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11 Best CC Creams on the Market

11 Best CC Creams on the Market

Getting the right CC cream is the secret of every woman to getting out there in the world looking their best. Why? The moment you get the right CC cream for your skin will definitely have your makeup right. Perhaps you are wondering what the CC cream is all about.

Well, CC stands for color correcting cream. The truth is, it’s never a walk in the park finding one that suits you best. But never mind if it’s the first time to invest in the cream, and you have no idea where to start because you just visited the right site. Here we bring you a compilation of several top quality CC creams that are available in the market. Also included in the review is a buying guide that will position you to purchase a cream that’s worth investing in. But wait a bit! Why buy a CC cream?

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t like wearing too many products on their faces, the CC cream is all you need. It is such a multi-tasker. It plays the role of both a concealer and a sunscreen so you won’t have to apply all these products once you get the CC cream on.

11 Best CC Creams on the Market 2019

1. IT Cosmetics Better CC Cream with SPF 50

Is it a color corrector or an anti-aging cream you are looking for? The IT cosmetics should be your top choice cream. It is gentle on the skin and keeps it protected from ultraviolet sunlight rays. It keeps the skin shiny and hydrated, as well. It is also an excellent remedy for individuals with oily skin since it is matte and oil-free as well. The cream also does a great job of eliminating dark spots for a smooth, flawless appearance. Also, with tea tree extracts, the cream enhances the overall tone of your skin. For the best results, always apply this cream 15 minutes before sun exposure. 

Try It Cosmetics, here.


  • The cream is a perfect choice for anyone that has oily skin. Its ingredients don’t contain oily products that would be a complete mess on your skin. 
  • It has a nice feel. The cream is not too thin or too thick. This makes it very easy to apply, and a single squirt is simply enough for a one-time application. 
  • It has an anti-aging edge, ensuring that your skin remains young and elegant even as you advance in age. 
  • If you live in an environment where you get exposed to sunlight, this cream is great for preventing skin cancer. It ensures that the skin is protected from harmful UV sunlight rays. 


  • The cream is not available in different shades. 

2. Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+

Your skin bettertTM cream is the gateway to unlimited elegance on your skin. To begin with, the cream is tested and approved by medical professionals to confirm that it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients that may harm your skin. Basically, this is a cream that sorts out all your skin problems beginning from uneven skin tone to black spots. It also contains ingredients rich in fruit vitamins such as orange, grapefruit, and lemon. SPF50+sunscreen mineral is also added to provide maximum protection against harmful sun rays. It gives the skin a pleasant glow and a smooth touch.

Try It Cosmetics, here.


  • This CC cream doesn’t fade away even after wearing it all day long. Actually washing it off completely could be some bit of work. 
  • It’s the way to go for individuals with sensitive skin. You won’t end up with rashes or black spots just because you used the cream. 
  • The cream gives you a dazzling attractive look while also maintaining your natural look. 
  • It is the bomb when it comes to moisturizing the skin without leaving it clogged. 


  • The cream doesn’t work for persons in need of a more than natural look. 

3. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream

Most beauty gurus will tell you that good makeup is that which leaves you with a glamorous natural look. Well, I would call the Bare mineral cc cream the queen of the natural look with the subtle tint it leaves behind once applied. The cream keeps the skin hydrated while also protecting it from harmful sun rays. Its ingredients entail marine products that do an excellent job of enhancing skin texture. It also blends well with other makeup products. It is light, so it won’t leave a bulky layer of makeup on top of your kin. Also, in an event where you will sweat, this cream works magic to maintain a fair look on the skin. There is nothing else that takes away a load of daily makeup and gives you beautiful skin all day any day.

Try bareMinerals, here.


  • It offers absolute protection from direct sunlight rays. With this, the skin is protected from sunburns or skin cancer, resulting from continuous exposure to UV rays.
  • It is an amazing alternative of looking elegant without necessarily wearing a full makeup face. 
  • The cream doesn’t leave your skin breaking if you have the oily skin type. 
  • With the cream, your skin remains healthy since it does not contain any chemical sunscreens or mineral oil. 
  • It’s a versatile cream that blends amazingly with your skin leaving it smooth, radiant, and healthy. 


  • Not a good option for people with oily skin. 

4. Maybelline Dream Fresh

If you are part of the reserved type that leans on the non-obvious makeup, the Maybelline dream fresh cream should be in your bucket list. It gives you a brilliant dewy look without leaving you with much of a revealed makeup face. The cream is versatile as well: it smoothes, protects, and hydrates the skin. It gets rid of redness on the skin and enhances the appearance of an even skin tone. The broad spectrum SPF30 keeps your skin protected from UV sunlight rays. It doesn’t contain any oil products making it an excellent option for individuals with oily skin. The Maybelline cc cream is suitable for all kinds of skin tones. It comes in five shades ranging from light skin tone to deep skin tone. Whatever your skin tone, you have its needs sorted by this Dream Fresh cream.

Try Maybelline, here.


  • This cream immensely covers the skin pores leaving you with an even attractive skin tone. 
  • Being light-toned, the cream does not get clogged inside wrinkles or skin pores, which also ensures that your face doesn’t look excessively oily once you wear it.
  • With SPF30, you don’t have to worry about the UV sunlight rays if you live in a sunny environment. The cream keeps you 100% shielded from harmful sunlight rays. 
  • It’s a great anti-aging cream for women in their forties and fifties since it helps in keeping the skin healthy and nourished. 
  • The cream offers a reasonable amount of coverage without making it feel like you are wearing sunscreen because it’s pretty lightweight. 


  • The cream doesn’t work as full makeup for people that may want a CC cream to substitute their whole make up kit. 

Mary Kay CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ~ Light to Medium

Are you having trouble with finding the appropriate CC cream to suit your skin type? You don’t need to search anymore because Mary Kay got you. The Mary Kay CC cream is specially made with suitability for all skin types, whether oily or dry. It is lightweight, which makes it an excellent option for that person who wishes to attain a dazzling natural glow. With SPF 15, the cream keeps your skin protected while out there under direct sunlight. It keeps the skin even, smooth and dewy all day long, even during hot weather. It blends perfectly with the skin without creating a cloggy effect.

Try Mary Kay, here.


  • You definitely wouldn’t love wearing a weird-smelling cream on your face. With that, Mary Kay brings you an odor-free cream to ensure all-day comfort. 
  • The cream minimizes skin redness and skin pore visibility to create a uniform skin tone. 
  • With lightweight coverage, the cream provides a naturally elegant appearance. This is an attractive feature for individuals that are makeup-shy.
  • The cream has plenty of skin-soothing benefits that play a big role in nurturing the skin’s health not only in the present but in the future as well. 
  • It is also tested and approved by a dermatologist as safe for use with sensitive skin for desired results. 


  • It doesn’t give satisfactory results for anyone looking for heavy coverage. 

6. Lumene Color Correcting Crème

Talk of flawless elegance with less effort; this is what Lumene color-correcting cream does for you. With the cream, you don’t have to apply layers of makeup to pull that dazzling look. It is 6-in-1 contains a concealer, illuminator, primer, long-wear, and SPF20. Just wear it before stepping out there, and you will be amazed at how you get back home without a single sunburn. This is regardless of having been under sunny weather thanks to the cream’s astounding SPF20 capability in UV sunlight rays protection. It does a great job of concealing marks and skin texture enhancement. Amazingly, the cream is light weighted, yet it provides adequate coverage once it’s worn.

Try Lumene, here.


  • The cream looks really natural; thus, an excellent option for anyone who toned down makeup is their thing. 
  •  With SPF20 capability included, you can run your all-day-long errands under direct sunlight without taking home any sunburn. 
  •  Once applied, the cream leaves behind a semi-matte finish that keeps the skin glowing for the longest time. 
  •  If you are planning to use some other makeup on top of the cream, it works all well for you since it gets completely soaked into the skin within five minutes. 
  • It does a great job in toning dry skin
  •  It has zero percent fragrance for those who do not like any kind of scents. 


  • Not a great option for persons that prefer scented facial make up. 

7. L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift CC Cream, Light/Medium

Need to make that ideal first impression without much ado? The L’Oreal Paris visible CC cream goes all the way in making you achieve that. To begin with, the cream has a lightweight coverage with which you achieve a glossy look while maintaining your natural look. It also adds a softer, younger, and nourished look to your face, thus a great anti-aging cream. The cream is not oily, which makes it a great beauty cream for people with oily skin. Another addition is the SPF20 that’s included for optimal protection against UVA and UVB sun rays. Being a multi-action cream, it creates an even skin tone and also intensifies the skin complexion.

Try L’Oreal, here.


  • The cream is best for hot and humid weather conditions thanks to the SPF20 guarding against harmful sunlight rays. 
  • It is light and makes you feel as if you are on zero makeup. This makes it an excellent alternative for regular makeup that may feel a bit heavy in a hot climate. 
  •  L’Oreal Paris nourishes and smoothens the skin, which in turn helps you gain a youthful look without the need for tons of makeup. 


  • The SPF20 included is low compared to that of other CC creams under the same category. 

8. Lune+Aster CC Cream SPF 50

The Lune+Aster cream is a perfect choice for any on-the-go woman that needs a simple makeup product that won’t take much of their time. Primarily the cream offers medium coverage for all skin tones; thus, you don’t have to worry about your skin type blending in well. Also, it is tested and approved by a dermatologist as safe for use even on sensitive skin without resulting in allergic reactions. It creates a moist complexion and corrects uneven skin tone. With SPF 50, this cream has the ability to prove maximum protection from cancer-causing direct sunlight rays. It also contains ingredients rich in vitamin E that plays an essential role in moisturizing and repairing the skin.

Try Lune+Aster, here.


  • The cream has a top capability in resisting UV sunlight rays. This is as a result of the SPF50 that’s added to the cream. 
  • Sea Buckthorn that is part of the ingredients helps in skin rejuvenation and protection from stress effects. 
  • It corrects uneven skin tone and also leaves the skin with a moist admirable look. 
  • It works for all skin types, so you can never go wrong with the cream regardless of your skin type. 


  • It doesn’t work too well with a wrinkled face. 

9. Smashbox SPF 30 Camera Ready CC Cream

Are you the type that doesn’t love makeup but also appreciates a fresh dewy appearance? The Smash box SPF 30 camera-ready CC cream will be ideal for you. It has lightweight coverage that ensures you are not all heavy on your face with makeup. It also moisturizes, smoothens, and corrects skin patches. The cream protects against UV rays through the SPF 30. The cream does not only correct your skin tone presently, but it also protects the skin from future discoloration. Moreover, the cream thoroughly deals with the elimination of dark spots, post-acne marks, and sunburns. The Smashbox SPF30 can also be used by individuals with a sensitive, oily skin that’s likely to erupt the moment you wear.

Try Smashbox, here.


  • The cream is lightweight since it is a single combination of makeup products; it never feels heavy on the face. This makes it a must-buy for persons that dislike heavy makeup. 
  • It gets rid of red spots, makes the skin even, and brings about a youthful appearance.
  •  SPF30 that’s included ensures that no single moment you will experience adverse sunlight effects while working outdoors. 
  • The cream ensures that old age won’t catch up with you easily with the anti-aging component that’s added. 


  • It has a lower SPF than that of the SmashboxBbb Cream.

10. Pacifica Beauty Ultra CC Cream Radiant Foundation Natural/Medium

The Pacific Beauty Ultra CC cream won’t disappoint in an event where you need to look elegant yet natural. The cream is available in two colors, natural and medium. It keeps the skin glowing with the natural ingredients that include coconut, gingseng, and kelp. The cream is health-friendly since its made void of harmful products like phthalates and parabens. Additionally, this cream does a great job of eliminating red marks and black spots on your face leaving you with a soft dewy appearance. Formulated with SPF17, the cream has the capability of guarding you against UVA and UVB rays. It blends perfectly with your skin tone, thanks to the color correcting minerals that are integrated to make the process smooth. The cream also works with all skin types; whether your skin is dry or oily, you will just have the best results with Pacific Beauty Ultra CC cream. For best results always apply on clean skin. 

Try Pacifica Beauty, here.


  • This cream is made up of every friendly component to your skin. It does not contain ingredients such as petroleum, animal testing, peanut oil, and triclosan that would harm your skin.
  •  It does an amazing job getting rid of red spots and other face marks. 
  • Being a liquid foundation, it is pretty light to allow for lightweight coverage that will leave you with a pleasant natural look. 


  • The cream has some bit of scent that may not cut across the preferences of different individuals. 

11. Clinique Moisture Surge All Skin Types

Everyone wants to glow as you step out there to make a pleasant first impression. Though last on the list, this cream is all you need to pull that simple radiant look. It has oil-free dehydration that’s key in ensuring that you don’t get shiny in an instance where you become sweaty. It gives its best in keeping the skin moisturized and protects it from breaking. It’s also an excellent remedy for repairing skin with red patches or uneven skin tone.

Try Clinique, here.


  • It provides enough coverage for a beautiful, no makeup day. 
  • The cream is formulated SPF30 for Ultra Violet sunrays protection all day long.
  •  It doesn’t have any smell to it, ensuring that you enjoy a fresh breathe while wearing the cream. 


  • The moisture quickly transfers to clothes or devices coming into contact with the face. 

The Best CC Creams Buyer’s Guide

There are a number of things you need to have at the back of your mind before buying a CC cream as highlighted below; 


SPF represents the capability that the cream possesses for protection against UV sun rays. Medical experts recommend the use of creams with an SPF that’s not lower than 30. 

Skin Tone

You need to know that not every CC cream out there is fit for your skin. There are 3 skin tones, namely, light-medium, fair light, and deep medium from which you can determine your skin tone.


It is important to note that the CC cream isn’t coming to replace your usual moisturizer. To get the best results with the cream, the skin has to be moisturized. 


If you are using a color-correcting cream for anti-aging purposes, you probably will need to use it alongside your regular anti-aging cream. If you don’t have one, you could find one that’s appropriate for you through the help of your dermatologist. 


If you have been looking for face skin elegance without much fuss, the above-listed color-correcting creams will definitely do you justice. All you got to do is select the one that will suit your skin type appropriately and begin to unleash the best version of you. In conclusion, it can’t escape my mind to mention a few tips you should always practice while wearing a CC cream. Firstly, you should never wear your cream on broken or damaged skin as it might cause harm. Secondly, do not forget to moisturize your face before wearing the cream as it makes it blend pretty comfortably with the skin. Also, for endless UV rays protection, always ensure that you apply the cream continuously. Go for it now and give your skin the break of elegance it so much needs. We hope you will make a decision you will not regret. 

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