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21 Best Cleansers and Face Wash For Dry Skin

Dry skin may make you have an awkward facial appearance. However, this can be rectified. Read on as we review the best face washes and cleansers!

21 Best Face Washes and Cleansers for Dry Skin
Dry skin may make you have an awkward facial appearance. However, this can be rectified. Read on as we review the best face washes and cleansers!


Many are the times we miss to take a keen interest in our facial appearance, and for your information, dry skin may make you have an awkward appearance besides having an oily T-zone. And as a result, you may pester yourself with questions on how to tackle the situation.

One of the questions being; are there any skincare products that can solve my problem? That and many others have answers. However, as you try to juggle out the problem, you may tend to focus on moisturizers, anti-aging products, and serums only, therefore, miss out on another crucial factor, which is your skin.

Therefore, always know that your facial appearance is most likely to be judged by the cleansers and face washes that you have been using.

So, always be aware that your dry skin may tend to be a bit embarrassing as you will appear older than you ought to be. Hence you may end up trying to conceal the reproach by having a thorough wash-up by using hot water or whichever liquid applicable.

However, after different attempts, it’ll only come to your realization that you need some of the best face wash for dry skin as lined down here.

1. Dermalogica special cleansing gel

By merely pumping a small amount of the Gel onto your hand and massaging on the skin, Dermalogica automatically softens the skin and gives you creamy leather on your body texture.

The skin is also smoothened by the working together of lavender and mint ingredients, and at the end of the game; a stunning result of a refreshed and hydrated complexion ready for utmost moisturization

2. CeraVe hydrating face wash

With the hyaluronic acid for drawing water into the skin and hydration lock, this cleaner is packed in triple hydrating ceramides. These are the fats found in the skin preventing the loss of moisture.

CeraVe is also a noncomedogenic and fragrance-free face wash but especially to patients who are prone to sensitive and dry skin.

3. Fresh soy face cleanser

The Soy cleanser contains some of the best ingredients, the likes of; glycerin, which helps hit hydration, cucumber, and aloe Vera which on the other hand, soothes the skin.

The face wash does an assortment of tasks for you; the first one is free of soap and fragrance, second the borage seed, and sunflower oils, which prevent any form of tight feeling. And hence, with the same token, the product benefits those with sensitive and dry.

4. Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin

The use of the bar is, in many cases, considered to be one of the less costly ways of cleansing. And, with only one-quarter of the hypoallergenic, the unscented bar, which is in most cases packed with a cream moisturizer, is enough to bring out the perfect facial joy.

And so, proper use of the Dove Beauty face wash will leave you with no regret as your dry face becomes supple and feeling soft at the end cleansing. Check out the Dove Beauty bars here for your dry skin.

5. Neutrogena Hydro Boost hydrating gel cleanser

Having tight skin? Well, the Hydro Boost got you covered. The face wash is packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid, lightweight enough and thus does all the work for you.

Neutrogena turns into a very smooth, creamy lather and eases washing off, leaving you with a soft touch of skin.

6. Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

The Cetaphil gentle skin washer is the kind of cleanser that won’t leave you with clogged pores, and that may be attributed to its nature of being noncomedogenic and unscented. The face wash has low suds formula that cleans and washes off any impurity leaving no stripping moisture.

And therefore, with all the qualities, Cetaphil is considered to be among the best gels, especially for individuals whose skin is prone to acne.

7. AHAVA dead sea purifying mud soap

Are you one of those characters who prefer bar soaps to a liquid? In that case, the Mud Soap will satisfy your needs. The satisfaction is confirmed as AHAVA can purify your skin, hence getting rid of any grease, oils, and acne but, most importantly, leaves you with a soft face.

Therefore, to ensure the best results, only be sure to apply a moisturizer after thorough rinsing.

8. Garnier clean + balancing daily exfoliator for combination skin

The Garnier kind of cleanser is the one that saves you time as you’re only required to use it once a day. And by that single wash, it clears out pores and removes dead skin giving you a perfect softened babyface.

This Daily Exfoliator comes with a combination of two great ingredients that are antioxidants and are derived from pomegranate and grapefruit, and thus by a proper rinse, nourishes any dry patch and offers soft touch.

9. Christina moss naturals organic facial wash

Organic Facial Wash is one of its kinds as it guarantees 100% satisfaction. The Moss, in the same manner, provides natural and organic components that are certified, plus an added advantage of the safety to use a Clarisonic exfoliation device.

This kind of face wash also prevents all the typical irritants, which may cause acne or even dermatitis. The face wash can also sulfate the chemicals that trick the skin into that it’s not irritated, but the opposite.

The chemicals, which include; perfumes, anesthetizing agents, parabens, and dyes, are stimulated for the better outcome of the skin.

10. Garnier Skin and hair care clean and shine control cleansing gel

By any chance, you are one of those who find it a challenge with oil than you do dryness; if so, the Garnier Skin and Hair is your specificity. This Control Cleansing Gel reduces your pores after one week with only a single-use.

It, at the same time, not only dissolves oils and debris that clog pores but also rightly removes makeup hence solves your oil problems.

The face wash contains a magic charcoal ingredient that significantly contributes greatly since it helps in sucking out any impurity to bring out the perfect result.

11. La Roche-Posay toleriane hydrating gentle face wash

The La Roche Gentle Face Wash is perceived to be among the best, especially when it comes to sensitive skin. The face wash does not tamper with the Potential of Hydrogen (PH) of your skin reason being the thermal spring water at the base. And therefore, as a result, it does not dry the skin.

Apart from the niacinamide in the formula that reduces any redness, it also offers protection vis-à-vis moisture loss. This type of cleaner is also free from sulfates, artificial fragrance, and parabens, just like other top-notch face washes and cleansers.

The cleanser is safe to use even twice a day and also can draw in moisture from the mineral-packed water owing to its humectant glycerin nature.

12. Naturals moisturizing organic coconut oil, shea butter 3 piece bar soaps. Softens and nourishes dry skin

With the avocado, coconut, and shea butter oils, this bar softens and soothes the skin and generates soap scent in the form of fresh coconut, which in turn builds a creamy lather within the nick of time.

The Shea Butter face washer moisturizes the skin without any dot of clogging pores on its coconut oil state, and hence it is preferred for natural solutions. The Shea butter also does away with any signs of aging that may erupt, while the oils in the avocado deal with the firmness in the skin, thus providing the best results.

That, it achieves by catalyzing collagen and elastin production.

So, if you’re one of those who do not prefer a liquid wash, why not try this luxurious organic bar soap from the O naturals?

13. Badger Damascus Rose face cleansing oil

The Damascus Rose is one of its kinds as it comprises some components; sunflower, olive oil, and jojoba, which add the taste and soothes the skin without clogging any pore. 

The Damascus cleansing oil has certified organic ingredients which go hand in hand with the ability to moisturize your dry skin and also the potential to remove any waterproof makeup.

For the best regeneration of the skin, this type of face cleanser has fatty acids, lipids, and vitamins in addition to the castor and apricot oils, which float away from the impurities. And to bring out the perfection to the hilt, the face wash does double work of deep-cleaning and deep moisturization.

14. Julep love your bare face cleansing oil

The Julep type of face cleanser is one of its kinds; this is due to its ability to offer four different natural oils. The olive oil, grape seed, and pink grapefruit seed sidestep all the skin challenges with soaps and sulfates. Each of these oils has a different individual purpose of ensuring healing and purification of the skin.

Therefore, to perfect the results, the face ought to be rinsed with warm water and patted dry after cleansing the oil into the face. And to sum up its functional nature, the Julep Love cleanser does not clog, albeit it is naturally very moisturizing.

15. EltaMD SKINCARE foaming facial cleanser

Those who have used the EltaMD SKINCARE have confirmed that this face cleanser does not tighten the skin. However, the face wash is mild and after that, leaves you with a soft, smooth surface.

And to clean away excess oil from the skin, the EltaMD cleanser contains amino acids, makeup, and bromelain from apples and at the same time grimes naturally. It can also be used at a different time of the day (night or morning) due to its gentle nature.

Therefore, to prevent drying skin, the face wash has a balanced PH formula and hence is considered among the best face washes and cleansers for dry skin.

16. The face shop foaming facial cleanser for daily face washing

Do you want to reduce any appearance of fine lines, shrink pores, and make your skin tone bright? Well then, think no further than the Face Shop cleanser made out of the rice water.

The rice water provides nutrients that add some little makeover with every single wash. In addition to the Moringa oil nutrient, the Face Shop Foaming Facial Cleanser detoxifies, protects against any dryness, and removes dead skin.

That one it does, even though its formula tends to eliminate blackheads and clears out pore with a perfect result of a soft moisturized skin.

17. First aid beauty face cleanser

With the ability to catalyze cell regeneration, the First Aid Beauty Cleanser contains an ingredient that also moisturizes the skin. The Beauty cleanser dissolves any make-ups after foaming a creamy lather, thus cleans and rinses dirt off.

And because of the presence of free radicals from the environment that may cause signs of aging, the symptoms are fought against by antioxidants, which are milked out of; white tea, licorice roots, and feverfew, therefore, giving the face its brightness and soft touch.

The facial cleanser incorporates an added advantage with its lack of irritants, the form of; phthalates, propylene glycol, artificial dyes, parabens, and drying alcohols.

18. Era organics natural face wash

This kind of cleanser has been manufactured with a slight acidity to match with the pH of your skin. And therefore, those characteristics prevent it from becoming dry and irritating and hence making it very useful.

With its nourishing formula, the Era Organic Natural Face Wash contains honey, vitamins, and aloe, which heal maladies such as acne and thus restore your dull skin.

The customers who have used the face wash likewise agree as it cleans and makes the texture of their skin appear soft with a healthy look. And of course, this natural face wash does not have defects such as the parabens, sulfates, or any artificial fragrance. And so, with all those features, who will ignore such a face cleanser?

19. Olay sensitive facial cleanser with Hungarian water essence

Are you in dire need of an exclusive result of a soft baby skin that feels clean and plump? I bet you are.

Therefore, in that case, this creamy cleanser will leave you with no dry skin since it is soap and dry-free. The Olay Sensitive Cleanser contains nutrients such as cucumber and aloe that work in conjunction to soothe the skin, while, on the other hand, the creamy lather buffs away impurities gently.

And in its conclusion to sum perfection together, the Hungarian Water Essence never leaves your sensitive skin hungry or tight, hence ensures a top-notch feel of the skin.

20. Simple kind to skin facial wash, moisturizing

With its origin from the United Kingdom, the Simple kind to Skin cleanser is among the most popular skincare products because it uses triple purified water that is an added merit.

Its advantage of triple water, which is purified, is evident, as the formula contains some humectants that have the sole purpose of drawing moisture in your skin while washing. The method, in the same manner, has vitamins B5 and E for the strengthening of your skin, plus soothing chamomile.

And to wrap up the excellent facial results, the Simple Skin to Skin Facial Wash does not have; sulfates, synthetic fragrance, or even parabens because these may act as defects.

21. La Roche-PosayEffaclar purifying foaming gel cleanser

For you to have the best outcome with the Foaming Gel Cleanser, rinse it with some lukewarm water, and that is done after employing it for a few minutes.

The exclusive results are therefore attained because this type of cleanser has a mild formula that will tamper with your natural skin’s PH. This face cleanser, in the same manner, does not contain any irritants in the like of alcohol, which may end up speeding up the production of sebum.

La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar type of cleanser also uses zinc to remove the impurities that are present in the skin and with the same gift, reduces oiliness.

Tips for maintaining a healthy face with washes and cleansers

1. Know when to upgrade

The combination of skin has been considered to be a common skin type globally. It can, however, pose a massive challenge in dealing with, especially during pregnancy, menopause, and even puberty. Therefore, at one point, it may come to your attention that the face washes and cleansers you once used are no longer having any effect as expected.

In such cases, it’s essential to be keen enough to realize that you’re required to upgrade to something else.

But by any chance that doubts are rising, you should start with something a bit mild, but after some weeks in use without any change, you may mix it up to increase the oiliness nature. And one of the things that you can use to wash the face is glycolic acid or salicylic acid. 

Another proximity process is the weekly exfoliation with a chemical peel, that also tends to add up some improvements.

2. Switch from alcohol-based toners to witch hazel

However, a different scenario may arise whereby you have tried to use several face washes and cleansers. Still, your expected result is not coming out, which may be contributed by the presence of blackheads and large pores. Therefore, in case such, do not blame it on the face wash. You’re only required to ignore toners, which are based on alcohol and switch to the ones with witch hazel.

You may as well try serum to solve the problem as an additional tip; you can besides have a check on your make-ups to ensure that if they will fit your skin’s requirements.

3. Use a light lotion with sunscreen

Moreover, and by any case, ensure that you do not skip the face cream, and if your skin is feeling a bit dry, then there is a possibility that it is unlikely to overproduce oil from the body. And in the case of a change in time, the application of a light lotion that contains sunscreen can do for a daytime while, on the other hand, a more luxurious cream for a perfect night.

And in case you want to resolve your dry skin, employ these three easy steps every day;

Step one

Make use of face wash to cleanse the dry skin.

Step two

Make the application of the moisturizer at night and in the morning, and before going to bed, use a thicker night cream to further the results.

Step three

Make it your routine to exfoliate at least once a week using the face wash for dry skin. That ought to be done in conjunction with cleaning night, but do this before you carry out any moisturizing.

Always ensure that you start with gentle chemical exfoliates such as the lactic acid or even the glycolic acid. After a while, you’ll experience a notable softer and healthier skin, and this is achieved by performing a gentle rub with a damp washcloth.

You don’t want to appear old than already you are, do you? Well, I’m sure that you do not. Therefore, have the purpose of giving your face what it deserves with one of the best face washes and cleansers. The formulas do away with the excess oil, soften your face, and give you that soft, healthy face look that you’ve always craved for.

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