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20 Tips to Organize Wardrobe Tutorial

Have you organized your closet and failed? Consider some concrete wardrobe organization ideas. Read these 20 tips to organize your wardrobe.

20 Tips to Organize Your Wardrobe
Have you organized your closet and failed? Consider some concrete wardrobe organization ideas. Read these 20 tips to organize your wardrobe.

You probably have been guilty of throwing your excess clothes in a organize wardrobe and pushing it aside from the entire world. Later, you will have to lean and shove through your pile, never to find your favorite top when you want to wear it.

Now, imagine a well-organized space that is straightforward and easier to maneuver. You no longer have to handle a pile of cluttered clothes every morning. Well, this is possible. With an excellent closet organization idea reorganizing your closet will be fun and fast.

Besides, a clean and well-organized closet will be a time-saver for your morning routines. Do you feel like you need some extra space for your clothes? Have you tried organizing and decluttering your closet only for it to last a few days, and you are back to square one? Well, it’s time to consider some concrete wardrobe organization ideas. The strategies below will guide you to organize your space.

 1. Categorize your items

 The simplest way of getting your closet perfectly organized is by categorizing your clothes. Throwing your pile of clothes on your bed can be overwhelming. It could suck out all the motivation you had to arrange your closet.

Instead, you should put your clothes in the categories they belong to, such as tops. Later, you could sort each group and arrange the clothes in the closet according to type. Besides, it makes the sorting process manageable. You can quickly identify the category that has excess garments, that you need to donate. You should ensure that your closet must consist of only the clothes you regularly wear. When in doubt whether an item should go or stay, ask yourself, had you seen that top in a boutique right now would you buy or pass? Is cloth comfortable? Does it perfectly fit you?

 2. Clean the wardrobe

After sorting out your clothes, it is now time to go once again into your space. Your intention now is to remove dirt from the wardrobes. Brush and wipe off any dirt from the walls and shelves.

 3. Design your wardrobe

In case you have sufficient money to make a significant closet investment, then go for an entire closet renovation. If not, don’t worry as it creates a chance of showcasing your creativity. Start by identifying the strengths of your wardrobe. Is it the in-built shelves many hanging rods or large storage space? Use the feature to your advantage.

Besides, you should figure ways to cover the weaknesses of your closet. For instance, you could use a rolling dresser if your wardrobe has an open space. Alternatively, you could install a small armoire in your closet’s open-space. In case your hanging space seems small, you could improvise by removing a couple of shelves and put hanging hooks. There is a lot you can do to enhance the appearance of your space.

Alternatively, in case you own a walk-in closet, then you could modify it by putting a large mirror. It will convert it into a full dressing place since you will now have everything you need to prepare. Besides, it will ensure that you properly utilize the space.

4. Use categories when storing clothes

 It involves storing like items together. For instance, store all belts together, separate those pajamas from your exercising clothes. The step is critical, as it will ensure you can locate your items quickly.

5. Store your fancy or delicate clothes first.

You should take proper care of expensive items. For instance, you wouldn’t want to spoil your designer bags after sparing all that money to buy it. Thus, ensure it remains in its dust bag when storing it. It will help prevent it from deforming.

Unfortunately, not all your clothes will get hanged. Often, closets are not big enough to provide you with sufficient space to put up every piece of cloth you own. It is, therefore, essential that you hang the most noticeable clothes first. Thus, blazer, dress, suits, and skirts must get a hanging space.

Besides, you should hand your clothes neatly. Your clothes must face a similar direction. Another tip you must follow is ensuring the longer clothes are on the left side of your closet while the shorter ones occupy the right. Thus, the realm of the clothes will have a beautiful upward sloping design.

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6. Choosing same color hangers

Nothing shows chaos in your closet more than different colored hangers mixed with wire hangers. When all-colour hangers try to coexist, your wardrobe gets an untidy look. Worse still, you can’t make it better even when you have made a perfect arrangement. Thus, to reduce the visual mess, ensure you have a uniform look for your closet. You can achieve this by using the same color hangers. Also, purchase hangers that blend in with the clothes you own. For instance, in case you own heavy suits, then you should ditch your thin, weak hangers and instead go for the strong hangers. Also, if you own many slippery, silky blouses, invest in wooden hangers.

 7. Stack your denim and sweaters

Stack the heavy winter sweaters in your drawers. It will help save up some drawer spaces. Besides, they are perfect for the drawers as they are sturdy, and they won’t lose shape and fall over. Thus, the neat look will be durable. Also, they are easier to spot while in your drawer, making it simple to pick.

8. Roll other clothes

Cardigans like the cotton shirt are flexible hence making them a perfect choice for the rolling and storing. If done right, the trick is an ideal space saver. Folding your t-shirt and storing it in your drawer is not a recommendable method. It is because picking the items from the drawer results in disorganization as the clothes are pliable and easily fall over. Instead, fold twice then roll them to neat small tubes. Place your rolled item in your drawers. You could also use clear bins; it will ensure your clothes look perfect.

9. Your frequently worn clothes should be in an easy to reach area.

You should hang the cardigans you frequently wear at an eye level. Besides, they will be easier to spot during your daily morning routine. Thus, ensure that your regular clothes occupy the middle of your space.

 10. Match colors

You probably are already thinking of how tedious this task can be. However, you will love the results. It makes the process of picking outfits to wear much simpler. It is not a must that you arrange the colors in a particular order as any color arrangement will still make the closet appealing. It also makes it easier to choose clothes. Besides, it could be a bonus if you love colors.

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11. Proper utilization of the vertical storages

Vertical space is a weapon which if properly utilized, can change your closet’s whole outlook. Your vertical space could be your doors or any other area in your closet. How do you improve on this storage space? Well, one way is by putting up DIY shelves. The shelves can be your bag or jewelry box holder. Another way is by putting up a shoe rack on a tension rod. Alternatively, you can place the shoe rack over your door.

12. Partition your drawer

Partitioning your drawers will be much easier to handle. The compartments ensure the available space is bigger. Items such as socks and undergarments can be a headache to find when they mix up. However, the chambers will make your spot fast.

13. Hang your scarves

However daunting it can be, hanging scarves on the hangers should be a must. It ensures your scarves remain wrinkle-free. Thus, you can use your scarves regularly. Besides, it will help in saving closet space.

14. Use wall spaces to hang accessories

Wall spaces can be a great place to hanging your accessories such as belts, necklaces, hats, chains, and ties. You can use a personalized elegant coat rack or a towel hook. Alternatively, you could attach a burlap using safety pins. You could even use a pegboard or reuse a metal rake head to place your jewelry. You must bring out your creativity and come up with a unique design for your DIY storage.

15. Organize your drawers depending on your dressing methodology

When you arrange everything with how you dress up, then your morning routine becomes more relaxed. Besides, you will have an easy time trying to figure out where you have put a particular garment. It calls for you to get creative in your closet organization. For instance, you could place your undergarments or any other clothing you wear first on the top drawer. You can then put trousers in the next one and tops in the following closet.

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16. Mark the frequency of putting your clothes on the hangers

You can overturn the hangers to spot the clothes you least wear. That way, your hangers for the frequently worn clothes will face the opposite direction. You could use beautiful ribbons to mark or tie on the hanger a sellotape where you will write the date you wore it written. The trick will enable you to identify the least used items and frequently worn quickly. It thus makes your work more straightforward when you decide on clothes purge. You can use the marks to identify and donate clothes that remain unused after five months.

17. Buy one, give away another

Despite adopting the best organization techniques, you will always have a pile of items that no longer fit, or you don’t love anymore. It is especially the case if you are a shopping addict. The secret to avoiding you’re your unused clothes from becoming unmanageable is by strictly following the rule of one item in, another out rule.

In the rule, when you buy a new item, you have to give away one piece too. So, you bought a dress? Be ready to ditch one cloth. It does not necessarily have to be a dress. It ensures your clothes do not become too many to handle.

However, there are those clothes we wear once a year, yet they bring us so much joy. Should they go? Well, no. There’s a caveat that warns against throwing away things that bring us happiness. Instead, ensure the cloth is clean and fresh, then place it in your garment bag. Thus, when you need it, you can reach out to it. Besides, its good order may motivate you to wear it a bit too often.

Besides, you could ask a friend to help you choose items that no longer suit you. In case you are a hoarder, your friend’s honest advice could come in handy. You will have a second opinion on the items you should dispose of. Thus, you will be able to make better decisions about clothes. Besides, your friend may like a cloth or two in the donating lot.

18. Style the wardrobe

You could also spice up the appearance of your closet using wallpaper or a piece of art. Besides, it makes your wardrobe more appealing. Don’t your stuffed dolls and flowers look stunning? Wouldn’t they make your closet stand out? Yes, however, the items collect dust. Thus they will make your clothes to be less fresh.

19. Invest in quality rather than quantity

Quality clothes not only make you look good when you’ve worn them, but they also enhance the appearance of your closet. When you are purchasing clothes, always ensure that they offer a variety of combinations and versatile. Hence, your clothes will last you longer; thus, saving you money in the long run.

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20. Maintaining your recent closet organization

When you work on keeping your new closet appearance, then arranging it the next time will take lesser time. Therefore, you must organize your clothes and ensure your closet is in perfect condition at least once every week. Also, you should ensure to do a complete wardrobe makeover once every month. You can then tackle an entire reorganization process twice annually. You can also schedule a closet time. That way, you will ensure you do your cleaning without missing. Besides, anytime you find it hard to find an item, then it could signal that your wardrobe needs reorganization.

Thank you for reading with us today! Enjoyed our piece on tips on organizing your wardrobe? Be sure to leave a comment below letting us know your techniques on organizing. Did we cover everything?

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