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10 Steps On How To Clean Window Tracks With Ease

Do you find cleaning your window track tedious? Learn a simple, fast, and efficient way to clean your window tracks with ease.

10 Steps to Clean Window Tracks With Ease
Do you find cleaning your window track tedious? Learn a simple, fast, and efficient way to clean your window tracks with ease.

Once the cold winter days end, you can’t wait to open the windows and let the fresh breeze into your home. However, the window tracks collected so much dirt and insect corpse, which makes your window tracks so filthy. The worst part is you have to clean the window tracks, or the wind will blow all the dirt into your house.

Regardless of the season, your window tracks will always have debris and grime. Unfortunately, everything that is near your window is easily noticeable. It is hard to miss out on the dirty window track as you glimpse outside. It’s funny how these small parts do so little for attention. Furthermore, the debris could affect the functioning of your window. It could make it hard to open and close or even damage your window. Thus, you need to be cleaning the window tracks regularly. Below are 10 tips on how to clean window tracks;

Do you find cleaning your window track tedious? Below is a simple, fast, and efficient way to go about it.

Step 1

Your first step which is obvious but cannot go unsaid is noticing your window tracks are dirty. Besides, if the condition of your window isn’t noticeable, then you aren’t going to make any difference. It is thus a crucial step as you wouldn’t want to waste your time and energy. Do you need to do some thorough cleaning or just maintenance cleaning?

You must clean the windows before embarking on cleaning the window tracks. That way, you will prevent dirty water from the windows from flowing into the window tracks after you clean them.

If you want to, you can remove the window screen and put it aside. It will ensure it does not become dirty during the process of cleaning the tracks. Besides, it is also an easy way to clean the glass as all you do is dust it off, spray water on it then dry it using a clean rug. You can then open your window to its maximum. It will ensure you can reach all the dusty sections of your window track.

Step 2

Get your dust-busting vacuum to suck in all dead bugs and dust from the window. A normal size vacuum can also do the job but ensure you put a narrow nozzle to it. Most people move directly to cleaning. It is best if you loosen the stuck-on dirt using a brush. Use a toothpick to loosen dirt which is at the sides. Besides, it will ensure you are not dealing with mud in the following tips. Think of it as a sweeping step before you mop. Would you prefer to move on to mopping if the area is filthy? Use a vacuum to suck in the loosened dirt.

Step 3

Sprinkle a generous amount of the baking soda powder on your window tracks. However, try to prevent the powder from forming lumps.

Step 4

You should then mix water and white vinegar using the ratio of 1:1. Put the mixture (water and white vinegar) in a spray bottle. It will help you distribute the mixture of water & white vinegar without washing off the baking soda. Spray the solution generously on the window track to saturate the powder. Vinegar and baking soda is an acid and a base. Thus, they will react that resulting in fizzing and frothing of the mixture for about two minutes. Allow it to rest for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Looking for more of a traditional route? Check out these Windex options for your use here.

Step 5

While the baking soda on the lower window track fizzes, work on the vertical part. Start by dusting a generous amount of baking soda on your vertical window track. Spray  some water & vinegar mixture in the area. Let it fizzle and sit as you put on your rubber gloves. Use a toothbrush to scrub the window track. Start with the vertical ones as dirt will flow to the lower one. Besides, you will be doing zero work if you decide to start with the bottom one. Thoroughly wipe the window tracks, ensure your brush gets to the corners.

Make sure you also go and check out “All Natural Glass Cleaner” to see our piece on a money-saving technique to cleaning and keeping your windows shiny and clean.

Step 6

The next step will be working on the lower part of your window track. It is the dirtiest yet the most visible part of the entire window track. Thus, you must do a thorough job. Wipe from one end to another. Ensure that your brush gets to the corners.

Step 7

Soak the dirt mixture on your vertical window track using a paper towel. Using another paper towel, wipe the filth in a downward motion. That way, you will drive the remaining gunk to the bottom part. Take another paper towel and soak the entire gunk off. If the window track still looks dirty, spray some water & vinegar mixture in the area. Wipe it from the sides towards the center.

Step 8

Since reaching the corners can be hard. This step will ensure you can remove all dirt from the edges. Your butter knife will help you achieve this. To avoid scraping off the window’s color with your butter knife, cover the blade using a clean rug. Work on all the window tracks. If the rag gets dirty, adjust it so that you can expose the unused part.

Step 9

Lightly spray the entire window track with vinegar. Do a final touch with a rag. clean the butter knife and the cloth. You can now enjoy looking at your sparkling clean window.

Step 10

The final step on how to clean window tracks is crucial as it ensures your windows glide as they did when new. You should lubricate the surface with the right kind of lubricant. If you have vinyl window tracks, use the silicone lubricant. Alternatively, if the window tracks are wooden, use the appropriate wax. Open and close your window a couple of times to help heat up and spread the wax.

Looking for an idea for natural cleaners and money savers you could use around the house? Then check out “10 natural cleaners to save you money” for our list of natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda, laying around your home.

Windows are among the most beautiful features of your home. Thus, it easily shows dirt and can create a bad image of your home. The tips above will help you get a clean window track at an affordable cost and fast way. Cleaning window tracks is a once in a while activity. However, when cleaning the above tips on how to clean window tracks will ensure you get it done fast. It will ensure your windows are functioning better.

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