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4 Best Ways To Do Movie Night With Your Kids

Movie night experiences are essential to have as they are a great way to spend time with your kids. Read on for ideas on how to make it better!

4 Best Ways to do Movie Night With Your Kids
Movie night experiences are essential to have as they are a great way to spend time with your kids. Read on for ideas on how to make it better!

When it comes to spending time together with the family, it can get a bit complicated, especially when it comes to entertainment. Everyone’s taste in movies differs. It’s hard to choose something for the movie night especially when kids are involved. Unfortunately, that is not the only hardship that comes with organizing such an activity.

When you first start thinking about it, you will quickly realize how many things you need. Blankets, snacks, and drinks. But in the end, it all comes out pretty bland, no matter how much effort you put into these things mainly because they are the basics.

So let’s talk about how to make it more fun, shall we?

4 Best Ways to do Movie Night With Your Kids

1. Allow the Kids to Choose the Movie

Some parents default to this, but if you don’t, then this idea will be your favorite. If you let children pick movies, then you will either end up with something amazing that you will enjoy watching along with them, or something annoying that you have been dreading. There is no in-between. Thankfully though, they will love it no matter what, so you can be happy about that at the very least.

But what kind of hardships does this solve?

First of all, you don’t need to look all over the place and find the perfect movie night. We all know how stressful that is. We are trying to keep the age restrictions in mind, the theme, and of course, the style of the movie with the night. These are all factors that come into play when we are trying to guess whether our children will like something or not. But let’s be honest, we can’t be correct 100% of the time.

Secondly, this saves a ton of time. Seriously. While you go through piles of old DVDs and CDs, they will scroll through Netflix and find what they want in mere seconds.

And finally, you will be the coolest mom… especially if you have a preteen on your hands. After all, they likely already have a movie in mind. Something that might not be suitable for them but want to watch it. What could be a better way to bring it up? (This is why you should consider watching ridiculous movies along with them, even if they don’t seem appropriate. They have likely been dreading to ask you.)

Take a look also at “6 Must Watch Movies About Motherhood” to see movies with a mother bonding type of theme. See if there’s one that catches your eye.

2. Play Dress Up

This is mainly for little kids, but it works just as well with the older ones who are into fantasy movies (something along the lines of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter). If you choose something that your children are a fan of then, it will work perfectly.

It creates a strong bond between the specific character that your child dresses up as. You might see this as funny or weird, but this is a perfect thing to do. If your kid can sympathize with cartoon characters and understand their motives and values, then it will be much more likely that they get the message in the end. And if not, then they will be much more receptive to your explanation.

For example, if you have a little girl who loves Moana, then they can learn the importance of family. And even if they don’t get it at first, you can later point out specific parts and happenings that show this quality of hers. And of course, you can always add a quick little question at the end of the lesson. “You want to be like him/her, right?”

But of course, there’s the most obvious part of dressing up for a movie night. It’s fun! Kids love to take up clothes that are connected to something they love, and even without a movie, it can work insanely well.

Plan a Themed Meal

Let’s say that we are talking about dinner, as most people do their family movie events at night. Because of this, you can prepare these dishes before starting the movie, thus preparing yourselves for it.

If your kids already know the movie, then they will likely want to take part in making the meal. This, of course, opens up the way for more communication and a little bit of bonding. Cooking together will not only improve your relationship, but you can also teach your kids how to do simple tasks to help out.

Choosing a theme is pretty hard, though. Especially if you only cook 3-4 types of meals usually, as this will very obviously drag you out of your comfort zone. But don’t worry, you can do it! Choosing the theme will always be hard, no matter what. Although, in some cases, you can find meal themes online.

Besides that, we can give you a couple of things about how to choose one.

First, take the characters into account. Are they animals? Are they carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores? You can plan your meal by the way the main characters usually eat, but if there is a specified food that they eat in the movie night, then you can also go with that. For example, the bug-eating in Lion King when Simba gets rescued by Timon and Pumba— get gummy bug snacks.

Then, look at the time. Does the movie with the night take place in the stone age, the middle ages, or modern times? If it’s one of the first two (or anything other than modern times, really), then it can help you. Look for a few guides on how to plan a renaissance themed dinner, for example. You will quickly learn the ropes on this one.

And if all else fails, then look up the movie’s title plus the words “themed meal.” It will give you a ton of results.

4. Upgrade Your Snacks

So, the regular snacks for a movie night are popcorn and soda. That’s right. Do you know why you instantly knew the answer to that? Because it’s been the same for years and years, and it has become the norm. But who likes normal?

If you want to surprise your kids a little bit, then we highly suggest either improving these two or getting something else because your movie night will not stand out with these snacks.

Some new ideas include citrus juices, freshly squeezed fruit juices, crackers, gummy bears, and small veggies. The last one stands out, yes, but if you want your kids to eat healthily and they have a vegetable that they would like to eat as a snack, then it works. (Sliced cucumbers and carrots usually work best.) But of course, there are a ton of more options, don’t limit yourself to the same old same old.

You can include the following:

Caramel Popcorn

Take some regular salty popcorn (make sure you don’t get any other taste) and pop it. Once it’s all done, place it in a bowl where you can drizzle the caramel on it. Stir, make sure everything gets an even coating.

Turn the oven to 350 degrees and place the bowl inside for 5 minutes. Then stir and place back for another 3 minutes.

Fizzy Juices

The simplest solution is to grab some fruit juice (apple, peach, or grape, doesn’t matter) and dilute it with some sparkling water. This will make the taste a little bit less intense, but the fizz will make up for it.

Although we highly suggest buying a carbonating machine if you plan on doing this regularly. You can grab the juice, and within 5 minutes, you will have yourself a fizzy drink. And it won’t be diluted.

Movie night experiences are essential to have, as they are a great way to spend time with your kids. It can improve your relationship with them. Which is why you need to make sure that you put in all the effort you can. Although, with our tips, you won’t need to tire yourself out completely, as they are simple and easy ideas that will make your job much easier.

Thank you for reading! Will you use any of these tips? If so, which ones? Tell us down in the comments below!

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