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12 Best Free Educational Apps for Kids

12 Best Free Educational Apps for Kids

Are you looking for the best free educational app for your kids this year? The answer might surprise you, especially if you are not aware that there exist free apps to enlighten your kids and save you some money. Keep reading as we unveil more details concerning these new inventions around this period.

Software developers are ever creating new platforms to enhance the user experience. Notably, they are factoring the issues of kids for them to get the right information with the correct stuff. However, you may require proper information for one to select the appropriate apps for your kids.

Children have a critical role to play in the implementation of new technology. But, the real question is, are you guiding them properly to ensure they own the right apps on their gadgets? Of course, it’s the parental responsibility to ensure your kids only maintain educative apps.

This write-up will generously share the best apps for your kids. Let’s dive in right away!

1. Duolingo

Do you want your child to learn an additional language? Indeed, if your kid gains an additional language, it improves his or her ability to interact. For that matter, you can download the Duolingo app to assist your children in learning an expression of their choice.

One thing for sure about this app is that it contains over 30 different languages for your learning. There are methods in the app procedures that can simplify your learning. Firstly, you can begin the learning exercise through the audio.

Another option to make your effortless learning is through word identification. Also, there are some oral exercises that you can combine to increase your kid’s learning skills. Therefore, this app is both useful to kids or parents for empowerment at no cost.

2. Hungry Caterpillar Play School

If you have a kid who is ripe to start schooling, then you can put the Hungary Caterpillar Play School app in your mind. What makes this app stand out from the rest? The answer is simple. This app has basic features for foundational learning.

The app developer was wise to include all the five critical areas of learning for beginner kids. Most importantly, they include alphabets, numbers, shapes, and colors. What’s more, your kid will enjoy the book reading exercise, simple puzzles, and arts.

You can also distinguish this software application from the rest due to its beautiful design. The software also has 3D details that make it produce modern images and enhance the user experience. You can freely download it for your kids who range between one and five years.

3. Quick Math Jr.

Quick Math is one of the best apps from those kids at elementary school. Do you know that mathematics can be discouraging to some of your kids? Worry not, as this app will take care of that challenge.

The app works by transforming the numbers to something that is interactive and more creative to lighten up the user’s interest. It has at least twelve mathematical games that feature basic math concepts and skills.

The kids can make use of its unique graphics with buildable characters to make the lesson lively and more engaging. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the app gives a provision to the kid to handwrite the answers.

Alternatively, the app draws the answer on the screen to allow your kids to practice writing. Lastly, the app is free and suitable for kids between ages 4 and 8 years.

4. Lightbot: Code Hour

When you want to help your kids to start coding, then lightbot can be your app for the exercise. The app will introduce your kids to some basic knowledge in the coding environment for software development.

Is it a complicated app to use? Not really, but the user must get inspired to develop a keen interest in the logic of the computer which developers use. The only difference is that one may not do the real coding for any program to run.

So, how does it work? The kids will access the lightbot via different pathways commonly featured in the code. Overall, your kid will have an opportunity to familiarize himself with computer programming and coding effortlessly.

You can make your child a future programmer by downloading this app at no cost. You can get this program on both android and iOS platforms. The apps target those kids at ages of eight years and above.

5. Brainpop Jr. Movie of the Week

Brainpop is a popular app that features educational and entertaining movies for your kid over a remarkable period. Interestingly, watching the videos on the app is not the only thing, but there are short quizzes for the kids to answer.

This product has both free and subscription version. You can get other videos from the subscription version. However, the free option will also give you videos plus the movie of the week. 

The videos cover a wide range of topics to aid your kids to discover more while on the mission of learning. The most common issues are bullying, internet safety, among others.

You can download this app on Amazon or other sources such as Android and iOS. The app is cost-free with a subscription option. Typically, it is suitable for kids between the ages of 6 to 9 years.

6. Swift Playgrounds

You can begin to prepare your kid to be a future programmer by making use of Swift Playgrounds. It is interesting to note that Swift Playgrounds is an app that favors older kids.

The developer of this app is Apple, and his primary intention was to introduce the older kids to programming. When the kid gets used to the coding language at an early stage, they may graduate to a dependable software developers afterwards.

The app has a unique way of presenting learning techniques. One can either learn through dynamic visuals or targeted lessons. As if that is not all, you can also use the puzzles to learn basic coding.

The downside of this app is that it works only on iPads. On the other side, the design of the app may look appealing with some fans to play. After all, it is free, and you can get it from iOS, and it is ideal for kids from 9 years and above.

7. YouTube Kids

Do you know that your kids are getting a lot of influence from online videos? It is the responsibility of the parent to control the type of content that your kids may watch. For that reason, manufacturers came out with an app to assist kids.

YouTube Kids is an app that will screen YouTube videos and allow your kids to access the right videos. However, every set algorithm is never perfect. Let the parents take the forefront steps to regulate what their kids can watch.

Your kids must download relevant videos that add value to their life and morals. You can find this app on Android or iOS. It is free to use and suitable for kids between ages 2 to 12 years.

8. PBS Kids Games

PBS came up with a collection of games all around the globe. It will be in the right direction for one to use this app for watching these games irrespective of your location. Your kids are ever looking for entertainment, and this app can kill the boredom.

So, which types of games are there within the app? Firstly, there are entertainment games of all kinds. But that is not all. The games also cover extensive subjects like reading as well as math.

More importantly, there is a PBS video that adds up as a free app. It displays multiple episodes and clips that are educative to the audience.

You can download the app on the Amazon App Store, Android, or iOS. Furthermore, the app is absolutely at no cost. It bests suits the kids between the ages of 2 to 7 years.

9. Nick Jr.

As a parent, you can prevent your kids from fighting over the TV remote control gadget by introducing them to a different platform. Yes, the kids can watch their favorite shows on the Nick Jr. app satisfactorily.

Interestingly, the app boasts of numerous games, some of which are educational and others not. Typically, all these collections of games originate from Nick Jr. shows that favors the kids.

Interestingly, the app has a provision to enter the provider’s information for one to access some parts of the app. You don’t have to worry if that provision sounds strange to you since you can access your videos at no struggle.

When the developer came up with this software, he had the interests of kids between the ages of 2 to 7 years in mind. Furthermore, the app is free, whereby you can download it from either Amazon App Store, iOS, or Android.

10. Starfall ABCs

You can help your kids in learning the alphabets by installing the Starfall ABC in their gadgets. The app is ever fun to operate. Firstly, the developer created animated features that display knowledge about learning letters and alphabets.

The software is perfect for beginner kids who are starting the necessary learning process. It gets better when it displays sign languages for learning your alphabet. However, more features about the app are on the paid version.

The paid version cannot make one overlook the free version.  Both platforms can help your kids understand basic math concepts. The app is ideal for the kids in the bracket of 2 to 5 years. You can download it from Android or iOS.

11. Epic

You can simplify the reading ability of your kids by acquiring the Epic app. The app has an e-book library that features over 35,000 books for your kids. Interestingly, the app has a read-to-me feature to help the children who are yet to know how to read.

The good news about this app is that your kids will have ample time learning and perfecting their reading skills. The app favors many families who have children in different age categories.

The user can get this app from Android or iOS. The kids that use this app may range from age 2to 12 years. Notably, the app allows a free version to run only for a month. Therefore, you may later subscribe at a monthly fee.

12. will be the best pick among the equals if you decide to settle for it. The app gained popularity because of its exceptional features that make it outstanding. Interestingly, you can get this app from both the website and the app.

It has a detailed but straightforward design to educate your kids. For starters, you can take advantage of story-based videos, which are full of fun to make the app more engaging. Still, after the stories, some quizzes come after the episode to evaluate the user’s understanding of the full content.

The app has many customer reviews who recommend it to many parents that are in search of better educational apps. It has functional designs that one can use to learn numerous things as pertains to education.

The app is available on different platforms for the interested person to download, especially Amazon Apps Store and Android. The downside with this app is that the free version does not go beyond one month. It is suitable for kids between 2 to 8 years.

In Conclusion

We live in a digital era where technological innovation and development is what defines the current society. The use of modern techniques to educate our kids is becoming the order of the day.

Caution is necessary to control what your kids can access by not compromising the integrity. Parental guidance is critical here. The world is now tech-savvy, and any development on that line gets more appreciations.

This article contains some apps that a parent can adopt to assist the kids in gaining knowledge through engaging interactions. There are multiple apps in the market, both free and payable. Unfortunately, the exercise of knowing the correct one can be challenging.

At last, your journey of discovering the best educational app has come to an end. The above list contains the best alternatives to activate your dream.

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