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6 Must Watch Movies About Motherhood For You

Movies about motherhood are really important, as we can easily identify with them and learn about certain things we haven’t encountered. Read on for more!

6 Must Watch Movies About Motherhood
Movies about motherhood are really important, as we can easily identify with them and learn about certain things we haven't encountered. Read on for more!

Motherhood is one of those things that feels like it’s part of our identity. It defines us, our entire personality, and usually has a significant impact on our lives, which is why we need media to relate to. In this case, movies.

If you go to the cinema regularly or watch Netflix every once in a while, then you know what we are talking about. There are few movies about moms and motherhood. It’s a shame. After all, the role we take up is significant. Yet it gets very little representation.

But we will talk about our favorites, which might soon become yours as well.

1. Bad Moms (2016)

You knew that this would be on the list. It’s among popular movies, made well, and was able to grasp certain aspects of motherhood quite well.

The story is about an overworked mother who tries to do everything perfectly (parenting, work, and relationship) but can’t handle it all. And there comes a breaking point where she just quits trying so much. This results in her neglecting specific tasks, but somehow that ends up with her becoming the “cool mom” everyone is jealous of, but of course, other parents don’t approve, which is the core of the rest of the movie.

There are a couple of plot holes and a few mistakes, but the movie itself is pretty sweet. And if we focus on the motherhood aspect of it, then it’s incredible. It shows us the kinds of mothers we usually meet, but the movie doesn’t just settle on stereotypes. The personalities are explained, and the bad behaviors are mentioned but later resolved.

This movie can show us that it’s okay not to be perfect all the time. And that your children and other people’s approval is not a way to measure your success as a mom. So if you are struggling with viewing yourself as a good parent, then this movie might be able to help.

2. Egg (2019)

This movie is pretty recent but is not popular at all. But it should be. It tackles all the cliches, taboos, and weird things about pregnancy, motherhood, and just generally what it’s like to be a woman.

The story itself is not all that compelling. 2 couples and a surrogate sit down one evening with a few bottles of wine. And they talk. That is it. But of course, that can result in a ton of things. We have seen movies that can work with one room and 12 characters with no flashbacks (12 angry men, anyone?)

So, because the story is not too exciting, the movie relies on the dialogue instead. It’s insanely well written, and you will get lost in the movie because of it. The way the characters talk to each other is really convincing, and they will make sure you believe that all of this is happening and that it’s not a movie.

But the message is what’s really important. It’s more about pregnancy and the process of bringing new life into the world than actual motherhood, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less relevant. If you are a soon-to-be mother, then this movie is a must (although don’t be discouraged if you get a negative message about pregnancy).

Both feminism and politics are involved, so expect a lot of controversies. But these two are talked about in a way, so it doesn’t spark more conflict than necessary, but can still make for a great topic after you finish watching it. We highly recommend watching this one with your significant other because you will explore things about parenting that you have not thought about before.

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3. The Joy Luck Club (1993)

This one is a bit older, but the story is still relevant today. It can give fantastic pointers to mothers with daughters.

This movie is about four women who left their homeland and decided to make America their new home. This meant that their parenting style and behavior had to change, of course, which meant a huge difference for them. Thus their relationships changed with their daughters.

If you have a teenage daughter, then you need to watch this movie because even if you didn’t move halfway across the globe, your daughter could still be feeling that way. This movie tackles how mothers experience sacrifice, loss, and forgiveness. And of course, it talks about how the daughters experience this.

In all honesty, every parent with a daughter needs to watch this movie. It would be best if you watch it with your child because it opens up the way to a conversation about specific topics that you might not be able to bring up by yourself. You can address particular concerns this way, and your daughter will be able to understand where you are coming from.

4. Real Women Have Curves (2002)

What a title. Well, don’t worry, this movie is very body-positive and doesn’t rely on the “women need to be skinny but have hips and boobs” narrative. If you don’t have an impressive body image, then we highly recommend watching this one because it can certainly help.

This movie looks at the mother-daughter relationship from a different angle. And by that, I mean that we see this connection from the daughter’s eyes (this time it’s not a whiny teen who can’t handle when people say no to her). In this story, the conflict is simple: the daughter wants to move away for school, and the mother doesn’t like that idea. This breeds a lot of conflicts, which is the core of the movie, so we can’t talk about that, unfortunately.

But all of it is still relevant today. For instance, the characters’ personalities in the movie, the need to relocate for school, and the mother’s refusal to accept that. All of this still happens today, way more often than it should.

The movie addresses the mother’s concerns and the daughter’s desires. We can see the problem from both angles, but the audience is likely to side with the daughter. After all, this is why you parent a child for them to be able to act independently and live their own life. Which is precisely what this movie is pointing at.

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5. Mothers and Daughters (2016)

This movie is much different from the others. It looks at several mothers, who each parent differently. There are a lot of relationships involved, which all have regrets and resentment. But above all, love. The connections are expressed through the main character’s camera, who is soon becoming a mother. She looked at all of these events and tried to prepare herself for bringing a new life into the world. But there are a lot of things she needs to address, most importantly her estranged mother.

Mothers and Daughters deal with absent parents, worries, and hopes. All of these are very complicated and were hard topics to put into a movie, but they did it.

If you are or trying to get pregnant, then you will be able to relate to this movie. It can show you what you worry about, then make those concerns wash away like they never existed in the first place. It will also make you very excited for the little one, as you will be awaiting their arrival more and more the longer you watch the movie.

6. Tully (2018)

This one is rightfully called “Psycho Mother” in other languages. It deals with specific taboo topics that most motherhood movies don’t like to address. Rightfully so, as they can give the audience a reason to start hating on the movie. Even if nothing else was wrong with it, except the creators were more daring than they should have been.

The story is about a single mother who has three children,including a newborn. This means a ton of stress and pressure on the woman, but her brother is there to help her out. He hires her a night nanny who’s job is to watch the children while the mother sleeps. She’s hesitant at first (who wouldn’t be?), but gets convinced, and she is surprised. She forms a great bond with the nanny called Tully.

Tully can show you the modern kind of parenting and that you are not alone in your situation. Single motherhood, tiredness, hopelessness. These are all common. You are not a bad mother for being this way, and you shouldn’t feel that way. But this movie also tells mothers that it is okay to ask for help. Because let’s be honest with ourselves: sometimes parenting can get way too much. It eats up a lot of energy and can make us question everything about ourselves. And of course, we end up feeling like crap because we feel like we aren’t good enough. Tully will be able to cheer you up a bit because it will convince you of just the opposite.

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Movies about motherhood are really important, as we can easily identify with them and learn about certain things we haven’t encountered. This is great and can either teach you, or it will be relatable. Either way, all of these movies are worth watching. Some can even be viewed with your kids. Just don’t forget to check the ratings first, you don’t want to watch something too “grown-up” with a child.

Will you watch any of these motherhood movies? Let us know in the comments below what other movies related to motherhood can you come up with.

Be sure to also check out some of our other helpful content to improve your home life like “12 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help Clean“. Join the conversation on Facebook as well for more from strong mothers around the world! See you there!

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