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11 Best Hot Air Rollers to Make Perfect Curls

11 Best Hot Air Rollers to Make Perfect Curls

Your hair is your crowning glory. Those locks of yours speak volumes. Your hair tells people a lot about you like how you’re feeling and what your personality is like. That’s why you want your hair to look its best, no matter what.

Having gorgeous hair gives you an instant boost of confidence. If you’re having an awesome hair day, you feel on top of your game. If you’d like to take your hair’s eye appeal up a notch by sporting big beautiful curls, you need hot hair rollers!

Hot Air Rollers for Instant Volume & Hair Pizazz 

Hot air rollers, or hair setters as they’re also called, are awesome. They can help you get great curls regardless of your hair type. And it doesn’t matter what the weather’s like either. Hot air rollers create bouncy curls with staying power to outmatch even the hottest days with high humidity. 

If you’re a skeptic who has styling products to help you create curls, you may think you don’t need hot air rollers. But think again. Hot air rollers can give you something your curling wand and iron can’t and that’s instant volume.

It’s super convenient to use hot air rollers and you’ll be amazed at how much height and body your hair will get. And it all happens in a few short, hands-free minutes!

Our List of the Best Hot Air Rollers for Perfect Curls

Take a look at our list of the best hot air rollers on the market today. These are given top marks by hair experts and consumers alike. It doesn’t matter which of these hot air roller sets you end up choosing. They’re all effective, affordable, and well-liked by women everywhere. 

1. Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hot Rollers

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With this set of twelve rollers that come in jumbo and super jumbo sizes, you can get those big, bouncy, gorgeous curls you want. This hot air roller set uses ceramic technology for quick, even heat-up. 

The twelve velvety rollers come with super clips for a tight hold. In just 85 seconds, the rollers heat up in the unit so you can start styling. Using these rollers is the same procedure for all hot air rollers. You only need to: 

  • Make sure your hair is clean and tangle-free 
  • Section off your hair 
  • Place a roller in a section and wind it toward your scalp
  • Wait  a few minutes 
  • Unroll your hair to release your bouncy, silky curls 

This Conair product is one of the best hot air rollers to make perfect curls. It’s priced nice too so check it out. 

2. BabyBlissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hairsetter

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The experts at BabyBliss know women’s hair and they know it well. The Nano-Titanium Roller set creates long-lasting gorgeous curls. Included in this set are 12 flocked jumbo rollers ( 1 ½ inch) with ceramic cores. You also get twelve butterfly clips and twelve color-coded metal clips. That’s all you need to curl even the longest hair. 

The unit itself is lightweight, compact and comes with a handy travel case. It has an on-off switch with an indicator light. These rollers heat up quickly and evenly thanks to the ceramic technology. The innovative color-changing sensors on the roller tips tell you when it’s time to curl your hair. 

With BabyBliss Pro Nano, you’ll get healthy-looking, beautiful curls, whether your hair is thick, thin, frizzy or something in between. 

3. Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter

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If you’re tired of having straight, boring hair, this Remington hair setter will take your ho-hum hair to an entirely new level. You’ll get bouncy, long-lasting curls that impress.  

This hair setter by Remington uses thermal wax core rollers to create curls with real staying power. The rollers’ special centers mean they hold high heat longer for better curls and volume. 

You get twenty velvety rollers and three clips. The rollers come in three different sizes (¼ inch, 1 inch, and 1 ¼ inch) for a lot of curl versatility. When you use this product, your curls look perfect and never creased. 

4. Caruso Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers

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Do you love to travel but hate carrying along loads of hairstyling tools? Then this Caruso Steam Hairsetter is for you. It comes with 30 foam rollers of various sizes, a storage bag for easy organization & transport and dual-voltage power for international use. 

When you use this hair setter, you’ll never feel like you’re frying your hair. You won’t burn your fingers either. And the included clips stay put too. These rollers gently infuse steam into your hair for great-looking curls that last all day.

Women who use this set of hot air rollers say that nothing curls like Caruso, and they’re spot on. This is a great, no-nonsense curl-producer that does what it’s designed to do: Give your hair long-lasting perfect curls. 

5. Revlon Curls to Go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers

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Revlon’s Curls to Go hot air rollers come in a handy travel storage pouch. This set gives you ten easy wrap rollers to make loose curls and waves. These rollers use ionic technology to ensure your hair comes out shiny, less frizzy, and smooth. And of course, you’ll have amazingly perfect curls every single time. 

The ready dot indicators on the roller ends tell you when the rollers are hot and ready to use. This hair setter is a perfect size and it has all you need to get bouncy curls everywhere you go. The ten rollers with triple ceramic coating set curls perfectly. This compact, lightweight hair setter with the pink storage pouch delivers curls on demand. 

6. Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers w/ Ceramic Technology

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This is a dual-voltage compact set of hot air rollers by Conair that comes with eight large 1-inch rollers and four medium 3/4-inch rollers. It’s a take-anywhere hair setter that works as advertised. It helps you get silky smooth curls that are picture-perfect. 

The ceramic technology ensures fast heat up and even heat distribution. Do you want tight, firm curls? Use the smaller rollers. Have your heart set on big bouncy curls that turn heads? Then heat up and roll away with the larger size rollers.

Conair gets our vote every time for great hair styling products that work like magic. This set of hot air rollers is no exception. It’s an impressive, affordable, lightweight hair setter you can take anywhere and use whenever you want curls. 

7. John Freida Body & Shine Smooth Waves, 5 2-Inch Jumbo

Buy your own, here!

When you want big luscious bouncy curls, you need this John Freida set of hot air rollers. This set offers five, 2-inch titanium ceramic flocked jumbo rollers. You also get a butterfly clip; that holds your hair firmly in place while you’re getting curls. 

This premium hair setter heats up fast and comes with a handy storage/travel pouch. It’s ionic conditioning technology crates manageable curls. When you use this set, you’ll get amazingly curly hair that looks and feels healthy. 

The shine and smoothness you get from these rollers in unparalleled. There’s nothing to complain about here, just a hair setter that delivers on all its promises. 

8. Calista Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers

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This is many curl lovers’ favorite hair setter that comes with a set of twelve rollers. You get both 1-inch and 1 ½-inch rollers plus a sturdy, zippered carry case with a handle. 

Hot Waves made waves in the hairstyling world with this hair setter. It’s one of the first heated rollers to come with two temperature settings and 3 unique roller sizes, short, long, and body wavers. This means you can choose the ideal heat setting and size to create the exact type of curls you want. 

You’ll also get easy-to-use butterfly clips and rollers featuring the latest ionic moisture infusion technology. 

9. Conair Instant Heat Travel Hot Rollers

Buy your own, here!

Just because you travel a lot doesn’t mean you can’t have curly hair. This Conair travel set of hot air rollers comes with five jumbo rollers. These rollers are not ordinary, by any stretch of the imagination. They have stay-cool end rings and flocked velvety surfaces for even heating and safe use.

This is a dual voltage hair setter for worldwide travel. It offers more heat protection for all types of hair. The unit heats up in just two minutes, so you can curl your hair quickly while on the go. 

10. T3 Micro Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE, Premium Hair Curler Set

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While it’s a bit on the costly side, this TC Micro set of hot air rollers is a high-performer. Inside each roller is a ceramic PTC heater that self-regulates its wattage for perfect curls every time. It comes with four 1 ½ inch and four 2-inch rollers.

This hair setter heats up in just three minutes. This quick heat technology allows you to get the curls you want in record time. For fresh curls and a salon finish that lasts all day, this is a must-have hot air roller set.

11. Remington H9100S Pro Hair Setter w/ Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology

Buy your own, here!

Rounding out our list of the best hot air rollers is this Remington product. At first glance, this hair setter looks completely different from most. Why the unique design? Because it has a built-in vertical roller rack that heats up in just 90 seconds. 

This pro hair setter helps you get curls in five minutes. The heating/storage base is orientated vertically. This makes it a better option for your dresser or makeup table. This hot air roller set heats curls from the inside and outside for long-lasting curls that shine. 

This made in the USA product comes in a space-saving design, complete with a cord-hiding storage option.


Whether you’re one of the lucky ones with a whole lotta hair or somebody with thin than that needs a boost, hot air rollers make perfect curls. Choose your favorite from our list of the best hot air rollers. Then get busy creating bouncy, voluminous curls until your heart’s content!

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