoy the proximity. They will not be babies forever.

Feel free to go about your activities while you are wearing your baby. The constant movement is also good for them.

7. White Noise

The sound of white noise also reminds your baby of the sounds they heard in the womb. It gives them a sense of security. The fact that the sound is gentle and consistent is soothing for babies.

If you can’t afford one of those white noise machines, you can always turn on the vacuum and let it do its magic.

If you’ve tried all these and your baby is still fussy and crying, it might be a good idea to see a pediatrician so they can carefully scrutinize and confirm exactly what is wrong with your baby.

Don’t worry mama. We are all learning on the job. You’re doing amazing, and you’ve got this!

Thank you for reading! Check out related articles to improve your mama knowledge like “Highly Creative Baby Photoshoot Ideas (With Images)” or “What is a Minimalist Mom & Should You Become One?“. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group for more conversations with other strong mothers around the world. Share your stop baby crying methods with us!

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