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10 Tips to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

Many visit hair salons to professionally make their hair at a cost. Similarly, some opt to use a hair coloring kit at the comfort of their homes. The issue here is not the venue of make-up, but how long will your hair last before it loses color.

There is a combination of factors that can lead to your hair to fade its color. The obvious ones may be washing your hair wrongly or not moisturizing it. Still, other environmental factors like heat, ocean water, and more environmental factors affect your hair color.

Let’s look at these aspects in full detail.

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1. Avoid Washing the Treated Hair Frequently

It would be best if you took some time before washing your treated hair. The dye should settle well in the hair to maintain color and freshness. When you wash your hair immediately after drying, the effects may remove the dye.

As a rule of thumb, it is profitable to wash your hair a day after you dye. If there arises a need to clean the hair, you may rinse it in cool water as you gently scrap your scalp using your fingertips.

2. Avoid Shampooing Frequently

The frequent shampooing strips color and natural oils. In case your scalp is not oily, a better routine is to wash it after three days or even weekly. The greasy and dirty hair requires a dry shampoo meant for dry hair.

The type of shampoo to use should be sulfate-free. Instead, it should contain silicone, which is essential in preserving the color. It achieves that by sealing the cuticles.

A convenient option is to use a shampoo that deposits color to the treated hair. It is like killing two birds with a single stone. This shampoo will not allow the color to fade at the same time adds more color to your hair to make it fresher.

The best way to apply the shampoo is by focusing on the roots. Never use it over your locks. Concentrate on the roots, which is the oiliest part of your hair. The action will build lather.

3. Avoid Hot Showers

The use of hot water will reduce the hair color, plus making the skin to appear dry. When high temperatures penetrate through your hair, they open up the cuticle. As a result, it will release moisture and precious color.

The best practice is to use water that is at room temperature. Rinse, condition, and use a dry towel to reduce moisture. Lastly, rinse in the cold water as a process of shutting the cuticle. Such action will preserve the hair color and make your locks to appear beautiful.

4. Swim Smarter

The first thing to observe is to protect your hair from chlorine and the sun whenever you retreat to swim. The best tool to use to protect your hair should have SPF to preserve your color from agents of fading.

Furthermore, the ideal product should contain sunflower oil. Do you know that sunflower has antioxidants that react to protect your hair?

5. Refrain from Overusing Hot Tools

You can succeed from preserving your hair color by avoiding to use hot tools. Strategically, the best action is to keep off from using any hot tool within the first week after you color your hair.

Some of the hot tools to keep away within this period are straighteners and blow dryers. Their influence will increase the rate of losing the hair color. Get the facts right; the two tools are crucial to restoring the beauty of your hair but avoid them at some initial stages for better results.

6. Prepare Adequately Before Coloring

Proper hair preparation will contribute to impressive results. Firstly, prepare your hair with a chelating shampoo, which is convenient at removing styling product built-up. The process should start two days before the coloring exercise.

In addition to that, use a deep conditioning mask weekly as a way of restoring hydration within the hair. The product will restore hair color and protect it against fading.

7. Use Thermal Protectant

The protectant is vital in preventing heat damage as you use styling tools. Beyond that, the protectant will preserve color and ensure the hair remains in good condition. Still, the protectant will protect thin hairs since they are prone to damage when exposed to high temperatures.

8. Use a Shower Filter

You may use the shower filter to remove chlorine, chemicals, and minerals from the waters in your shower. Unfortunately, the hard water strips natural oils and hair color. Therefore the filters will minimize the rate of losing the color.

9. Reduce Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning your hair will cause the color to fade if you do it frequently. The role of a conditioner is to access deep in the hair follicle to allow moisturization.  Surprisingly, after rinsing, it removes the color molecule to cause fading.

However, there is a straight forward remedy. You can perform an excellent daily conditioner. Avoid leaving it long for an extended time. The secret lies there.

10. Avoid Heat

Once again, heat is an enemy of your hair color. The scary part is, when you expose your hair on the excess heat that comes from the hot objects; the color quality goes down. It is costly to create a great hairstyle.

A better method to avoid heat is to use a heat protectant or lightweight oil before you begin the styling: the lubricant and the protectant act as barriers and hydrates your hair. Indeed, the color will last longer.

Final Thoughts

The glory of a woman lies in the hair. Therefore preserving the hair will improve the beauty as well as your self-esteem. Are you lacking a formula to maintain your hair color? Yes, the purpose of this article is to generously share the tips that will make your hair color last longer.

Take the necessary steps to preserve your hair color by avoiding some practices that compromise hair color: the notorious being heat and some shampoos.

You can save your cash from frequently visiting the salon to update the hair color by following the steps as mentioned earlier. The time to take action is as early as yesterday.

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