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5 Ways to Save Money Big On Video Games and Consoles

Do you have a gamer in the house?  My three boys are total gamers and during the summer, its even worse and they spend a lot of time “wanting” a lot of the newest games. Here is my secret: DON’T GIVE IN. Hahaha! Here are my favourite tips to saving on video games and consoles that won’t break your budget. Games themselves can run $50+ each!  While there is nothing wrong with gaming, it is always wise to make smart financial decisions. Don’t let your hobby (or your kids hobby) veer you from your path of your ultimate savings and money goals. Let us show you ways to save money today!

Here are a couple of tips for ways to save big on gaming:

1. Rent Before You Buy

There are almost always free Redbox codes out there for video game rentals.  Before you drop the big bucks on a game you have never played before, snag a free rental of it and make sure you like it first!! Spending up to $50 on a game that you only play once is going to lead to regret.

2. Trade-in those Old Games

Many game retailers like Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy accept trade-ins of your old games, the value of which can then be applied to your new gaming purchase. Amazon is my favorite for trading in old video games. One of the ways to save money is they usually give you back most for your used games or electronics.  The same is true for gaming systems. If you are wanting the newest system, but your budget is short, think about trading yours in for a gift card toward your purchase of a new one.

3. Try Game Membership Clubs 

Gaming membership clubs such as GameFly are great for true gamers, because you pay a monthly fee (usually less than $10) and you can get 1 game at a time, but you can keep it as long as you like.  If you like to change up your games often, these clubs are great because instead of dropping $50+ each month on new games, you are paying just the monthly fee. (These clubs are obviously not a great investment for those that play games minimally)

4. Refurbished Games 

If you are shopping for an entry level gaming system, I have found the best deals at GameStop.  They have refurbished systems at about half the cost with the same warranty you are going to get on a new machine.  For a kid or a once in-a-while gamer, these are the best deals!

5. Wait Some Time 

One of the best ways to save money is don’t be afraid to wait a while before purchasing those “hottest games” that we see often, especially around the holidays.  Take the Disney Infinity Super Heroes starter pack that was all the rage last Christmas and throughout the Spring, for example.  During those times that game was selling for $75+ and I was able to grab it for $19.99 on clearance this Summer. Sure, it’s nice for the kids to have the next, best thing, but it’s also nice to teach them patience and the value of a dollar.

These are just a few tips that I have learned on how to save on gaming.  Do you have any others to add to the list?

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1 Comment

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