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13 Places To Find The Best Deals For cheap Toys

Getting your kid’s toys has never been more comfortable thanks to toy online stores. Read our guide for the 13 places to find the best deals for toys!

13 Places to Find the Best Deals for Toys
Getting your kid's toys has never been more comfortable thanks to toy online stores. Read our guide for the 13 places to find the best deals for toys!

Getting your kid’s toys has never been more comfortable thanks to toy online stores. Read our guide for the 13 places to find the best deals for toys!

It is convenient, makes the comparison of prices more comfortable, not to mention the favorable coupons and discounts. For these reasons, the number of online shoppers has grown over the years.

Well, you can’t blame it; no one likes the frustration of gassing up your car and driving to a local store. You then spend hours looking up the shelves and not find what you wanted. Online stores, on the other hand, offer a variety of options. You will get many alternatives for the latest toys. If not, the toys will be unique and carefully designed to meet the needs of your little one. Things get even better as the shipping cost is often low with some offering free shipping

The website, Toys R Us, provided a tranquil getaway whenever you needed to buy toys. Your kid probably used to sing that they will never grow up as they are kids of the Toy R Us. Unfortunately, it was shut down on March 29, 2018. You are probably here because you are wondering where else you can enjoy great deals on toys when shopping online. Below are the ten best sites to purchase toys online.

1. Amazon

Well, Amazon can’t miss out on the list since it’s the world’s most significant and record-breaking online store, amazon also tops in the online toy sell worldwide. You can never get enough of the toys at amazon. The online store has millions of toys; thus, you can get every kind of toy your love one can wish for. As you can expect, it makes decision making tough. But this is not a bad thing. It is better to have a hard time deciding on the item to purchase than to lack a unique toy to pick.

Amazon offers numerous filters; thus, you can easily spot the toys you want. Your shopping experience becomes enticing as you can easily locate new toys in the market and the best-selling ones. To obtain maximum benefit, you should get an amazon prime by paying an annual subscription fee. You will thus be able to enjoy a variety of perks such as two-day free shipping.

Also, you will be able to enjoy so many deals, such as the lightning deal, where you can get thousands of toys at meager prices. According to studies done by digital trends, amazon offers the latest high-quality tech toys. Thus, no matter your child’s age, you can get some tech toys to suit his needs. Its firm customer care policy ensures you get satisfactory service to the end.

2. Fat Brain Toys

The site has a firm grip on offering educational and kids learning toys. It has been in business for more than ten years. Wouldn’t you want your kids to grow into smart and intelligent adults? Well, there is no better way than to start jogging their minds at their tender age. But then keeping your kids entertained while teaching them can be daunting.  Also, even when you are available 24/7, you may never be sure of the knowledge that you need to impact your kid and how much is too much. Fat brain toys offer the solution you need.

Fat Brain Toys offers high quality and creative toys and games to help entertain and educate your kids. The toys are unique. It creates most of these games and toys thus may not be available in other stores. Besides, fat brain toys have been in business for more than ten years. They won an award in 2013 for offering the best kids toys. Their competency proof does not stop there, well the site has also received hundreds on mentions from famous companies and blogs. For instance, it appears in Buzzfeed’s best toy retailer. The spruce also listed it among the most outstanding online stores. Also, the blog of the friendship circle recommends it to provide toys to help special needs kids.

It arouses your kid’s creativity to real-life events, not just the gaming world. You will get toys like the magnetic kit, brainteaser games, science. Fat brain toys also provide so many toys for entertaining and teaching special kids. The shopping experience is also favorable and allows you to easily select your desired category, such as age, best seller, generic name.

3. Crate & Barrel

Are you searching for fun furniture for your kids, which are also stylish enough not to bring an awkward look in your home? Crate and barrel should provide a perfect solution. It specializes in making modern décor and furniture for kid’s play activities. Some of these décors include tents, puzzles, and vehicles, dress up, and imaginary play toys.

Not only do they offer décor and beddings for kids, but the website provides a wide variety of toys. They are of high quality and are not available in other stores. Well, this quality made the crate and barrel to appear in the record of the five coolest sites to shop for kids.

Crate and barrel guarantee you quality products that you will not just spot in every store. The décor and furniture have appealing aesthetic; thus, they won’t leave you wanting to throw them when guests are coming over.  They are also of high quality, ensuring no breakage no muter how vigorous your kids are in handling them. Besides, they offer coupons which help in slashing down the cost. The shipping fee is a flat rate of $5, but they also offer free shipping occasionally. Hence you may save a considerable amount of money if you were bulk buying.

4. Tin Toy Arcade

Are you looking for classic toys to surprise your loved one? Then you should visit Tin Toy Arcade when shopping. Shoppers approved show that it has a review valuation of 4.7/ 5 stars from its customers who are beyond 30,000. Furthermore, Better Business Bureau awarded it an A+ rating. Hence it guarantees you will receive quality toys from these online stores.

They offer a variety of products such as novelties, retro items, and set. You can’t lack a unique toy to gift your child. The items in their inventory include tin robots, slinky items,  and magic sets. Besides, the toys are in categories for a more comfortable search. You can easily find your desired toy searching according to age, Trending, and type. The shipping fee is often a fixed fee of $8. However, you get to enjoy occasional free shipping. The most common way to earn free shipping is when your order is beyond $35.

5. Fish Pond

Fish Pond is distinguishable because it delivers items across the world. It is also a favorable shopping store because of its free shipping offer. Besides, it provides a diverse number of toys at affordable prices. The toys are not limited in number; fish pond offers millions of toys. Thus, you can comfortably shop for your child’s toy regardless of their age. The items in their inventory include bikes, musical toys, dolls, scooters, and construction items. It also offers unbranded toys like lego Mellissa &doug, which are way cheaper. They provide huge discounts on branded items. Thus, you get to save too.

Check out Fish Pond’s selection of toys here!

6. Hearthsong

Shopping in Hearthsong allows your child to enjoy owning unique toys among his or her friends. Besides, the toys will promote your child to develop creativity even outside the play world. They also stimulate active play, which is vital in your child’s development. The toys they sell include robotic and science items, puppets, unique swings, or plush toys and building sets.

Besides, the site has a clean homepage making it easier to navigate. You can easily spot your items by searching your desired category, age, latest holiday releases, and your child’s interest. Their shipping fee varies depending on the cost of the items bought; the lowest shipping fee is $6. However, Hearthsong also offers varying coupons, which may come with free shipping advances.

7. Magic Cabin

Google reviews show that Magic Cabin has a total customer review of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The online retailer earned its favor due to the high quality of its toys. Furthermore, customer service is friendly and efficient, making shipping fast without hurdles. The apartment therapy recommends it like the best toy designer.

The retail has numerous toys, and you will get a suitable toy for your young one regardless of their age. Besides, the toys help promote imagination; thus, it encourages the increment of your child’s IQ level. Also, it fosters active play, which is necessary when it comes to the proper development of your child.

You can get some of the toys from magic cabin include nesting dolls and marble run playset, which help in promoting creativity. They also deal with branded items.

The retailer’s home page is clean, making navigation and ordering process much more comfortable. You can apply some features such as gender, price, or your child’s age for you to locate your desired items fast. Besides, it provides the option to further narrow down to finding toys exclusively designed in Europe or the latest toys. Their shipping charges start from $6 and vary depending on the total price of items bought. However, you get free shipping if you purchase items worth $49 and beyond.

8. Mary Arnold Toys

It has been in the industry since 1931. Well, it couldn’t miss in the list as it has more experience in the industry. Thus you can expect a quality product from it. It offers a range of items, from unique toys to top brand items. Its many years of service guarantee satisfactory customer services.

Mary Arnold Toys has its headquarters in New York though you can always order their toys from their website.  It Is popular since you get to buy distinct items. Furthermore, you can get popular brands such as Thomas the train or Barbie. It also provides a diverse number of toys since you can buy international toys or organic items. You can always get toys from categories such as imaginary play items, sports gifts, or electronic items. Besides, no matter how old your child is, you can always find something suitable for them. You also enjoy free shipping in case you are within their locality. However, international shipping cost depends on the total cost of the items purchased.

9. WalMart

Like Amazon, the retail store has the attention of a large share of the population due to the variety it offers. You can get tech toys. It also offers over 25 popular toy brands such as LOL surprise, fisher price, first act, and Nerf.

The low price offered by WalMart helps them maintain their large customer base. Besides, why would you visit another site if you have every item you need under one roof?

Besides, you get a two-day shipping advantage when you shop items totaling to more than $35. If it is less than $35, then you will pay a fixed fee of $6. You can also decide to pick the item from a local store closer to you. To enjoy this benefit, you need to look out for items with the label-free pick-up and discount. However, you need to be aware that it also allows third party traders to sell their toys too. In such a case, you may pay some additional fees or shipping costs if it isn’t sold directly by WalMart.

Check out more toys from Walmart here!


It provides diverse toys and brands. You can buy your little one kids’ tablet, construction set, or dolls. Due to the wide variety, it offers you can get a toy for your kid no matter their age. Besides, Target aims to meet every child’s interest.

Also, it offers low prices; thus, you will get great deals and get to save money. Its exclusive deals will also save you a significant amount of money. For instance, it offers 50% off on some items. Besides, you will be able to access toys with brands that are hard to come across like Hatchimals.

You can shop items from Target and get to pick the at the nearest store pick up without any shipping changes. Besides, you also can enjoy free dive your services where your items will get delivered in your car for free. In case you obtain a target RED card, then you become eligible for a maximum of 5 days free shipping of all your purchased items. The retailer also provides free shipping during holidays.

11. Zulily

Browsing through Zulily can be fun as you get to see a wide variety of toys. It does not just specialize in kids’ items but also includes attractive bedding, games, and clothes. Its popularity is on the increase due to the discounted price it offers.

However, Zulily stocks only limited items but also sell quite fast. But aside from that, the site has a clean home page, which makes it easy to navigate. It organizes its items according to events. Each event lasts up to 3 days. Thus, you will have a variety of popular trendy items to select from. Besides, its toys are in categories that make filtering quite fast and straightforward.

Starting up an account is also quite fast and takes only three steps. The retailer has excellent exclusive deals, which can be a 50% discount; thus, you may save a lot. It changes the shipping fee, which is quite low, starting from $5.95. However, the charges rise with an increase in the total price of your item.

12. Overstock

Toys shouldn’t be something that causes you to have financial strain. Overstock understands hence offering affordable toys. they also offer great deals through coupons and black Fridays which can save you a massive amount of money

The platform is easy to navigate as the items are organized in categories. You can, therefore, get what you want quite fast. Besides, their shipping charges are low, starting from $4.9. Also, you get to enjoy free shipping if you purchase items beyond $45.

13. Kmart

It ends the list not because it is inferior to the others, but well, there must be a final point. If you want to buy exceptional items for kid’s birthday or you can’t wait to surprise your little one, nothing will do the trick than a perfect gift. Kmart can help you out on that. It has a diverse number of toys. Thus, you will find something suitable regardless of your young one’s age or interests.

Kmart also has toys from popular brands such as Nerf toys. Technology takes up most of our activities today. Your child will also enjoy learning about technology and get to catch up this early. At Kmart, you will get technology toys such as a kid’s android tablet, which they can use to enjoy games like the angry birds.

You also get to enjoy free shipping for items costing above $49. You can enjoy free shipping and get to pick your item at the nearest local store. However, items shipped by third parties may not enjoy this free shipping.

That’s it for this list, but do you know any more places for the best deals for toys? What’s your child’s favorite toy? Let us know in the comments below!

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